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Finger On The Trigger, Twitchin’...

Finger on the trigger, twitchin’, thinkin’ pull
bullet to the brain would be too kind  
should have bought a bat, for the knee caps  
nothing like a good swing at a man tied up  
the cracking and snapping of bones  
screaming through the dirty gag in his mouth  
eyeballs tryin’ to find the back of a skull  
like the pain’ll stop with the reverse vision  
Riding impulse, elbow pulling back for the snap  
knuckles… gun… connecting bone
blood dripping, facial parts rearranged  
free nose job that one  
smile for the violence  
adrenaline pumpin’ through veins  
vengeance is a bitch, gotta take another hit  
beating a man beyond bloody  
with the butt of his own gun  
No easy out clause, no superman saviour  
no speeding bullet to end it all… yet  
no justice here in the land of hillbilly racists  
karma has her own brand
and it looks unexpected  
while finger is on the trigger, twitchin’, thinkin’ pull  
before bone shatters, blood splatters
couch innards end up on the wall
And death is holding out to take another pop  
at dismembered shin bones  
fighting to draw it out like the perfect torture
the kind some governments condone  
and he knows he had it coming  
when he’s all up in the KKK headspace  
could burn him at the stake in a white sheet  
watch his skin burn and blister and crackle  
like the crispy skinned chicken he stuffed his face with last night
It would only be fitting  
if the trigger finger wasn’t twitchin’, thinkin’ pull  
wanting to blow his brains across the wall  
so to dance in the blood and innards  
of a man that shoots kids for sport  
like he’s duck hunting in the suburbs  
and human life is worthless when it ain’t white
© Indie Adams 2012
Written by Indie (Miss Indie)
Published | Edited 21st Oct 2012
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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