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Still Killing It

I look up at your body, my eyes are glued to you.
You are standing at the edge of your bed, looking down at my naked body.
Just touch me, I need it badly.
I can’t look at you anymore without wanting you…
You begin feeling my chest, kneading, squeezing.
Watching your actions…
Staring at you, my mind criticizes my pale skin and tiny figure, every scar I see, every imperfection.
I feel your hands sliding down my body and pushing me down.
Please… please I need you to part my legs…
You rub my smooth skin lightly.
So smooth, supple, like velvet…
Your fingers trace my pussy lips and rub my moist slit.
That’s good… yes…
I want your fingers inside me. Thrust your hand into my flesh… Oh God…
Right there… Do you feel how hot I am?
You shove three fingers into me.
Moving them, pumping them… so forceful…
I’m flushed. My pussy is dripping onto your arm, my thighs, so wet.
You rub against my g-spot.
Your fingers fill me…
In and out… faster…
The heel of your hand grinds my clit.
My pussy grips your hand so tight, fitting to every detail of your fingers…
STOP! Please stop, my love, I want to wait for you.
Give me your hand, here…
You crawl up over me. You have beautiful eyes, you know that.
Let me suck your fingers.
I lick one that was inside me, before sucking it all the way into my mouth.
I rub the bottom of your finger with my silky tongue.
Does that turn you on?
I take your hand out of my mouth and gaze into your eyes.
Mmm, I taste wonderful, don’t I? Lick your hand, that’s right. Do you like that?
You are so hard. I feel you pushing into my thigh, throbbing.
It’s so hot.
That feels wonderful…
Oh keep kissing my neck, ohhhh yes.
Your cock slips gently across my skin as you move, grinding gently into me.
I prop myself up on my elbows and reach over to the nightstand and unwrap the condom.
My hand caresses you slowly, pulling down your foreskin and rubbing the head…
You moan softly… I like that…
I unroll the condom onto your dick…
You play it over my pussy lips.
You are rubbing it against my clit. I gasp.
Ahhh baby…
I am breathing so hard.
My nipples stand out, and you brush and tweak them with your other hand.
Make love to me.
You glide into my tight opening slowly, then start fucking me…
That’s nice…
Oh! …. Ohhhhh….
You feel so strong, thrusting into me like that.
You ram your erection into me so powerfully, ravaging my pussy.
So wild. It turns me on even more… there is so much liquid…
Every plunge into me…
Ahhh!!! Ohh fuck…
Do you love me?
I wrap my arms around your shoulders and pull you closer…
Your thrusts become harder, faster, with all your strength.
I feel your hand rubbing my clit urgently.
The head of your cock pounds against my cervix.
I’m going to cum, darling.
Oh God!!!
I’m going to cum I’m going to cum my body is on fire….
I’m cummmming…
I gasp loudly.
My muscles grab onto you and knead your cock. I can’t help it, I cannot stop my body from pleasuring you.
Ahh fuck YESSSS!!!!!
…I love you. You know I do. Every inch of me wants you to find me irresistible.
Cum for me.
Cum so deep in me.
I know how much you need to.
You slide your hands under my ass and pick me up. My weight pushes my body even deeper onto your erection.
I run my fingers through your hair.
My lips suck passionately on your neck.
You are enticing.
My breasts are captured against you. My hard nipples push against your body every time my chest heaves.
I hear you moaning into my hair, I know you are close.
Please baby!!!
Baby, please.
I want your cum…
Your cock is pulsing hard inside me, as part of me.
Ohhhh God!
I thrust my hips against you.
Your nails dig into the skin on my ass as you try to hold me even nearer.
My back arches, and I close my eyes, bending back, my hair sweeping onto the bed.
My tits are heaving, my hips gyrate against yours.
You squeeze my ass violently and cry out.
I feel a shot of semen enter the condom, shooting against my cervix.
I’m cumming with you….
That’s what I want, OHHhhh yesssss!
So much cum… spurting from your cock.
I love the way you sound when you cum,
Your voice…so absorbed and resonant.
My pussy is milking you…
There’s so much…
You thrust slowly, intensely, into my soaking vagina.
You pull out and take off the condom, letting me fall back, moaning with my orgasm.
Watching me, you can see the electric pulses taking place in my pussy.
I feel your eyes analyzing my body, I’m totally exposed…
My wetness drips out of me. I feel wonderful.
Satisfied, beautiful.
You empty your semen out of the condom onto my breasts, rubbing it into my skin affectionately.
You fall onto me and we hold each other, hearts pounding.
Written by dee_amethyst (pho3nix 999)
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