Image for the poem Talk To Attorney, Five O….... Snitches Get Stiches

Talk To Attorney, Five O….... Snitches Get Stiches

Criminal, Cyber, Response, and Services Branch Department
New York, New York
Interrogation of Mr. Dmeshii Yukisovo

Marcus looked through the two-way see-through mirror. He took a sip of his coffee and then placed the Styrofoam cup down on the gray table. He lifted a folder from off the table and opened it. He looked down at the two photographs of the men pulled from out the New York Harbor.
“Agent Blackstone,” Marcus tossed over his shoulder.
Agent Blackstone stepped up to the two-way see through mirror.
“Yes sir.”
Marcus turned to face Agent Blackstone.
“I need you to corroborate Dmeshii’s story of his whereabouts. And I need you to find this woman he stated to the interviewer was in his hotel bed during the confrontation at the Grand Millennium Condominiums.”
“Director Modarius, Dmeshii’s absence from the vicinity of Miss. Delaro’s condominium does correlate with the timeframe the first grenade exploded. And the police, the Swat, the sniffing bomb dogs, and then the ATF searched the interior of each and every residents’ home for any possible explosive devices that could have been concealed to go off. Mr. Yukisovo’s presence could not be held accountable for the shit that went down in Manhattan.”
Marcus looked back at Dmeshii, as he was being questioned.
Agent Blackstone followed Marcus’ line of vision.
“Don’t to it Director Modarius, it’s too personal on your behalf.”
“It’s about time this fucker is thoroughly interrogated. Either that fuck in there is on his payroll, or he needs to turn in his credentials for conducting a proper interrogation.”
Marcus walked to the door, opened it, and walked out the adjoined room. He pulled the door close and walked next door. He knocked on the door.
Agent Baylor stopped his line of questioning. He looked over at the gray door.
“Come in.”
Marcus reached down for the door handle, twisted it, and entered the Interrogation Room. He pushed the door close.
“Vy ustali proveryat’ menya za zerkalom.”
“Der’mo pod moimi botinkami,”
Marcus replied.
Dmeshii arched his eyebrows at Marcus’ fluency.
“Now talk English motherfucker.”
Dmeshii cleared his throat.
Marcus’ eyes never left Dmeshii’s eyes.
“I need everyone to clear this room.” Marcus looked down at Agent Baylor, and then over at the other agent posted by the door. “Now, and before you leave, I need for you to remove the handcuffs from off this bitch’s wrists.”
That’s not what your piece of pussy stated last evening Dmeshii thought; you arrogant son-of-a-bitch he thought.
“Now dammit!”
“Yes, Director Modarius.”
Dmeshii scooted his chair back and stood. He turned around.
Agent Baylor hesitated.
“The time is ticking Agent Baylor.”
Agent Baylor stood and removed the key from off his duty belt. He inserted the key into the small lock of the metal handcuff and twisted it. The first handcuff snapped open. Agent Baylor duplicated his actions with the second handcuff. He removed the pair of handcuffs and placed them on the table.
Dmeshii flexed his hands, and then rubbed around one of his wrists for delayed circulation.
Dmeshii sat back down in the gray chair.
Agent Baylor walked over to the door. He opened the door and walked out the Interrogation Room.
The other agent followed pursuit. He pulled the door close behind his exit.
Dmeshii looked up.
“Agent Modarius, the man known on the streets, as the trigger finger dealer. It’s quite refreshing to finally make your acquaintance, since we seem to share a common interest.”
“Shut the fuck up, this is no social call.”
Marcus pulled a chair back with the bend of his foot and sat down. He placed the folder down on the table. He opened it and lifted a photograph of Tank, and then a recently identified photograph of the second male suspect, known on the streets as Sabra. He placed both photographs side-by-side on the gray table and turned them around for Dmeshii to view.
Marcus looked up at Dmeshii.
“It has been brought to my attention, you and these two had shared a common bond of drug trafficking and distribution, receiving stolen property, extortion, and a host of illegal firearm charges.”
Dmeshii turned the photographs back around to face Marcus and then slid them back across the table to him.
“I’ve never seen these two men before, and you are wasting my time.” Dmeshii looked down at his Rolex. “Could we hurry this shit along? There is a very beautiful young woman I promised to meet.”
“Where the hell were you at between five and eight o’clock this evening.”
“Fucking a very beautiful and young woman; as a matter of speaking, I still have the sweet smell of her pussy under my nostrils, Agent Modarius.”
“Listen, you piece of shit, you do not know who the fuck you are dealing with. I have invoiced evidence of the drug shipments, the three crates containing drugs confiscated from an art gallery, and you and Domenico Gambino’s stamp of approval in all this crooked shit. Either you cooperate the easy way, or I get you my way, and as you say, I’m known on the streets as the trigger dealer. When it comes to someone behind the Russian Cartel pushing tainted shit on my streets, trust me, I’m not sparing any expenses when my bullets start flying.”
Dmeshii linked his fingers together and leaned forward.
“Are you threatening me Agent Modarius.”
“Boys make threats. Men handle their business.”
Dmeshii unjointed his fingers and sat back in his chair.
“I guess, I underestimated my adversary.” Dmeshii sat back up. “But its best you know this. You cannot be in two places at one time. What my boys and me do not serve on your plate, we look elsewhere. You may want to stay strapped up; your trigger finger may get tired, if you do not lose it first.”
“You are one cocky son-of-a-bitch.”
“No, just a motherfucker. Is yours available.”
“It’s just a matter of time Mr. Yukisovo before you are behind prison bars.”
“Never in America, the soil here is built on polluted politics.” Dmeshii palmed his chin down. “Money here, especially if you have it, can buy just about anything. And if you weren’t a man who goes by the book and seems to come up empty handed. I would have your black ass on my payroll as well.”
Marcus belted out a laughter.
“Mr. Yukisovo, when the time does present itself, I will make absolutely sure no political asylum will protect your ass.”
“At this moment, I think you need to find a way to protect yours.”
Dmeshii sniffed under his nostrils.
The door opened.
“Do not say another word.”
Dmeshii’s attorney barged into the Interrogation Room.
“This line of questioning stops here, anything related without the presence, of his attorney will be held inadmissible in a court of law.”
Dmeshii’s eyes stayed trained on the door.
“Easy now Miss Kane, Agent Modarius and I were only swinging dicks.” Dmeshii looked across the table at Marcus. “And since he tends to think his is bigger, we now know where each man stand.”
“Agent Modarius, if you do not have anything relevant on my client to retain him for twenty-four hours, we walk.”
Marcus flagged his hand over to the door.
Dmeshii stood. He followed his attorney over to the door.
Miss. Kane stood aside.
Dmeshii walked out the door; he suddenly stopped.
“Agent Modarius.”
Marcus looked over at Dmeshii’s back.
“You may want to keep your shit wet, or someone else may keep it dry.”
“Fuck you.”
“Your woman, I most definitely will.”
Dmeshii walked out the Interrogation Room.
“Have a nice day, Agent Modarius.”
Miss. Kane nodded her head at Marcus, walked out the Interrogation Room, and pulled the door close.
Marcus lifted the two photographs from off the gray table and threw them across the Interrogation Room.
Manhattan, New York
Upper West Side
Later That Afternoon

Marcus walked into Zaniyah’s kitchen. He wrapped his arms around Zaniyah’s waist. He kissed her bare shoulder blade.
Zaniyah’s body tightened.
Marcus rested his forehead on the back of Zaniyah’s head. He hugged her tighter.
“Baby, what’s wrong, did I do something.”
“No, I’m fine, just a little tired, that’s all.”
“Why do I feel like you are locking me out of your heart?”
Zaniyah replaced the dish towel back on the towel bar. She turned around in Marcus’ arms.
“I love you, Marcus.”
“Then let’s get back under the covers, and you can show me. Baby, I need to be touched by you, and when I reach out to you, you continue to retreat.”
Zaniyah pushed Marcus’ arms down. She stepped to the side preparing to flee.
Marcus stepped in front of Zaniyah.
“Is it someone else?”
Zaniyah looked up into Marcus’ eyes.
“No, I have a lot on my mind.”
Marcus pulled Zaniyah into his arms. He lifted her chin and kissed her lips. He squeezed her to his body.
He whispered in her ear, “Let me make love to you, please beautiful woman.”
Marcus unsnapped the back of Zaniyah’s camisole from around her neck. He pulled it down her over her breasts. He leaned down and kissed a nipple.
Zaniyah inched back.
Marcus pulled Zaniyah’s body closer. He kissed the other breast nipple. He pushed her camisole down; he shrugged it down over her hips.
The silk camisole slid down to Zaniyah’s ankles.
Zaniyah unraveled the towel from around Marcus’ midsection.
The towel dropped to the marble floor.
Marcus palmed Zaniyah’s hip and lifted her from off her feet.
Zaniyah wrapped her legs around Marcus’ waist.
Marcus turned around and set Zaniyah’s derrière on the cooking island.
Zaniyah tilted Marcus’ face upward and stole a kiss.
Marcus palmed the back of Zaniyah’s head and pulled her closer. His lips overruled hers.
Marcus’ cell phone rang. He withdrew his lips and inched back.
“No…no, let it ring, please.”
Zaniyah pulled Marcus back to her.
Zaniyah’s telephone rang. She kissed Marcus’ chest wall.
Marcus’ cell phone rang again. He inched back. He slicked his hand back through his hair.
Zaniyah’s telephone rang again. She reached over and snatched up the telephone receiver from out the mounted cradle. She placed it up to her ear.
“Yes, this is Agent Pelican, is Director Modarius there?”
“Yes, hold on.”
Zaniyah held the telephone receiver out to Marcus.
“It’s for you.”
“Fuck,” Marcus hissed under his breath.
Marcus took the telephone receiver from out Zaniyah’s hand and placed it up to his ear.
“Director Modarius here, speak.”
Criminal, Cyber, Response, and Services Branch Department
New York, New York

“Director Modarius, we have located the prostitute who was last seen with Dmeshii. She is waiting in the Interrogation Room ready to be interviewed.”
“Does she have an attorney present?”
“Director Modarius, the only thing this woman is craving is the shot of a needle, if you get my drift.”
“Is she cooperating?”
“In the midst of heroin withdrawing, yes. You may want to get here, before her pimp, or one of Dmeshii’s men bail her out.”
“I’m on my way.”
Marcus shoved the telephone receiver back into Zaniyah’s hand.
Zaniyah reached over and replaced the telephone receiver back on the cradle.
“Baby, I hate to bail out on you, but this is very important.”
“Could it wait, please Marcus, we have not spent any time together since the beginning of this investigation.”
“I promise, I would return this evening. There are several FBI agents posted outside of this building, and I placed a cell phone under your mattress on the left hand side.”
“I already have a cell phone.”
“This cell phone calls directly into the office of the FBI. If I’m unavailable on the first ring, it rolls over to Agent Pelican.”
“I love you for thinking about my welfare handsome. Oh, what’s the number to call?”
“The call is activated by any number you press.”
“Simple enough, I love it.”
“With that being said, you put the logs on the fire, and this man will take care of his beautiful woman later on.”
Zaniyah crossed her arms over her chest. She sighed in frustration.
“Do you have to leave?”
Marcus lifted Zaniyah’s chin.
“Baby try to understand. Once that bastard Dmeshii is behind bars, the streets, and me can rest a little easier.”
Zaniyah uncrossed her arms. She palmed the sides of Marcus’ face, leaned her face downward, and tenderly kissed his lips. She kissed the tip of his nose and inched her face back.
“Make sure you hurry back.”
“Like the speed of light.”
“I will have the bubble bath ran, my sexy lingerie on, and the fireplace lit.”
“Now that’s the spirit, this man wants his beautiful woman to show. I love you.”
“I love you too, now hurry, the sooner you leave, the sooner you will have me on my back.”
Marcus stroked Zaniyah’s cheek.
“So true.”
Marcus lifted his towel from off the floor and hurried out of the kitchen.
Manhattan, New York
Upper West Side
Later That Evening

Zaniyah dreamed of Marcus gently caressing her cheek. She dreamed of him pulling the covers down her body. She felt his tongue gliding down her leg. Zaniyah’s body tingled as Marcus kissed her toes and back up the length of her leg. His fingers rubbed over her womanhood; he stroked her clitoris ever so gently. His strong hands parted her thighs.
Zaniyah felt Marcus sucking on the skin between her inner thighs. She felt his tongue lick over her womanhood. His palms cradled her buttocks, and then his tongue dove into her vaginal cavity; he continued to taste the essence of her vaginal juices. The way he licked around her clitoris made her legs open wider. His tongue slithered in and out of her pussy at a firing pace.
“Uum,” Zaniyah moaned.
In the midst of her dream state, she arched her back. She felt Marcus’ strong hands blindly roving over her body. She felt the heat of his brawny body hover over hers. His thighs parted her legs; his tongue waltzed around her nipples. Beads of sweat poured from her pores in anticipation. She wanted to cry out in sweet agony when she felt Marcus’ tongue making love to her skin, her body shivered from the intimate contact. Zaniyah wanted her dream to last forever after she sunk into the feeling of Marcus kissing her on the neck, his cologne smelled so good. She felt Marcus’ thick member near the opening of her vaginal orifice. He kissed her forehead and then her earlobe. He kissed one of her breasts, his tongue licked over her lips and then he kissed them.
Wait, that felt too real to be a dream she thought.
Zaniyah slowly opened her heavy-lidden eyes, she tried to sit up.
Someone’s body pinned hers against the mattress.
A hand covered her mouth.
“I’m not very good with waiting until we make love in Russia, Zaniyah.”
Zaniyah tried to wriggle free she began to grunt.
“I would remove my hand. If you scream out, your father is dead, do you understand me?”
Zaniyah shook her head.
Dmeshii removed his hand.
“How did you get in here? My boyfriend, FBI Agent Modarius will be here soon, and he will no doubt kill you.”
Dmeshii laughed at Zaniyah’s vague explanation.
“Would you please leave? I will give you all the money that I have. Just leave. I promise I will not tell anyone you were here. I only want peace.”
“I do not worship materialistic gains Zaniyah, nor do I see the necessity to possess them. It looks like reality interrupted your sweet dreams; therefore, I should remedy the fact.”
Dmeshii attempted to kiss Zaniyah’s face she turned her head sideways.
“An elite high-ranking member of the Russian Bratva holds your father’s fate in the palm of his hands and you refuse to cooperate? Which part of your father’s body do you want dismembered first?”
Dmeshii moved back.
Zaniyah grabbed Dmeshii’s arm.
“No wait, please.”
“I’m sorry Zaniyah what did you say.”
“I will not fight you.”
“Good, because I want you to enjoy this dream as much as I shall.”
Dmeshii kissed Zaniyah’s neck.
Zaniyah closed her eyes and elevated her mind to a higher plateau.
“Kiss me back Zaniyah and pretend you like it.”
Zaniyah did not oblige Dmeshii’s request.
Dmeshii raised his body.
“Your father’s heart is first.”
“Okay, I’m sorry.”
Tears slid down Zaniyah’s cheeks. She pulled Dmeshii’s body down on top of her body.
Zaniyah linked her arms around Dmeshii’s neck and thoroughly kissed him. Her tongue twirled around his.
Dmeshii scooted his body back. He teased Zaniyah’s nipple with the tip of his tongue and then sucked on it gently. He made a track down her chest onto her abdomen.
Zaniyah sucked in her breath as Dmeshii lifted her leg and kissed her inner thigh his goatee brushed her skin. He kissed behind the back of her knee.
“Mmm,” Zaniyah let tumble out, her legs flinched.
Dmeshii hunched his body over Zaniyah’s body. He leaned his body downward
“Are you sure you’re still pretending Zaniyah,” Dmeshii whispered in Zaniyah’s ear; he stuck his tongue down into her ear canal.
Zaniyah’s body trembled.
Dmeshii’s tongue skated back down Zaniyah’s abdomen. He dipped his tongue inside her jeweled navel and sheltered her skin with his lips. He suckled around the diamond dangling star. His tongue slithered lower.
Zaniyah palmed Dmeshii’s broad shoulders; she tried to evade the euphoric feeling his tongue produced to her skin. She automatically closed her eyes and relaxed her body into the animalistic feeling.
Dmeshii lifted his head.
“You have an extraordinary body. In my country you will be worshipped for your beauty as well as your body.”
Dmeshii parted Zaniyah’s vaginal opening. He inserted his tongue inside.
Oooo she silently moaned.
Zaniyah arched her back; she rested her palm over Dmeshii’s head and pushed it down. She felt guilty of indulging in the pleasure his tongue provided; she retracted her palm.
“I… you can’t do that…ooo…please…please stop.”
Zaniyah twisted her body with each tormenting indulgence of Dmeshii’s tongue.
Dmeshii’s mouth escalated in pleasure giving.
Zaniyah’s body surrendered to pleasure seeking. She palmed the top of Dmeshii’s head. Zaniyah squeezed a breast and then licked over a nipple.
Dmeshii withdrew his tongue. He got up on his knees. He braced his body over Zaniyah’s body. He palmed the mattress.
“Touch me Zaniyah.”
Zaniyah grabbed Dmeshii’s manhood; she was thankful he had a condom on. Zaniyah guided Dmeshii’s oversized dick inside the opening of her tight pussy.
Dmeshii eased into Zaniyah’s tight orifice. He slid his manhood back out and then bent his face downward to kiss a breast.
“Wrap your legs around Dmeshii’s back,” Dmeshii whispered into Zaniyah’s ear.
Zaniyah wrapped her legs around Dmeshii’s back.
Dmeshii kissed Zaniyah’s lips, and then smelled her neck.
“I have smelled your essence all over me today. A magnetic scent that will keep me returning to this bed.”
Dmeshii nuzzled Zaniyah’s cheek. He kissed her on the lips; he entered her slowly and began to move.
Damn she has some tight shit he thought.
Dmeshii began to move faster.
“Tell me you want this.” Dmeshii nipped at Zaniyah’s earlobe, he sucked on the soft skin.
“I..., I want this.”
Zaniyah linked her arms around Dmeshii’s waist and moved to the tempo of his body’s rhythm. Her body had a mind of its own. Zaniyah kissed Dmeshii’s chest wall and moved her pussy walls faster.
Dmeshii inched back on his knees. He held Zaniyah’s legs up and braced them against his chest. He palmed the sides of her hips and torpedoed his manhood into the depths of her womanhood. He pounded his dick inside her pussy harder.
“Ooh…fuck oh shit you’re pleasing this dick.”
“Ahhh,” Zaniyah moaned out in sheer ecstasy.
Dmeshii spaced Zaniyah’s legs and leaned his body downward. He kissed Zaniyah on her lips, moving his body to the erotic pleasure of her nails digging into his flesh. He withdrew his member and then reentered her. He pushed his manhood to the core of her vaginal slicken passage.
“Oh fuck, you..., shit...,” Dmeshii uttered and ejaculated inside the condom.
Zaniyah dug her nails into Dmeshii’s hard gluteus.
“Oh Dmeshii,” she moaned and climaxed.
Zaniyah continued to move.
Dmeshii’s breathing pattern was ragged. He felt Zaniyah’s motive on his manhood. He increased his body rhythm and kissed her lips. Dmeshii laid on top of Zaniyah; he cradled her buttocks and uplifted her pelvis into his groin.
Zaniyah scratched Dmeshii on his back, sucked his neck, and then climaxed again.
Dmeshii felt Zaniyah’s vaginal muscles pulsating.
“Shit, who are you,” Dmeshii moaned against Zaniyah’s neck. His seed refilled the condom. He kissed her forehead and then her lips. He took a deep breath to regulate his breathing pattern. He elongated his body on hers.
Neither spoke.
Sounds of irregular breathing echoed in the darkness. How in the fuck did he end up sleeping with his enemy’s woman twice and loving the feel of her silken nature?
Maybe he should strangle her right now just to rid his thoughts of her and then onto his private jet back to Russia he thought. No, he would just take out that nigger whose dick is kissing her insides also.
Dmeshii kissed Zaniyah’s neck, and then rolled off her onto his back.
“Would…, would. Can you please leave now? I would not tell anyone about you, please.”
Dmeshii’s mind returned to reality.
“I can’t. I have orders to terminate you or your father.”
A little white lie to get what he wants in the end.
“And I can’t leave here without following my orders.”
Zaniyah turned on her side. She was about to die, and her father or Marcus will never see her again. Moreover, no one will ever know who is responsible.
“Please don’t, I beg of you,” Zaniyah whispered into the darkness.
“How much is your life worth to you Zaniyah?”
Zaniyah turned on her back.
“I value the life of my father and my life very dearly.”
“Zaniyah your truth may have merit. This puts Dmeshii in the position to share your home and your bed for a short period of time.”
Zaniyah sat up and looked down at Dmeshii.
“Over my dead body.”
“I can honor your request Zaniyah.”
“What I meant to say was, you may share my body, but never my home.”
“If you treasure the life of you and your father. Then you must convince me of that without exposing yourself or me. If you succeed, then I will leave this residence and never cross your path again.”
“That will never work, everyone knows who my significant other is, who is due to return shortly.”
“Your director agent is in his office, and most likely will remain until sunrise.”
“But how…”
“I pay men to keep a close eye on that trigger happy nigger.”
Zaniyah cringed and scooted to the far side of the bed. She jumped out the bed, in the process she bumped her toe and knocked over the lamp.
Dmeshii was up on Zaniyah’s presence in seconds. He threw her body up against the wall and pinned her to it. His placed his bent arm across her windpipe.
“You try something like that again, I will not wait for the outcome of our agreement; I will kill you without blinking an eye.”
Zaniyah could not breathe.
“Do you understand me Zaniyah?”
Zaniyah quickly nodded her head.
Dmeshii lifted his arm from off Zaniyah’s neck and took a step back.
Zaniyah coughed.
Dmeshii removed the condom and let it drop to the carpet.
“I need the cell phone that fucker may have left you. Where is it?”
“I was not given any means of communication; he did not want to take the risk of someone finding out where I am located.”
“Listen, I will ask you again. Where is the cell phone Modarius left you to call into the FBI Headquarters in case of an emergency?”
Zaniyah rubbed over her neck.
“I…I do not know what you are talking about.”
“Where is it dammit!” Dmeshii screamed at her.
Zaniyah looked over at the bedroom door and prayed his loud voice did not awaken any of her neighbors.
“It’s under the mattress on the left hand side.”
Dmeshii turned from Zaniyah and walked over to the left side of the bed, he flipped up the light switch. He felt under the mattress and pulled out the cell phone. He banged it down on the nightstand, crushing, he then threw it inside the fireplace. He looked at Zaniyah from across the room.
“I suggest you keep it there.”
Zaniyah wondered how a man who was handsome and physically endowed could be a drug dealer. He looked like an average man. His broad shoulders and solid chest wall gave her the impression he exercised on a daily basis to maintain both. She looked into his calculating midnight-black colored eyes; they held no warmth.
Zaniyah looked down at Dmeshii’s semi-flaccid manhood and then back up at him.
“Are you really the kingpin of the Russian Cartel?”
Dmeshii walked to where Zaniyah stood.
“No, the captain of the Russian Bratva and under no circumstances will you try to escape. If you think along those lines, just remember someone other than me is tracking your every move. So, no grand ideas, Zaniyah.”
“You are a despicable person.”
Dmeshii pulled Zaniyah into his arms.
“You may even come to like Dmeshii.” He clasped her chin and kissed her on the mouth.
Zaniyah pushed at Dmeshii’s chest; her hand encountered a solid chest wall.
Dmeshii laughed.
“I think we are going to get along quite well Zaniyah, and now that we understand each other’s place. I think we need to seal this agreement.”
“I promise to keep my word and not expose you.”
“I need something more than your word.”
“I already offered you money.”
Dmeshii’s eyes wandered over the perfection of Zaniyah’s nudity, his manhood throbbed.
“Your body will suffice.”
Dmeshii pulled Zaniyah into his chest; he kissed her on the mouth. He picked her up, threw her on the bed, and then covered her body with his. Dmeshii repeatedly made love to Zaniyah in a gentle, yet hurried fashion.
Zaniyah lost count after the fourth time Dmeshii entered her. He depleted a box of condoms in record-breaking time.
Sweat trickled from off Dmeshii’s back, chest, and face.
Zaniyah wiped the salty droplets from off her face with the top of the covers. Her vaginal walls ached from the latex invasion.
Dmeshii rolled onto his back and removed the sticky soiled condom; he let it fall on the bed covering.
“I need for you to turn over.”
“I do not think so...” Zaniyah inhaled and exhaled deeply. “You…, you used the last prophylactic.”
“I did not ask you.”
Dmeshii flipped Zaniyah’s body over. He positioned her derrière against his groin. Dmeshii kissed Zaniyah’s lower back and then rubbed his swollen manhood against her buttocks.
“Please don’t, please.” Zaniyah began to cry. “Please don’t.”
Dmeshii thought about the risky consequences, he did not want his DNA linked to his identity. He wanted to enter her so bad; he knew she felt good with a condom on, and it took a strong dose of self-willpower for him not to find out how she felt without one.
Dmeshii kissed Zaniyah on her lower back and pushed her body forward. He turned off the lamp.
Zaniyah turned on her side and scooted to the far side of the bed. Her skin felt raw and breast-burned from the many times he gripped her skin during his ejaculated explosions.
Dmeshii rested on his back.
“We are not quite done Zaniyah. Since I had to abort my plan of making love to you properly. There are other ways to satisfy me.”
“I am not that kind of woman.”
Dmeshii rolled over and scooted his body behind hers. His body spooned hers he kissed her neck.
“Save the dramatic act Zaniyah. Women are known to please a man by any means necessary.”
Dmeshii grabbed Zaniyah by her hair.
Zaniyah rolled over onto her back.
Dmeshii pulled Zaniyah’s body on top of his. He held Zaniyah by a fistful of her hair and pushed her head down to his groin.
“Touch me Zaniyah.”
Dmeshii grabbed his manhood and took Zaniyah’s mouth under seize.
Zaniyah closed her eyes and implemented the command of her captor.
Dmeshii leaned his head back against the pillow.
“Shit, fuck.”
Dmeshii hold on Zaniyah’s hair tightened.
A tear rolled down Zaniyah’s cheek.
“That’s right, shit yes, just like that.” Dmeshii controlled the rhythm of Zaniyah’s oral movements by a fistful of her hair. “Here it comes, faster dammit!”
Zaniyah’s head bobbed faster her hand moved quicker.
Dmeshii pushed Zaniyah’s head down, restricting her head movements his manhood touched the back of her throat. Dmeshii rubbed over his stomach several times with his free hand; his ejaculation shot to the tip of his penis and then exploded inside Zaniyah’s mouth.
Dmeshii’s body repeatedly convulsed he gripped Zaniyah’s hair tighter.
“I think I will keep you, fuck.” he groaned deep within his throat.
Zaniyah’s mouth eased in movement. She slowly inched her head back, leaned over, and lifted a Kleenex from out the tissue box stationed on the nightstand. She spit the essence inside it, balled the tissue up, and then threw it down on the carpet. Zaniyah climbed from in between Dmeshii’s legs and settled her presence near his. She rolled over on her side.
“Dammit woman, you know what you’re doing.” Dmeshii rolled onto his side. “The next time it goes down your throat or up in you.” He ran his finger down her arm.
Zaniyah’s skin tingled.
Dmeshii kissed Zaniyah’s upper back.
“You will be welcomed among my country, but a woman like you need to be kept on a tight leash by me.”
“I hate you.” Zaniyah tossed over her shoulder, she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. “I hope when the FBI catch you, they spare you no mercy.”
“If they catch me, come here Zaniyah.” Dmeshii pulled Zaniyah to his chest; she inched away. Dmeshii’s body followed hers. “I will never hurt you if you keep your word and keep my body satisfied.”
Zaniyah rolled onto her back. She looked up into Dmeshii’s eyes; she turned away, because the sincerity in them seeped through.
Dmeshii turned Zaniyah’s face toward his and looked down into her eyes.
“If you try to escape this bed in the middle of the night, I will track you down, and kill you on the spot.”
“I won’t.”
“You are a very wise and beautiful woman Zaniyah. You have the power to make a man sink into sexual depravity, which alerts me to believe you have bewitched me.”
Dmeshii stroked Zaniyah’s cheek. He tenderly kissed her on the mouth and then a breast nipple. Dmeshii laid on his back. He pulled the covers up over them. He placed his arm over Zaniyah’s lower stomach. He yawned and instantly fell asleep.
Dmeshii’s arm became heavy as it rested over Zaniyah’s stomach in a protective hold.
Zaniyah could hardly breathe; she lay in the dark looking at the ceiling. She despised Marcus for leaving her at the mercy of a ruthless over-sexed beast and not calling to even check on her general welfare, dammit.
Zaniyah stared at the ceiling until her eyes fluttered and then closed.
Dmeshii, leaned over the bed and kissed Zaniyah softly on her lips.
Zaniyah mumbled something in her sleep.
“Not to worry, there will be a time when I would not have to flee your bed.”
Dmeshii placed the soiled condoms along with the box inside the side pocket of his suit jacket. He walked over to the fireplace and rummaged through the burnt embers. He lifted the damaged cell phone out and placed it inside the other side pocket of his suit jacket. He looked back over at the bed. He rushed over to the bed and lifted the balled up Kleenex which contained his DNA from off the carpet. He rushed into the bathroom, dropped it inside the toilet, and flushed it. He walked out the bathroom over to the bedroom door; he walked out Zaniyah’s bedroom.
Dmeshii walked over to the door, opened it, and walked out Zaniyah’s condominium. He softly pulled the door close and walked to the fire exit door. He lifted his cell phone from out the inside breast pocket of his suit jacket. He slid it open and read the text message.
“The bird has flown the coop and flying your way, abort premises, ASAP.”
Dmeshii slid his cell phone close and slipped it inside his front pants pocket. He opened the door and descended the first staircase.
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
A published chapter ripped out of one of my novels

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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