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Hopscotch Lines

A long haired girl
with a light blue dress
jumps across hopscotch'd lines.
Every bound blinds me
as I lose her, in the sky
Then, clouds ground her
Grey turns the day
As upon the tin roof
begin the taps
of the drumming rain
With that steady beat
we dance upon the concrete porch
With seven colors of chalk
strewn across its slate.
I marvel, at how
little girls build their worlds
in primarily bright shades
Seven sides then, to this day
Born into a rainy life
As graffiti of an adolescent
-Hearts and smiles and butterflies
upon this saturated porch
All bleeding down now
the four steps to dirt
Where it turns into multi-hued swirls
And she points out
an elephant curling upward
his magnificent trunk
Blowing a rainbow
sending up streaks
then bleeding down his chalkboard hide
-What wonder, what colors
will we be today
The separation of lines
has no place here
Once we poke the sky
deep enough
to make it rain.
And all the drops will come
to huddle here, in their gladness
And we'll dance in the puddles
Free of sadness
Nine years old, and
my daughter is running
through the rippings
of a stinging storm.
She screams, she laughs
Knowing lightning will avoid her
-or else she'll capture it
Bend it, into a silver ring
Make it dazzle, on her thumb
Nothing has such power
like her churning mind
Her brown hair lays
as ringlets across her brow
Tonight, when we brush it
A tiny feather will be found
One of thousands
that lifted a small bird
during the chaos
of an almighty storm
If birds can fly through this
Then I can dance with my daughter
through the same
I'll never be too old
to flirt with lightning
If it gives me the chance
to be her friend in the rain
She's grown through
years of separations.
So who am I
to deny her the puddles
in which to play.
Written by Styxian
Author's Note
An updated oldie.
When you have a child with someone you're no longer with, be the good parent. No bitterness. No talking bad about the other parent, no matter what. †Be the standard.
Let the kid grow up as unburdened in their head as possible. †
It will all pay for itself in due time.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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