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Letís Do This Gee..

My Queen this motherfucker on the block have been talking cash shit
Who this poser Gee, talking about a Cali hit
Oh, its Nate you remember him from the old neighborhood †
Say whatÖI thought I told him to keep that intel on the down low when we hacked that corpse then buried the remains deep in the woods    
Then gutted his crew and cement †
And down they all went †
Heís been running his piehole all over town †
Hum.. is time we brought the pain to his doorstep without making a sound †
And bring the crew in on this †
I need to see if this booster is still legit after running his mouth about an old hit †
I heard he took out his own homie for leaving a witness standing, now ainít that about a bitch †
Say, whatís up with those Cartel boys they been quiet, my Queen †
I got the up on those fucks if you know what I mean, †  
A failed plan still trying to take me out, and from my snitches on the street, they are not as cohesive as they seem †
I just got some new high-powered toys for you and my boys †
Yah, I peeped that crate my Queen, those bullets can pierce a Kevlar vest, thatís what I mean †  
Those Russian Cartel dicks wonít know what hit them †  
And trust me, once we take them all out, all they will be seeing is lullaby dreams †
You cross me you will not live another day to steal or kill †
My Glock to your body takes care of that the bill †
Gee, I been in this game far too long and thatís for sho †
Is that why you changed your look to evade the po-po †  
You know Iím wanted in several southern parts †
I like to sneak in, steal your stash, slice that ass into pieces in the cloak of dark †
You don't give me want I ask for then I cut out your heart †
You may need to put that in a memo after playing your part †
Then replay that shit once we make it out with the money, dope, and take some of his expensive paintings of Rennaissance art †
My Queen, we need someone's else money †
True dat and ainlt a damn thing funny †
The Cuban Drug Cartel is standing by their new hit it quit it dope, plenty of zeros just to get a peep †
Hum... is it something if we take, we can keep †
Flip it, my Queen, then we own the Eastcoast drug empire †
And with those weapons' we now got top-notch fire power †
You will be the new Queenpin of New York and all the boroughs, selling our products †
We set up a dummy account to launder the money and still maintain that street trust †
We take over the Bronx and Brooklyn and infest the Queens with our uncut dope †
Lie down or stay down, if not, we take you out giving you and your crew no lasting minute rights or come up hope †
We blaze these fucks †  
Until the gun smoke settles thatís what up †
Letís do this shit, Gee †
I'm with, you my Queen, vest up, it's time we take from those Cubans then make them bleed †
We will blame the war if it escalates into that on the Mexican Drug Lords if need be †
We out... Gee
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
You know how the hood do this shit.. strap up

The Nun Runner
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