True or False Witness

I spitter and sputter
With lust for trust a must or bust as the blades in my back they rust My words they flutter and mutter as I stutter to utter
But believe it or not †
From haters to lovers †
Still I can't believe it no way †
To be one or the other †
A dead man walking †
Like a blind man in the dark †
The final act †
In the mundane script †
In part with the pointless part of the part to impart as I depart †
Half bled to death †
From my own bleeding heart winded out of breath †
With a flickering spark †
Eyes can smile with no facial expression †
And they can cry behind fake smiles †
While suppressing depression †
We can love the unlovely if we have love and our hearts †
But do we lust for the ugly †
We've disowned from the start Beauty skin deep and shallow to the bone †
Why is the bottom of our feet called soles †
Is it because they lead our soul †
Or does our soul lead our soles with purpose where we go †
Why is it I try to hide it right in front of me †
I hid it in plain sight right here inside of me †
Besides me can anyone else see the anxiety that is in me †
Enlighten me with my heavy heart and my broken parts in spite of me †
Phobiaddict maniacs down the pathetic path to pathic syndrome into the unknown †
Disorder inorder to instill logical illolgy †
Excessively repressive Depressively passively aggressive†Recessively progressively impressive †
Emphatic addicts †
From this side to that side to cidle Under educated over medicated and † idle †
Was I coming or going †
Down or up this corridor of horror As they explore with sorcery and alchemy †
To supply the world with a remedy So please do tell me the matter With this matter †
With me what's the matter †
Cause it really matters †
That nothing's the matter †
And that nothing really matters †
As a matter of fact †
Down to the meat of the matter †
It all scatters and shatters †
Like plates and platters †
Down broken ladders up walls blood splattered †
Which will be cursed from the worst †
The first or the latter †
Swinging for the fences and losing mass †
Into this vastness I am cast †
Layers peeled away †
Three times a day †
On the floor by the pill bottle Is where they will lay †
In the bottles at the bottom Is where we'll stay †
Being saved to be enslaved †
And what's inside is on the bottle but the words I cannot say †
So bottoms up and hit the throttle as the farmers at the pharmacy are starting to sling hay †
So wtf let's fire one up † † †  
Now it is doomsnight everyday † † †  
But by mistake fate missed the date †
Arriving five bucks shy and three days late †
And that's okay and fine †
Subscribe to the prescription they described to fix the mind to never mind †
Then medisinners become medisaints † † †  
With yes we cans becoming no we can'ts †
They're flipping scripts and they cannot quit †
20,000 drugs they use to abuse from which to choose FDA approved for me and you to be confused  
On the market breaking bank Forsaken rank and going blank †
As it all sank down the tank †
The chain was yanked †
They pulled the plug and played a prank †
That's why they call it a practice to be quite frank †
Impatient are the patients and they never get any thanks †
The shyt they put inside they decide to prescribe †
To put us under their influence †
So we can stay alive †
Are 15 syllable 37 letters long †
So absurd even when heard †
I can't even say the fukin word †
But oh well who gives afuk †
Refeel my refill and refiller up †
So I don't feel so much or think so much †
When I'm lying there in bed †
But when I'm bleeding out the dick and leaking out my ass instead More drugs will offset the side effects †
That are in effect that you can bet Ain't it kinda funny how many drugs they give and get †
Yet you can't even smoke a cigarette † And how did they come up with the abbreviation RX †
There's much deeper meaning that their symbols do reflect †
The whole shyt and shabang Is really why I came and went and spent †
Just for bents and dents †
With resentment giving my consent †
Discontentment and ill intent †
Too intense and empty to the fullest extent †
So do I believe and think the earth is flat †
That notion sounds wack †
Way more wack than a shyt house rat that got on crack and fukd a bat that ate a hat and took a crap and left a pile on which it sat Damn Jack flat fuq all that †
Forget the facts like opposite poles attract †
Transparency and truth †
Go hand in hand †
Common sense is what that lacks Don't be like Homer or Gomer †
Try critical thinking †
Like Abraham Lincoln †
with both eyes blinking †
But I digress all these words I've muttered to clutter the gutter †
No longer along for the ride I'm now the conductor †
Where I've seen trust be lost for another and never recovered †
And through all that I have seen uncovered and suffered †
After all that I have discovered the facts can't be smothered †
After all the instructions I've heard from all the instructors †
All my best friends are always my brothers †
Since we've lost our mother †
And I still can't believe †
It's not butter
Written by zinnzinn (ZINNNNIZ)
Published | Edited 13th Sep 2022
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