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Trip And Fall

The silence repeats itself, at a constant.  
I guess that is what's maddening.  
I see that silence,  
it's an empty noose,  
hanging daylight for now.  

From my window,  
I push my cigarette smoke  
from my mouth to the tail lights  
of your car.  
It makes a red eyed demon.  
It was the third person view,  
while we argued who was wrong,  
because neither could be right.  
But were we ever able to say  
anything was right,  
more than an hour at a time.  
Even our beginning  
was a trip and fall.  
catching one another.  
Allowing our neediness  
to mask itself as clumsiness.  
Same night, then  
we bloodied our mouths  
like ravenous dogs.  
To hell with the humans  
inside us.  
They just wanted reasons  
to gnash against someone.  
To rub their brow, but  
damned if our fingers  
didn't inch our thumbs  
daringly close  
to one another's eyes.  
So we couldn't look, at this mess of us,  
maybe the last two wild creatures  
on earth, pushed to the edge  
of our desperate humanity.  
You at least lit your cigarette  
with your back to me  
-No cheating a glimpse  
at that fire in my eyes.  
Don't give me proof of yours.  
We'll keep us at darkness  
and let the smoulder  
burn our brains out.  
You are gone, and  
that noose wraps  
itself around  
the air of grievance,  
that we pleaded  
our irrational cases from.  
Being right means  
being alone.  
Just another Again.  
You collect them like spoons  
from all the rest stops.  
No, not you, cherishing them  
like souvenirs.  
You use them,  
to stir your bitterness.  
To have blame  
that everything tastes like shit.  
So you keep going,  
defiant of the obvious;
You're only rosy when you're wet.
It's this silence that worries me.  
No sounds from my brain,  
no drumbeat, this heart.  
No dust, on the windowsill,  
because my arms rested there  
a little too long.  
Written by Styxian
Published | Edited 9th Sep 2022
Author's Note
Slight edit. The first line stuck with me at work all day, so got home and this poured out like a bad drink.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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