Consummation of a Marriage - Female POV

Consummation of a Marriage
Freshly joined in marital bliss
This room the scene of consummation
As we enter into this blessed union of souls
My raven tresses fall in wavelets
Curls circling smirking face
As with impish delight
I stand the Amazon queen
Muscles rippling across torso
Gazing down at your prostrate male form
Naked and oh so vulnerable
Your body curled in fetal submission
As I pass the crop up soft thighs
Tracing down crease of your derriere
Tapping leather lightly against protruding plum
You lay bound and gagged
My glare is merciless
As I reach down grasping your hair
Deep in the well of your green eyes
Tears bubble outward
Streaming in rivulets down soft boyish cheeks
The crack of leather on skin
Reverberates through air
Your muffled moan
Signifying pain blossoming into pleasure
The crimson blush spreading across your ivory skin
Whets my hunger
Every tremor of your body
Orchestrated by me
As I play the game of my choosing
Your helplessness so touching
Till warmth flows through my chest
Tender compassion filling my heart
As my fingers undo the binds
Your mouth free to form words
Which will melt my fury
Into gentle caresses
Your fingertips tickle my stomach
As my body yields to your gentleness
Each stroke across pelvis weakening my resolve
To vanquish your masculinity
Till my dominance metamorphoses
Into sensual subjugation
Of your masculine being
My allure so seductive
Overpowering your walls
As you surrender
To the inexorable pull of my feminine aura
My flower drawing out your nectar
With pulses of feminine power
Each thrust of hips
Mastering your manhood
Till your face glows with holy fire
As I consume your essence
Devouring your sacred being
Pearls of body dew soaking my body
Till material forms melt into ether
All is fluid motion of flame
Swirling in sea of molten lava
Flesh melding into flesh
Male seed relinquished into me
Star child born of luminous energy
Tides of procreative sap
Spilling across my flexing thighs
Your river of life
Emptying into my natal sea
Passion born on waves of sensual delight
Every crest of pleasure drawing us closer
In a joining of souls
Atoms vibrating in the song of love
Written by goldenmyst
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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