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~ masquerade ~

[and] it seemed as tho’ i was momentarily  
suspended by silvery spiderwebs;  
among what appeared to be a baroque parade ov the eleganté,    
{the pretty, pretty ones.}  
their frail glittery veils, cast some sort ov glamorous-magick…  
the eloquence, chipped with off-key blather.  
pretty, pretty princesses dressed in ruffled baby-blue ball gowns,    
desperate steps staggered, as their plastered slippers ov pewter,    
pinched gnarled feet.  
[and] the roses...  
always full ov such arrogant beauty  
mocked at my silent awkwardness
— whilst lonely lady slippers  
still waited for their princes to arrive —  
regarded me with soft empathy.  
my love, well, my love  
was beside me, a moment ago;  
my love, so quietly slipped way  
always dancing towards those pretty, pretty ones’…  
beguiling smiles —  
whilst i was left standing, abandoned,  
and ignored…stitched heart, unraveled,  
thrice times torn —  
a mask of radiance shone on their faces…  
secretly bled out their deceitfulness…  
my love, well my love’s face didn’t seem so golden anymore —  
whilst i tried to waltz with ashen night shades.  
during the thirteenth hour, eventually, all gathered,  
and so, the voices drew nearer,  
the amethyst moonlight,  
became ever so clearer,    
the birch trees began to sway in reverse pirouettes —  
whilst ashen night shades, mercifully tried to hide me.  
then, unexpectedly, i soon found myself draped  
 in the velvet warmth from ten thousand candelabras,  
whilst violent, astral storms,    
whispered sweetly to me that it's time i departed...  
and hourglasses’ shattered glasses —  
spilled its pyrite sands, turned into garnet jewels;  
as splinter’d fragments from ornate mirrors  
 sliced through diamond-shaped mouths…  
and those pretty, pretty princesses    
with their tongues, teeth, flesh detached—  
  (((weren’t so pretty, pretty nevermore.)))
~ so, i suddenly stopped...  
tearing apart arrogant rose petals...  
for ridiculing me...from the start. ~  
Written by silver_orchid
Author's Note
** artwork by victoria francés **
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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