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Finding My Alluring Scent In The Wind...

San Diego, California
Predawn Hour

Matao and Shaylynn walked the quiet beach early in the morning.
The water lapped at Matao and Shaylynn’s ankles.
Matao looked out in the distance
“This is such a serene existence.”
“I agree.”
Both turned to watch the sunrise.
Matao leaned over and kissed Shaylynn on the side of her cheek. He hugged Shaylynn around her shoulder blade and pulled her against his hip.
“I love you, Shaylynn.”
Matao squeezed Shaylynn to him.
“Matao, once we get back to Las Vegas, I…I can’t see you anymore.”
Matao dropped his arm from around Shaylynn’s shoulder and faced her.
“You just do not get it. This relationship between us, is no joke. I happen to love the woman I’m with; I love her smile, her laughter, her personality; dammit the smell of you, your pussy, have me weak just thinking about sticking my dick inside it.”
Shaylynn fingered her fingers through her hair.
“Matao, you are making this very difficult for me.”
“No dammit, you in love with the wrong man is making this difficult.”
Matao angrily lifted Shaylynn’s hand, slid her engagement ring from off her finger, and threw it in the Pacific Ocean.
Shaylynn’s eyes enlarged after the disloyalty act. She ran to the shoreline looking down at the wet sand. She did not see the ring. She looked out at the tidal wave pushing against the shoreline
Shaylynn ran back to where Matao stood.
“What…what have you done?”
“Officially claiming what’s mine.”
“That ring must have cost a fortune, and you had no right to decide my fate.” She looked back out at the ocean. “Shit.”
Shaylynn stormed away from Matao. She hurried up the back wooden steps to her balcony. She slid the glassed patio door back and entered her residence.
Las Vegas, Nevada
Later That Morning

Kincaid lifted his telephone receiver from out the cradle. He dialed Shaylynn’s cell phone number.
The call continued to go to her voicemail. He slammed the receiver back down in the cradle.
“Dammit, where the fuck is she!”
Kincaid sat back in his chair. He sat back up. He lifted the telephone receiver and placed it up to his ear. He pressed in a numerical button.
“Livoski Hot...”
“Geoffrey, I need you in my office, now!”
“Yes sir.”
Kincaid slammed the receiver back down in the cradle.
Minutes late there was a knock at his door.
“Come in,” Kincaid barked.
Geoffrey opened the door and entered Kincaid’s office. He pushed the door close.
“Yes, Mr. Livoski.”
“I need my private jet ready to fly out to San Diego in an hour.”
“Yes sir.”
“And in the meantime, I need you to contact Miss. Forrester while I am tied up in a meeting this afternoon.”
“Yes sir.”
“If perhaps you do reach Miss. Forrester, you are to intervene if I am tied up in that meeting.”
“Yes sir.”
Geoffrey turned and walked to the door. He opened it and walked out Kincaid’s office. He pulled the door close.
San Diego, California
Later That Afternoon

“Matao, I have nothing more to say to you.”
“Baby, I’m sorry. I never once considered your feelings in the matter, and the predicament I’ve placed you in.”
“I’m with Kincaid, you knew this in the beginning.”
“Yes. Before, my feelings became too intense. Shaylynn, I’m in too deep with you. I just can’t turn away from something I know is a relationship, which I know will last a lifetime.”
Matao lifted Shaylynn’s hand up and kissed her inner palm.
“Marry me.”
“Matao, I’m engaged to another man, that’s impossible.”
“I see no ring on your finger.”
Shaylynn snatched her had away.
“I guess not, it’s at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.”
“Shaylynn, I love you, and I refuse to walk away, if I have to advise Kincaid, then dammit I will.”
“You wouldn’t dare.”
“For someone, I’m willing to fight for, don’t tempt me.”
Matao pulled Shaylynn into his arms. He tilted her chin and arrested her lips.
“No...,” Shaylynn moaned through her lips.
Matao lifted Shaylynn and lowered her to the floor. He did not release his lips from off hers.
Matao cupped Shaylynn’s breast through her white halter top and suckled a breast in his mouth. He dropped his hand down to his zipper and unzipped the zipper to his pants. He lifted Shaylynn’s arms, joined her wrists, and stabilized both above her head. He pulled her halter top down and mouthed a nipple. He gently suckled the nipple.
Matao kissed under Shaylynn’s chin. His mouth enclosed hers again.
Shaylynn turned her body inward.
Matao released Shaylynn’s wrists.
Shaylynn reached downward and wrapped her palm around Matao’s dick. She scooted her thong aside. She pulled his body on top of hers.
Matao overlapped Shaylynn’s hand and galloped his dick inside her pussy.
“You will never deny me of this.”
Shaylynn popped the buttons to Matao’s shirt. She leaned up and kissed Matao on his chest. She palmed his back and gyrated her pelvis against his groin.
Matao palmed the carpet.
“Oh, Shaylynn, I love you, only me, baby I swear to make you happy...just…just give this a chance, oh shit.”
He rammed his manhood farther inside of her.
Shaylynn pulled Matao’s body to hers. She palmed his lower back. Her womanhood repetitively gloved his manhood.
“Oh baby, yes.”
Shaylynn leaned up. She kissed over a nipple. She lifted her head up.
Matao leaned down and swooped his lips over hers.
Both bodies shuffled up and down.
Matao lifted his lips. He leaned down and whispered in Shaylynn’s ear, “Let me feel you cum all over this dick.”
Shaylynn held onto Matao’s’ upper body.
“…oh Matao.”
Her vaginal muscles massaged his shaft, and then compressed the hard flesh.
God, he weakened her need to want to stay.
Tears ran down Shaylynn’s cheeks. She was in love with two men and did not know how to walk away from either.”
“Oh Shaylynn…baby…baby don’t cry...I love you…”
Matao strained his neck toward the celling. His ejaculation flowed out of him. He hammered Shaylynn’s vaginal walls. He leaned down and kissed her lips.
“I will never abuse your emotions.”
He laid down on her.
“Matao,” Shaylynn sniffled. “This is getting complicated for me, for us. Please, let’s just walk away, please. Kincaid will kill me if he even suspects I’m playing around with his emotions, and with you nevertheless.”
Matao inched back and looked down into Shaylynn’s eyes.
“I think it’s about time I speak with Mr. Livoski about us.”
“No need too, I think the picture speaks for itself.”
Both looked at a pair of Italian shoes.
Shaylynn looked up.
Kincaid and Geoffrey’s eyes greeted her.
Kincaid walked over to where Matao and Shaylynn laid.
“Don’t fucking hurt her.”
“You first, and then that whore you’re lying on top of.”
Kincaid placed the sole of his shoe on Matao’s lower spine.
“I told you the next time I saw you, I would fucking kill you.”
Kincaid repeatedly kicked Matao in the side of his rib area.
“Fucking bastard,” Matao grimaced in pain.
“Kincaid no, please.”
Kincaid looked down into Shaylynn’s eyes.
“Is this the bastard who has replaced me in bed!”
Kincaid stomped Matao in his upper back.
Matao tried to get up.
“No, you want my pussy, I will help you out.”
Kincaid lifted his shoe and smashed Matao’s body into Shaylynn’s body. He lifted his foot again and stomped Matao in the back of his neck.
Matao’s body flopped on top of Shaylynn’s body.
“Kincaid, stop, you’re hurting him.”
“Dammit, you need to worry, what the fuck I’m going to do to you.”
Kincaid drew his foot back and kicked Matao off Shaylynn’s. He lifted his foot over Matao’s groin.
Matao rolled over in time and got up.
Shaylynn quickly rose and headed to the staircase.
“Oh no you don’t, you come the fuck back here””
Kincaid pulled Shaylynn by a handful of hair. He walked her over to the couch and pushed her down on it.
Kincaid turned back around.
Matao was nowhere to be found.
“Sir, ahh, Mr. Pachinko ran out onto the balcony, and jumped over the railing.”
Kincaid ran over to the patio door. He ran out onto the balcony and looked over the railing. He looked up and down the beach.
There was no sign of Matao.
“Fucking loser.”
Kincaid turned and walked off the balcony. He slid the door close and returned to the living room.
“Geoffrey, would you excuse me. My fiancée, and I have some important business to discuss.”
“Yes sir, I will be in the limousine.”
Geoffrey turned and walked to the front door. He walked out and pulled the door close.
Shaylynn looked up at Kincaid’s blank expression.
“I’m sorry,” Shaylynn whispered, audible enough for Kincaid to hear.
“Fuck you and your slothful apologize, as you can only assume this relationship has run its course.”
Kincaid glanced down at Shaylynn’s left hand.
“Where is the fucking engagement ring I placed on your finger!”
“Matao threw it…it in the ocean.”
“I see.”
“I do...not love Matao. I was going to break it off with him.”
“Yes, it appears after he’s already nutted in my ex-fiancée’s pussy.” Kincaid palmed his chin down.  “You are not worth my pity, or my fucking anger.”
Kincaid leaned down. He firmly clasped Shaylynn’s chin in his palm.
“Those two ballet school contracts have been revoked. You want them, you buy them from me, cash only, and if my ring is not in my hand by tomorrow. I will have you arrested for grand theft. It’s a pity, I will have to advise the law you stole that expensive piece of jewelry, from out my safe during a home visit.”
“You are not that cruel.”
Kincaid leaned his face in.
“Cruel enough for you to believe me. Dammit, you have until tomorrow! I now see you’re not only young, but a foolish whore. Did you not think, I wouldn’t get a whiff of this shit going on behind my back! Huh, damn you!”
Kincaid angrily pushed Shaylynn’s face to one side. He straightened his posture.
“Oh, you can tell that no man of a bastard you let stick his dick inside you. His shares could not be bought in my company, due to fraudulent misrepresentation. Therefore, it he wants to come up against me, other than buying a couple of buildings, and fucking my ex-whore of a fiancée, find a better way.”
“I don’t understand.”
“Oh, you didn’t know your boyfriend, had built the casino across from your former ballet school, and renovated the casino across from mine. You must have some good pussy for a loser to follow you from Belarus to America; well, you tell that fuck, he can have the pussy.”
Kincaid turned and walked to the door. He opened it and walked out Shaylynn’s beachfront residence. He pulled the door close with a shuddering bang.
Shaylynn placed her face in her palms and cried.
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
A published chapter ripped out of one of my novels

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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