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Lover's Embrace

Steffen’s Penthouse
770 Park Avenue Pha 10
New York, New York

Isabella finally arrived back at Steffen’s penthouse; she set the bag of grocery down on the coffee table. She had less than two hours to change and apply the final additions to her meal. She fled to her kitchen she surpassed the study.
Steffen walked out into the living room.
“Just where the fuck have you been!” His demanding voice stopped her.
Isabella turned around.
“My goodness you scared me. I was…”
“You were with him and please don’t try to deny it. Signorina Rosa related the entire message to me.”
“Steffen there...”
“Save it Isabella!” Steffen snapped. “What can that incompetent fool do for you that I have not already done with you, or I can go a step farther, to you? Does he promise to make love to you some senseless way I am not accustomed too? We are supposed to have dinner this evening to celebrate, but maledizione! You had to go and see him first.”
“Steffen for your information. The message was intended for the both of us, and second of all, Devin and I are only good friends.”
“So, you’re referring to my housekeeper as a liar?”
“Yes, and a very good one.”
“That’s a bullshit accusation, and dammit you and I both know it!” Steffen barked at her.
“Steffen, I think I should leave before one of us says something we may regret later.”
“I think that would best and take these maledizione flowers with you!”
“Flowers? What flowers?”
Steffen moved aside. His posterior movement revealed the crystal vase of assorted tulips that now sat atop an antique table.
“I can assume you didn’t expect a small token for services rendered.”
Steffen removed the white card from out the small pink envelope.
“You had no right to open that.”
“When someone sends something to this address, other than for me, I take the liberty.”
Steffen read the card, “Your soft skin the feel of a rose petal. When we tenderly caressed and made love this afternoon, I felt electrified.” Steffen’s voice demonstrated his frustration. “Thank you for an unforgettable afternoon of seeing you and letting me hold you again. You are always in my thoughts, signed D.G. I do not have to take a second guess to establish whose damn initials they belong too.”
Steffen walked over to where Isabella stood.
“Here is the fucking proof off your damn betrayal to me, and this relationship!”
He slapped the card in Isabella’s hand.
Isabella looked down at the card and silently read it; she knew the handwriting did not belong to Devin. She witnessed his signature on numerous occasions after he signed for their bill during dinner. Then whose? Could it be Miss. Rosa? But why Isabella thought. Could she really be this vindictive to sink this low, and for what purpose?
Isabella recalled the statement she made a while back, “Rumor has it, she may become Signora Galeio soon.” Miss. Rosa’s words echoed in Isabella’s ears.
“Are you thinking of something to say or are you about to lie through those pearly white teeth of yours. For the record, answer me this. These last three weeks we have been together, what do you call it belle? Just excuses to substitute with me your true feelings for the spineless fuck.”
Steffen raked his hand back through a crop of tightly trimmed curls in agitation.
“Help me understand this shit!”
“Steffen, just listen to yourself. Not once have you let me respond to any of these accusations.”
“Hell, it doesn’t matter!”
His sharp tone made her slightly jump.
“Well, it most certainly matters to me Steffen. First of all….”
“I truly hope his time with you was well appreciated.”
Steffen canvassed Isabella’s appearance. He noticed her new upswept hairstyle; salon manicured painted nails, and perfect pedicure aligned toes peeking out from the top opening of her sandals. The haltered jumpsuit she had on exquisitely molded to the contour of her voluptuous frame. Her attire indiscriminately displayed the outline of her perfect breasts.
Steffen became aware of every aspect of Isabella.
Isabella perceived how Steffen’s nostrils flared. The telltale sign advised her of one of two things. Either he was irate, or what, excited? In either case, she was not rising to the occasion. She glimpsed the mistrust in his eyes. This morning his outlook was carefree when they made plans over breakfast.
“Can we talk about this?”
Isabella reached out for Steffen. Steffen stepped back. His angry eyes found hers.
“Maledizione. Is that what you told your boyfriend this afternoon, before or after you let him fuck you?” Steffen crossed his arms over his chest. “Of all the womon I could have fell in, I mean selected. Why the hell did it have to be you? Isabella the Jezebel,” Steffen disdainfully asserted.
Isabella backed away.
The faint smell of liquor emanated from his breath alarmed her; he was intoxicated.
“Steffen, I think you’ve had enough.”
“This is my casa; no one tells me when I’ve had enough of shit! Whatever you wish to call this is over. I give up; therefore, you are entitled to your politician!”
“It sounds to me like your jealous, is that it Steffen?”
Isabella wanted to set his mind at ease.
“Jealous, huh.” Steffen laughed. “Why should I be, what I can’t have for free. I usually pay a high price for later. Womon these days, rather conscious of it or not. Head straight for the mon’s wallet and it appears you are no fucking exception.”
Isabella flinched at Steffen’s derogatory analogy of her gender in general. She assumed he could be cruel, but not to her.
Isabella turned around and headed for the staircase.
Steffen gritted down on his teeth with regret. He knew he made a grave error; no sooner after the words was verbalized.
“Come back Isabella, I’m so sorry my love that was uncalled for.”
He never meant to say anything remotely like that.
Steffen watched Isabella mount the staircase. He hid his own hurt; he accepted the fact it was his mind speaking out on account to what his heart felt. He looked over at the bag of grocery. He saw a bottle of red wine and two-foot-long loaves of bread peeping out to witness his tyrannical outburst. He felt like a complete fool.
Isabella ran to her guest bedroom and entered. Her silent tears blinded her vision. She ran over to the dresser and opened a drawer in haste. She walked to the closet, opened the door, and stepped inside; she lifted her suitcase stationed near her stack of shoes and exited the closet. She walked over to the bed and placed her suitcase on top of it; she opened it. Isabella walked over to the drawer and lifted her clothes. She returned to the suitcase and dropped the heap inside.
Steffen lingered in the arch of the doorway and watched.
The one-sided conflict of interest he was responsible for somehow left a bitter taste in his mouth. After he reevaluated the entire picture of the presented evidence. He did not understand why he allowed himself to become infuriated. He came to the decision some things about the scenario just did not add up.
Steffen entered the guest bedroom.
The fragrance of Isabella’s perfume welcomed him.
Steffen stood at the foot of the motionless waterbed.
The red dress she planned to change into with a pair of coordinating red-jeweled thong, and a string of knotted milky pearls rested across her bed coverlet.
Steffen lifted Isabella’s dress. His strong fingers unintentionally crushed the delicate silk material. His ebony-colored eyes observed Isabella’s every movement while she arranged her clothes inside her suitcase. He paid close attention to her derrière. He visualized her wearing this garment for someone else.
The image had his Italian blood boiling. With that, he had to accept reality that jealously was the forefront issue, although, he would never admit it right out, he did have his Galeio pride.
“I’ll take that.”
Isabella snatched the dress from out Steffen’s hands and threw it inside the suitcase.
Steffen dropped his hands and placed them inside his front pants pockets. He did not know what to do. It’s a disgrace he thought upon himself that an educated man, who have successfully erected a financially deteriorating shipping industry single-handedly from ground up and fostered it into a multi-billion-dollar corporation, out-bid much opposition in hostile take-overs and remain financially intact. In addition, launch several business syndications worldwide, could not comprehend matters concerning his heart.
Why must they, no him, continue to return to the beginning?
Steffen remembered the last time he felt mistrust and doubted her virginity, he almost let her slip away then. Their relationship is worth advancing he thought. He felt good about his first step resolution until one side of his brain’s hemisphere whispered, no more doubts, no surrender, and no future commitments.
The other thought in the far recess of his mind shouted, she is for the best of many belated times to come. You will have longevity in this union.
“Maledizione.” Steffen locked his arms around Isabella’s waist and pulled her body back against his. “I’m sorry Isabella, do forgive my demeanor. I never meant to speak in a harsh tone to you.”
“Steffen, for us to sustain this relationship and make it work, you have to learn to trust me.”
Isabella leaned back against Steffen’s chest; she felt so close to him.
Steffen turned Isabella around in his arms. “For you my love, I would sacrifice my last breath.” Steffen kissed Isabella. “I’m sorry belle,” he whispered against her forehead.
Isabella kissed Steffen and then hugged him. She inched her face back.
“Does this mean we have a dinner date? I would love to take your last breath.”
Steffen secured Isabella within his arms.
“Would I seem overt if I suggest we skip the dinner?”
“Is there a remote chance I can get my dessert much earlier?”
“You are a very tempting morsel, who I see deserves more than just a treat.”
Steffen pulled Isabella to the bed. He went behind her back and unclasped the button closure to her jumpsuit. He lifted her up in his arms and laid her down on the bed, he stood back, and then loosened his tie. He pulled it off from around his neck and threw it on the bed.
Steffen unbuttoned his shirtsleeve buttons and took off his shirt. His muscular chest made Isabella’s body tremble with lust.
Isabella sat up and scooted to the edge of the bed; she rubbed her palms over Steffen’s lower abdomen, up and over his rippled muscled chest wall. She unzipped his pants, took out his erection, and wrapped her palm around it.
“Uum. Do I get to taste my dessert?”
“If that’s what the signora prefers, help yourself.” Steffen winked at her.
“Yes, that would be the signora preference.”
Isabella pumped her palm up and down Steffen’s manhood. She licked around the tip, opened her mouth, and caged his member inside its confinement.
“Good gracious.”
Steffen grabbed the back of Isabella’s head.
Isabella suckled the hard flesh inside her mouth. She bobbed her head up, sucked the tip, and then repeatedly dunked it.
"Fuck that shit feels good."
Steffen incarcerated the back of Isabella's held against his groin.
Isabella's tongue tickled the taut skin.
"Oh...Isabella...forgive me my love."
Steffen palmed his lower abdomen and quickly rubbed it up and down his stomach region.
Isabella released the corridor of her mouth and kissed up and down the length of Steffen’s penis.
"Oh yes...keep...keep doing tha...that."
Isabella held Steffen's stiff member up and descended her tongue lower. She sucked on his testicles and massaged the coarse hairs underneath with her lips. She held the twin baggy skin, sandwiched them together, and locked them inside her mouth. She gentle suckled on them, rolling them around her mouth.
Steffen threw his head back and ejaculated inside Isabella's mouth.
The pearly river flowed down the back of her throat.
Isabella licked over Steffen’s manhood. She polished the remains of his ejaculation off the bed of his semi-flaccid dick with the tip of her tongue; she then licked up and down the lazy skin. She kissed the tip and sat back.
“It appears the dinner you had for me was..., ah, fully accommodating.”
“Yes very.”
“Case and point that I shall never hunger again for anyone,” Isabella uttered.
Steffen smiled at Isabella’s proclamation.
Isabella tilted her head upward. Steffen leaned down and met her face halfway.
Their lips encountered each other.
Isabella slowly sunk back against the mattress; she pulled Steffen’s body down on top of hers.
“I’m sorry my love... I.”
Isabella placed her finger over Steffen’s lips.
“I know.”
She kissed his lips.
A telephone rang somewhere within the interior of Steffen’s penthouse.
Steffen eased down the top of Isabella’s jumpsuit.
The telephone continued to ring.
“You better get it.”
Steffen inched back. He looked at the door and then looked back at Isabella. He kissed her, stroked her cheek, and then rose off the bed.
“When I come back, you should be wearing my favorite attire.”
Isabella rose from the bed and walked to her suitcase. She lifted her red dress.
Steffen walked up to Isabella and removed the dress from out her hand. He threw it back inside her suitcase.
“I strongly prefer the nude look.”
He kissed her on the lips and walked out the bedroom.
Steffen ran down the hall. He heard the telephone in his bedroom persistent ringing; he ran into his bedroom, over to the nightstand, and lifted the receiver. He placed it up to his ear.
“Sig. Galeio.”
“Yes, Signorina Deavax.”
“I think you may have to come into the office. I think the proposal contract you had me to amend may have a few questionable clauses, which would not benefit Galeio Shipping in the end.”
“Now! Merda! Couldn’t this business have waited until tomorrow morning?”
Isabella heard Steffen yelling into the telephone receiver at the top of his lungs. She wondered is it true that Italian males are known to be aggressive, possessive, overbearing, but yet attentive lovers.
“I have a few things to take care here.”
Isabella heard Steffen advice the caller. She wished she could hear the other end of the conversation.
“I’ll be over later.”
Isabella heard Steffen inform the caller. Her heart shattered. Steffen and she will never be. Isabella clasped the back of her jumpsuit. She looked around the bedroom and then closed her suitcase.
Steffen wandered back into Isabella’s guest bedroom.
“I’ve been advised I have some important business back at my office that needs my immediate attention.”
Steffen lifted his shirt and put it back on; he buttoned it up. He lifted his tie from off the carpet and placed it around his neck. He buttoned up his shirtsleeves and zipped back up his pants.
“Please do not leave; I am worried if you do this will be the end of us. We need to sit down and be open and honest. Please tell me you will stay belle.”
“I don’t know Steffen. We come from opposite sides of the world. Not to overlook, the world you seem to paint in your mind does not involve me. Let’s just walk away now before this becomes too deep for us to ignore, and too tumultuous for us to stay.”
“Isabella, you advised me you will take my last breath, and by God, I am willing to give it to you, but in order for that to occur. You have to stay.”
Isabella crossed her arms over her chest.
“Please my love.”
Steffen needed to hear Isabella reassure him when he does leave, she would be here when he returns. He wanted to tell her how he really felt about her. He knew her presence in his home made him feel he wanted more out of life, other than money.
He needed, una moglie, eredi maschi, and a stable environment he could call, una casa. Tonight, after they have an open discussion, he would tell her how he feels.
“Would you be here?”
“Yes, I imagine.”
Steffen exhaled.
“Belle, I really must apologize about what just occurred.” Steffen looked down at his wristwatch. “We will definitely discuss this later, I promise.” Steffen encircled Isabella in his arms. He wanted to tell her he loved her right now, but decided now was not the appropriate time.
“I’ll see you later.”
Steffen kissed Isabella’s on the lips, stepped back, and headed for the door. He was halfway out the door and pivoted.
“Isabella, I need to confirm something for you so you will never misunderstand my motives. No I was not intoxicated; I do not have to be found in that state of mind to address the essence of my mind or heart.”
“I love the affirmation, and something of that nature is something worth relying on.” Isabella winked at Steffen. “And thank you for sharing that with me.”
“See you later my love.”
Steffen walked out the guest bedroom.


Isabella waited for Signorina Rosa’s return. She needed to confront the interfering woman. She then remembered Steffen gave her the evening off.
Isabella tried waiting up for Steffen, she dosed off while reading a book.
The ringing telephone awoke her.
Isabella reached over and lifted the telephone receiver from off the cradle; she placed it up to her ear.
“Hello,” Isabella answered half-sleepy.
“Isabella, I’m calling to tell you not to wait up for me, I’ll be home very late. I have to rewrite these contract proposals. Baby, these contract proposals are coming down to abiding the politics of the World Trade Organization; dollars, yen, trade and tariffs laws, and free trade laws.”
“I understand. Are you at the office?”
Silence followed on the other end.
“No, I am at Signorina Deavax’s residence.”
Isabella looked over at the bedside clock, three o’clock in the morning she thought.
“I’ll see you as soon as I can goodnight belle.”
“Goodnight Steffen.”
Isabella hung up the telephone and sunk back under the covers.
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
A published chapter ripped out of one of my novels

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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