It is time to lift up the carpet of deception and expose the dirt that you swept under it.
We do not care whether you can stand the smell of your own excrement or not.
Your opportunistic forefathers ran away from Great Britain and came to the west as wanders.
They settled in other people’s lands and they reaped what they did not cultivate.
The Americans claimed that they discovered a land, but the land had already been inhabited by people.
So the country that you proudly call your home does not belong to you; it is a stolen land.
Your dishonest teachers and leaders have not told you the whole truth about your history.
If the deceivers could find a way to erase their ugly past, they would gladly do that.
Your great grandfathers and your forefathers were thieves, murderers, and plunderers.
They barbarically murdered the native Apaches and others and stole their lands.
Many Indians are now living in their own country on lands that you call reservation.
And you treat them as if they were alien residents in the country when you are the intruders.

Now let us go back under the decorative carpet and expose more dirt even if you will be ashamed of it.
The evil-minded Americans also went to Africa, captured Africans, and enslaved them.
They subjected black people to the most inhumane treatment that mankind had ever known.
Negroes were stripped of their dignity under the loathsome apartheid system in America.
Your cruel forefathers abused and murdered our forefathers and raped black women.
You are the wayward offspring of wicked slavers, kidnappers, oppressors, liars, and rapists.
And some of you have the audacity to say that the Negroes of today were not victims.
The fact that your forefathers did these evil things to our forefathers, they also offended us.
We are suffering because they robbed our forefathers and enslaved them for four hundred years.
You are now benefiting from the wealth that your forefathers had stolen from Africa.
You and your children are also benefiting from a four-hundred-year economic head start.
Our children and we have been living in squalid conditions because of what your forefathers did.

Wait, generation of demons, that is not all; there is more dirt under the carpet to expose.
Your racist grandfathers murdered Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X for speaking the truth.
They also murdered their president John F. Kennedy and imprisoned the wrong man.
The American soldiers whom you regard as heroes brutally raped and murdered Vietnamese women.
And they massacred innocent Vietnamese civilians including children during the war in Vietnam.
Even though the hypocritical Americans speak against the other countries with nuclear weapons,
America is the only country that has ever used nuclear weapons against another country.
They unconventionally dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki near the end of World War II.
Last but not least, your greedy and vicious forefathers also stole some Mexican territories.
You call America “The Big Apple,” but America is no apple, it is a little pepper called scotch bonnet.
We should look under the large attractive carpet again and expose more dirt on America,
But if you want to know more about your past, ask your teachers and leaders or do your own research.
Written by PittinixDesigns (Marlon Pitter)
Author's Note
They are going to kill me for this one.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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