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My other personality

Please Don't let whatever this feeling is turn to another heartbreak.
Please Don't for the sake of my mental state.
Please Don't.
Please let me just feel the 24/7 euphoria of a possible new future love in my life.
I think of you constantly.

(My other personality jmerrick)

Fuck this nonsense.
You know fucking better than that.
Loves not in the fucking cards for you in this lifetime.
Love doesn't exist for you.
Love is a fucking illusion.
Love shouldn't even be in your fucking vocabulary.
Your a dumb fat p.o.s that ain't worth a gallon of piss.
Your just not meant to have any happiness in your life.
Only complete mizery.
Complete disgust you have for yourself.
Never try to spark a conversation with anyone of the human race.
Your just utterly and completely fucked in the head.
It's not their fault your a fuck up.
It's your fault larry.
Your a fuck up simple and plain.
The first step is accepting your a fat ugly bucket of pig vomit.
Let the flies continue to lay the maggots on your face.
There's nothing worth looking at there anyway.
No love
No life
Just a tall order of animal excrement.
When you speak aloud feces tumbles out your fucking mouth.
Just best to keep your fucking mouth closed.
You've always known where your fate lies.
It's not with another person.
It's with the bottom feeders.
The creatures that strip your soul away piece by piece.
And by now since your close to that 50 year mark, your really just pathetic.
Worthless sack of shit.
You never should've seeked out a loving relationship.
That's because a loving relationship doesn't exist for your fat gluttonous lazy ass.
My split personality has a hold of me sincerely and completely.
Fuck outsiders that try to help.
They can't help.
Your beyond helping.
It's time to just lay down and take whatever this life has left to offer no matter how negative it may be.

FUCK IT!!!!!!!

Written by jmerrick73
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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