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My Need

This is my ah need
It's only the fun that be me
To ah lay within the oneness
With thy ah splendor and ecstacy

Why should I ah lie to u?
With heart I ah cannot ah play
The honesty I am with me is
The honesty to u I ah display

I couldn't lie to myself
I am not gonna mind game u
I never ever mind game ah me
There's no questions of what to do

That would come to my ah self
Telling me I've ah fucked up
Damn....a lost....she's now left
How do I unempty this ah cup?

That's not the base of the necessity
All because u have what I ah crave
Doesn't mean ah dear u ah crave me
To have her and be upon her an ah slave

My ah need is water, lights, and gas
Money it takes to those bills ah pay
My ah need is basic food ah sauced
Ah seasoned and it's my fun of my day

Our ah style may not be the ah same
There may be an ah conflict within
The mental ah set up of thee
That's still thy purest lovely

But a nigga aluvs me...he does himself
U have only thy ah need and thy ah self
That I'm not mad at...I aluv me
So by that u see this for u understanding

There's ways I ah have u don't ah like
Plus I'm always upon something I spike
What I ah nibble upon in food ah taste
It isn't for everybody...sometimes no race

U have a following I don't ah have
And an envy not of or from me
My need is to stay the ah same
Even down to for ah me ah killing

I'm a dark crush of witches
But me they ah cannot ah find
Because their servants to them
Truthfully never was to them ah kind

I've falling in love with this forbidden love
Thinking one day I ah might give in
If couldn't be a warlock locking in war
Women for their humanities ah sin

Not being real to themselves
Of to me of what they ah say
I can't let go of some things
That's why I be upon my ah way

A woman will hold a grudge
Unnecessary against thy ass
For so many years to centuries
Get away from my ah ass

I'll torture your fucking mind
Have u thinking u winning
Whole time I'm eating got damn good
Still within my ah thug ah sinning

And wouldn't be ah living with u
Wouldn't be within the ah same ah place
When this nigga knows he's not wrong
How would u feel if u couldn't see his face?

Knowing u wrong within the matter
U know u are never ever ah right
Hurting inside u still ah hide
From those around u dead in the night

I'm the darkness awetly alone Awet
I don't need to be in thy ah presence
Due to my own ah self ah respect
To myself there's no neglegence

My need is to aluv my ah self
To ah clothed my ah self
My ah need is to ah shelter my ah self
To stay within mine the ah fresh of breath

Written by Sandals (Birchel Devon Robinson)
Author's Note
This fiction ah write is brilliantly composed by me with ah seasonings and ah sauces ah flavaz!
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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