Welcome To The Jungle

O'Reilly was just assigned to our unit, a fresh kid with a fresh smile
All new recruits had been going over to Charlie for a while
Partially due to warring politics and also they suffered heavy loses
A volunteer like O'Reilly was never instructed on all of war's true loses

Raised with the philosophy that to truly belong you joined
Although never taught that war and death were conjoined
O'Reilly entered hell all bright eyed and bushy tailed
And was delivered to a troop that was on R&R, and they only wanted some tail

He had money in his pockets that after basic training, he thought that he had won
Dropped in to a war zone and the first week he had several visits over to Mammasan
He was always seen grinning, him and another greenie named Wilson from Tucson
Both eager to enter the bush and get them some killing done

But the rest of us were battle weary, willing to try anything just to forget
We snorted this, smoked that, cooked and shot up a bit, all just to rest
But word was handed down it was time to return to the brush
Our newbies were trying to out gungho each other, oh what a rush

Like zombies we boarded the Hueys to be dropped at a designated LZ
Everyone except O'Reilly and Wilson was thinking this time it could be me
We had an eight click trek to a hill that was to be our base camp
Because of the hidden threats in the brush even the greenies were amped

Fucking nerves all bundled, all muscles tensed and I mean fucking tight
Body bags may be need before we make it to bed tonight
But prayers were answered only a small party passed while we hid
We finally made it up the hill and tents were pitch and trenches are being dig

Patrols were assigned, but the newbies missed the first night bid
Everyone sitting in the trenches had to listen them saying what they would had did
We all slept light, taking turns on and off of guard duty
O'Reilly whispered continuously whispered of Mamasan and her whore's booty

At first light we moved out with insurgents reported in the area
We looked up every tree and under every rock that we found in the area
Found two tunnels, one a hospital and the other a ammo stash
O'Reilly and Wilson enjoyed destroying them both with collapsing blasts

We worked our way around, engaged in small skirmish before making it back to camp
Realizing they were gather their forces as we worked our way up the ramp
Before dusk we could see them moving through the trees and brush
O'Rielly and Wilson had both lived nineteen years just for this rush

Wilson in the trench with his rifle, O'Rielly on the M-60 ready to rock and roll
Wilson unsnapped his magazine pouches, while O'Reilly grabbed an ammo can ready to lock and load
As they attempted to advance, they were met with grenade launchers and claymores
Every weapon was being fired and air support was called in to take out more

Over the blast and shouts I didn't notice O'Reilly was continually screaming
He was continually squeezing the trigger like he was fucking dreaming
It appeared he watch as Wilson took one in the throat, and while he had it, he took one in the head
He screamed and blasted while wearing what was in Wilson's head

As air support began a sweeping move, you could hear their body parts falling like trees
Before their retreat they made sure that we also took on heavy casualties
O'Reilly attempted to climb out of the trench and chase them in brush
Nothing but pure adrenaline, he had to be held down by two of us

We threw a few extra rounds down range, before we started bagging and tagging
The Huey came in to retrieve the bodies like loyal puppies with their tails wagging
They gobbled up all of our dead before rising up and moving away safely and far
O'Reilly had finally quieted down, allowing all of the survivors to welcome him to war †
 † † †
Written by I_IS_ME
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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