Liz Windsor the walking dead who is considerably less interesting I find than the average stiff awaiting an autopsy!

By Stanley Collymore    
An absolutely distasteful, failed  
marriage, yet very pathetically    
for in excess of over 30 years    
dishonestly and publicly conveying    
to your distinctively rather gullible    
serfs that Phillip who was actually  
your husband, but undeniably so    
very crucially, living with another  
woman by whom it's rather well    
known he'd distinctly fathered a    
bastard daughter, herself dead    
while serially, routinely fucking    
lots of other slappers for good    
measure; yet for all that, there    
was the pathetic outright lying    
Liz, boasting Phil was her rock.    
This, on top of her own affairs    
and too love child conception,    
crucially consolidating all that    
with being unquestionably as    
well a distinctively effectively    
failed and most crucially too,    
a thoroughly, clearly useless    
piss poor, individual excuse   
for any mother and actually    
so a privileged bitch exactly    
like you, Elizabeth Windsor!    
With amazingly three divorces  
among the four sprogs that    
you obligatorily: the heir    
and spare, effectively spewed out    
as your medieval custom actually    
dictates that you really should to    
your aptly lawful husband Philip,    
crucially in accordance, with the    
dikat of your Klan, and similarly    
too your incestuously arranged    
marriage so decadently to your  
second cousin; and discernibly    
now literally free of heir duties    
you too Liz Windsor could also  
arbitrarily, engage in precisely    
what Philip was distinctly very    
unabashedly doing, and quite    
avidly you sure did, decidedly    
and distinctly like one of your    
cossetted mares fully in heat.    
As you distinctly and publicly    
conned a ludicrously gullible    
surfeit of foolish sycophants    
throughout Britain, that you    
and Philip were a solid item.    
None more intensely stupid    
than feudally white Britons!      
Then very evidently there's    
horsey Anne Windsor the    
one living legal daughter    
of Philip and Elizabeth who's every  
bit herself as distinctly licentiously    
amoral, though less secretively so    
than her obviously, very distinctly    
rather undeniably surreptitiously    
so, slapper mother, Elizabeth. So    
therefore, Anne would evidently    
have been distinctively basically    
and similarly absolutely literally    
euphoric, to undeniably get her  
second divorce, as patently her    
second and as such irrefutably    
sham marriage, unqestionably    
and categorically isn't working    
but rather evidently solely out    
of societal embarrassment, to    
yourself publicly Liz, you vilely    
prevent divorce No.2 for your    
Anne ever literally happening.    
Yet you have the fucking nerve    
Elizabeth Windsor to not only    
brief those among your very    
own palace stooges and evidently    
very Useful Idiots, like Tom Bauer    
but similarly too the several Nazi  
rags, which you're very evidently  
truly in harmony with, and vilely    
so with the apt encouragement    
and animated approval of your    
odious and racist mother since    
early childhood: uebrigens wie    
ist ihr Nazi Gruss, Liz in diesen    
Tagen? Yet you evidently have    
the goddamned gall Liz, to tell    
these rather rampantly, racist    
tabloids through your fittingly    
racially fawning mouthpieces    
that your specific, dying wish    
is that Harry dumps Meghan    
and her two kids, before you  
unfortunately must pass on.    
We honestly do actually know    
Elizabeth Windsor what your    
distinct reasons essentially    
are behind all this alarming furore  
which you're intentionally causing    
and they're exactly, the same sick    
and utterly twisted ones that you    
have been caustically advocating    
from the distinctive beginning of    
Harry effectively seeing Meghan.    
It's unquestionably labelled you    
see as endemically and likewise    
deeply ingrained and also evilly    
perpetrated racism, repugnant    
and inimically the sort that you    
were so actively nurtured in by    
your odious namesake mother    
Elizabeth, roasting perpetually    
as she lastingly is now, in Hell!    
All this, because you Liz Windsor    
most encouragingly not only to    
your very incestuously inbred    
and unquestionably dysfunctional  
family, but evidently and similarly  
too, your identically likemindedly    
thinking, palace stooges; pitiably    
Useful Idiots; the rather willingly    
surfeit of distinctly biased, quite    
pathetically and actually devoid    
of any intellectual discernment,    
MSM sycophants that distinctly    
sickeningly and literally racially  
perceive and as they obviously    
similarly have you Liz Windsor    
personally and most hatefully,    
repeatedly convey to them all      
that Meghan isn't only wholly    
unworthy of Liz Windsor and    
them but likewise as well the    
entirety of the British nation!    
On the simple and obvious    
grounds that she's clearly    
a half-breed Nigger, and    
by no means a worthily perceived    
and categorically unquestionably    
in the process distinctively snow  
white, and perfectly additionally    
a really, discernibly superb lady    
exclusively like Kate Middleton!    
But in essence what does it say    
about you Lizzie, very asininely    
deliberately and also corruptly  
utilizing your rather privileged    
but visibly unmerited position    
by repulsively, trying to break    
up a significantly, functioning    
marriage to patently assuage    
your own multiple, nefarious    
and evidently worrisome too    
devious and also calamitous,    
shortcomings Lizzie Windsor    
fittingly in tandem with your    
irrefutably sick, delusionally    
thoroughly ingrained, white    
supremacist, clearly master    
race notions evilly explicitly    
at the gratuitously harmful    
expense of an outstanding    
and evidently a loving wife    
Meghan but literally, even    
far worse inhumanly, and    
reprehensibly too; nastily      
turn, a firmly entrenched    
racist hatred, unarguably    
and very distinctively, on    
Archie and similarly also    
his year old sibling sister    
Lilibet Diana - the young    
quite innocent, children    
of truly understandably    
devoted parents, Harry    
and ideal wife Meghan!    
(C) Stanley V. Collymore    
9 August 2022.    
Author's Remarks:    
Deep rooted double standards, rank hypocrisy; dissolute, licentious and unprincipled immorality endemically and corruptly characterized by the egregiously enabling: Jimmy Savile, Bishop Peter Ball, Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, Rolf Harris and Andrew Windsor among others, in house in the past but still ongoingly incidences of criminal sexual abuse; acts of necrophilia and paedophilia; financial charitable malfeasance on a humongous scale; serial adultery and bastard offspring conceived by inured and obsessively social climbing, shag-happy married women whose known bastard offspring will be casually passed off as and palmed onto their either unsuspecting legitimate but cuckolded husbands whether the latter are azoospermiac or not, and even if such husbands do know what is going on will nevertheless keep stumm about it because, incredibly and most pathetically, they don't want to be dumped from the circle of this obscenely privileged, and in Britain hugely fawned over hereditary, monarchical Saxe-Coburg-Gothe-Mountbatten-Windsor family, if they were to conscionably speak out!    
Then, of course, there's the widespread and endemically entrenched dysfunctionality of the aforesaid family, idiotically but through the marketing and proselytizing PR ploys of them as the epitome of what public duty and alleged patriotism represent, occasioning the gullible idiots with very unappealing, non-productive and equally useless lives attendant with a MSM that self-servingly and hugely beneficially in financial terms graspingly benefit from all this, avidly lap it up!    
The numerous lying and racially motivated reasons for attacking Meghan are well aired and likewise convincingly debunked by those who aren't intellectually challenged and can actually think for themselves, so it's pointless trying to convince gullible, brainwashed, braindead and feudally mindset morons and lunatics with reasoned arguments and empirical facts. So my advice is, simply leave them in their dysfunctionally delusional and toxically verminous, lowlife existence.    
Liz Windsor under Britain's non- statutory constitution is the secular head of the Church of England, or in high church jargon the Anglican Church, a term generally used outside of Britain. Whatever! However, Liz must or should know that the religious marital vow says for better or worse, till death us do part! Understandably, Liz as secular boss of the Church of England couldn't, example wise, divorce Philip even though her marriage to him was an arranged one: two second cousins marrying, that then degenerated into a complete sham - forget all that PR bullshit about Philip being Liz's rock - as for 30 plus years they both lived separate physical and sexual lives with Philip having numerous lovers and mistresses and until his death, minus the brief intervention of his hospitalization with Covid-19, physically lived with his chosen married lover on the Sandringham estate and by whom he had a daughter that subsequently died, and significantly this mistress was at Philip's funeral. And she sure as hell didn't gate crash the occasion, whatever views Liz Windsor may or may not have passed on to Tom Bauer about being grateful that Meghan wasn't also present. Never mind that Meghan was heavily pregnant and medically advised not to fly. And besides Liz made Philip's funeral, and in keeping with her own racist and white supremacist notions, an all-white affair; as even the bloody military pallbearers were all WHITE. What a shame Blacks participated in World II, fighting German and other European Nazis on behalf of the British German ones!    
So while Philip sexually put it about his wife Liz, more surreptitiously for her than he ever bothered to do, did the same. Bluntly and honestly put Liz Windsor was no immaculate Virgin Mary and distinctly had her ongoing sexual affairs as well, even producing her own love child as well; but if you think that she was the archetypal celibate wife or woman and especially over all those years that Philip was doing his thing, why should I disabuse you of your folly? Except to tell you that I can get my hands on a British architectural masterpiece of a bridge for a reasonable price if you're interested and would like to buy it. Lol!    
Liz Windsor's daughter Anne: no stranger either to her numerous affairs, is on her second marriage that she desperately wants to be out of; but Liz, embarrassed that 3 out of her 4 children's marriages have ended in divorce but still lives in denial that she has been a very crucial element in all this, literally that herself and Philip  have both jointly and individually been quite useless, self-centred and pathetic, piss-poor parents, won't let Anne have her second divorce. Beats me that in an enlightened 21st Century Anne can't do what as an adult and a grandmother as well isn't allowed to take a requisite action to alleviate an unbecoming emotional quandary she's in because her mother forbids her from acting as she prefers to. Divorces are no big deals these days, and there's no longer his or her fault reasons for it; all that's required is for one or both parties to say that the marriage has irretrievably broken down. And apart from financial arrangements and the welfare of any dependant children that's it. From a religious perspective it's equally no big issue, if any at all, since for all their feigned religiosity from Liz downwards the Windsors are no more religious than the vast majority of whites in Britain and probably less so! Besides, wasn't Bishop Peter Ball a several decades and longstanding, very close friend of the Windsors, as Jimmy Savile was, a man of the cloth and a senior cleric in the Church of England that Liz Windsor heads? But, now dead, he was a convicted paedophile that Charles did his utmost best to get  the charges dropped, and after Peter Ball's conviction tried to persuade the judge not to send him to jail. Not the only one; as former Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey, now sitting automatically in the House of Lords, did the same as Charles. No concern though for Peter Ball's young and vulnerable victims!    
Harry and Meghan meanwhile have voluntarily quit the Windsor mafia Klan and are living happily with their young family in California, USA, Meghan's birth country. Yet we have Liz Windsor briefing the likes of Tom Bauer and the Nazi rightwing media through her many stooges and likewise her domestic ass wiper and glorified chamber maid Susan Hussey, labelled most ridiculously in the 21st Century as her lady in waiting, that her dying wish is that Harry ditches Meghan and her children - as if DNA can't or hasn't already proven that the children Liz Windsor so derogatorily refers to as Meghan's with no reference to Harry in that regard, aren't in essence the biological children of both Harry and Meghan - and that Harry returns to Britain and secure for himself a proper white woman as a wife!    
It's not rocket science to work out what Liz Windsor is doing as it has been her motivation from the very outset of Harry seriously getting involved with this perceived by Liz herself, her family members and their surfeit of racist fawners that Meghan: this racially perceived by them all sub-human African American woman wasn't good enough for Harry and moreover her and whatever offspring she had by him would be a contaminating factor in this epitome of a delusionally considered not only by the Windsors themselves but equally and intransigently so, those who as the intellectually challenged morons that they are  unquestioningly believe in this asinine myth of the Saxe-Coburg-Gothe-Mountbatten-Windsors being a divinely and continuously in situ by the grace, acclamation and the approbation of God Almighty, a justly entitled and privileged by birth right alone, no requisite qualifications, proven merit, or anything else remotely commendable, in being the indisputably unchangeable, white supremacist and master race entity that they regard themselves as!    
And if this spiteful, inimically enthused, endemically racist and a most discernibly hateful old bitch, Liz Windsor every bit as odious as her much lampooned in hereditary circles cookie offspring mother can most deleteriously give abundant comfort to all the utterly sick and thoroughly twisted conspiracy theorists, haters and ingrained racists discernibly relative to Harry and Meghan's two children, fully aware as Liz Windsor and her own family categorically know that both Harry and Meghan's children are unquestionably biologically theirs and conceived in the same fashion that Kate Middleton presumably conceived hers, except that Harry and Meghan's actions were quite concertedly to loving have two children and not as is in William's case a Queer in denial siring the expected of him obligatory heir and spare from his Stepford wife broodmare.    
So now that you've most malevolently, quite egregiously and distinctly maliciously opened up your wilfully fraudulent assertions in relation to Meghan and Harry's children, Liz Windsor: paternity and maternity in both their cases that can be categorically DNA proved and you already know that; when are you going to do the same, Liz Windsor in respect of your known love child who you've been an active enabler of his sexual and paedophilia activities; baled him out of an active, civil court case to the tune of £12 million; made both his daughters princesses, as you likewise did, contrary to your own protocol, with all 3 of William's sprogs; even though Harry and Meghan's children just like George, Charlotte and Louis are Charles' biological grandchildren and regrettably from my perspective your great grandchildren! But again, we know the reason. Can't have Nigger blood as prince or princess in this Saxe-Coburg-Gothe-Mountbatten-Windsor family; irony totally lost on you, you fucking dimwit Liz that if as you claim you're a descendant of George III his wife Charlotte was irrefutably BLACK! And while we're at it Liz Windsor, in addition to publicly revealing the DNA results of your own love child, how about doing the same with Zara: Anne's daughter and your own granddaughter. Mark Phillips at least had the decency to have a DNA done on his own Australian love child and we know she's his; what's stopping Anne from doing the same with Zara? Hypocrisy, coupled with your own interference Liz, just like stopping Anne having a second divorce and exiting her sham marriage? You people really are the pits!    
This final proposition of mine is to intelligent people globally that are interested, and why should they be in the Windsors, and who can think for themselves; which rules out most white British and their biological kin in the genocidally acquired countries likes delusional Terra nullius Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and both white Zimbabweans and South Africans.    
Stop and think all of you who can! You're heterosexually happily married to a woman or a man obviously if you're a female who you're reciprocally in love with.  Your marriage is sound from your own joint perspective and additionally you blissfully have two consciously and quite voluntarily, naturally conceived children: a son aged 3 and a daughter just 1 respectively. But there's this quite self-entitled, obscenely privileged and who has been quite useless all of her arbitrarily controlling life grandmother of your lawful spouse who never liked you and from the very outset opposed your marriage to her adult grandchild; and moreover for racist or perceived inferior societal reasons if you and your spouse are of the same race, obdurately thinks that your presence in her family which she arbitrarily and wholesale controls is a contaminating element in her assumed pristine and delusionally white supremacist and master race household.      
This despite the fact that you and your lawful spouse along with your precious children live thousands of miles away from this vile woman residing with her gutless other family members in another country. In effect, you and your spouse have minimal contact with them as you productively get on with your own lives and taking care of the welfare of your children. Nevertheless, this odiously evil bitch who throughout her immoral life and that of her husband and has presided over a most dysfunctional family in which 3 of her 4 adult children are divorced, none of the remarried ones really happy, the same state of affairs exist with several of her close relatives and other grandchildren, and her only daughter is prevented from having a 2nd divorce and obliged to remain in a sham marriage as her own parents were right up to the death of her father who for 30 plus years was having a plethora of affairs with numerous women while living away from his lawful wife and this daughter's mother, and all this exaggerated pretence and hypocrisy purely for PR and public consumption.    
And who is this family that I'm referring to? I'm sure you've guessed it: the Saxe-Coburg-Gothe-Mountbatten-Windsor family, the monarchical head of a feudalistic Britain in the 21st Century. And here we have its 96 years old nonagenarian leader who makes the KKK look like bumbling amateurs telling her brownnosing sycophants through her chosen mouthpieces that her dying wish is that Harry ditches his wife and "her children", returns to Britain from the USA where he and his family are happily living and gets on his return to the UK a nice, by that Liz Windsor means a typical Stepford wife broodmare, white wife! Christian charity aside, this repulsive moron is actually the head of the Church of England!    
Subjected to such a grotesque interference in one's private life by anyone, family member or not, I think it's perfectly obvious what the average sensible person would tell any such person what they could and should do with themselves! Wouldn't you?    
Written by Academic
Published | Edited 11th Aug 2022
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