Tom Bauer - the verminous Yid, whose sick endemic obsession with conning money by any means, knows no bounds!

By Stanley Collymore      
Actively, and corrobatively with      
our Nazi Daily Mail's expected      
blessing and avid support of      
Rupert Murdoch's endorsement;    
an undeniably lecherous, rather
odiously Fascist, Aussie asshole:
supposedly, a very entrenched,
hardcore Republican; let's first    
though secure our paedophile
enabler, Liz Windsor's distinct      
personal and distinctively too
abusive and racist castigation      
of Meghan Markle pertaining      
to that funeral of her ghastly      
undoubtedly lecherous, very      
serially adulterous husband purely  
in name only and who, for over 30  
years, had distinctively lived apart  
from Liz, clearly with his mistress  
who quite openly was undeniably  
present at her lover Phil's funeral  
with the absolute blessing of the  
deceased's wife; and a presence      
quite calmly and also manifestly      
welcomed by the vast hordes of      
gullible, rather arselicking cunts      
that majority wise infest Britain,      
and the barbarically genocidally      
acquired white controlled lands      
across the huge Atlantic Ocean      
and also the Antipodean region.      
Yet Meghan the wife of Phillip's      
grandson heavily pregnant and      
medically advised even if she'd      
actually wanted to do so not to      
fly from the US to Britain either      
for Phillip's funeral or, come to      
that, any other occasion at the      
time, did quite enthusiastically      
generate according to this vile      
snipped dick Yid Tom Bauer a      
delightedly, hate-fest reaction      
not just from Liz Windsor and      
her absolutely exemplary and      
clearly trusted aides that duly      
told him totally in confidence      
what a delighted, Liz Windsor      
said on hearing that Meghan      
wasn't coming, and that now      
through the evilly racist plus    
Nazi, Daily Mail that crucially      
actually wanted, all Yids and      
Jews effectively dead during      
World War II with a devoted,      
close affinity to Liz Windsor;    
he Tom Bauer can naturally      
now communicate her own      
true feelings on Meghan to      
a truly, sympathetic nation!      
Attendantly all this with similarly      
discernibly acerbic comments      
obviously from the creme de      
la creme of so laughably England's
finest academic and, indisputably
also, quite essentially discernibly  
political hatchery, of an inuredly      
Queer, and actually entrenched    
paedophile bastion quite avidly  
notoriously renowned, as Eton;  
to, additionally, then indisputably  
set the stage, for this avariciously  
distinctively evil, money grabbing  
and such obsessively undeniably  
racist, and also intentional racial      
incitement to hatred and as well    
most ironically considering that  
Tom Bauer is aptly a verminous      
Yid, cynically utilizing the same      
odiously vile and basically very      
lethal Nazi tactics intentionally      
directed at the quite bigotedly      
despised; and too, obsessively      
hated; quite murderous abuse      
of the kind that actually drove      
Tom Bauer's petrified parents      
to frantically save their rather      
pathetic asses, by discernibly      
and so cowardly exiting their      
home in Prague and heading      
for shelter in this distinct UK      
which evidently they literally      
had no ties at all, or crucially      
made any vital contribution!  
However producing during their      
sojourn in Britain yet another      
evil, Yid sprog with distinct      
racist and Nazi tendencies and too  
quite distinctively on Tom Bauer's  
part, which evidently alone would
absolutely, and so embarrassedly  
make Adolf Hitler, and equally as  
well Josef Goebbels in effectively  
realistic terms, seem unarguably      
very tame in comparison to him.      
So nobody who's fully cognizant      
of what this vile odious Yid Tom      
Bauer is distinctly like, will at all      
be surprised one bit, by his vile      
clearly dishonest, shenanigans      
and basically Boris Kemal kind      
of sick, pathological lying! And      
essentially having not lost any
relatives whatever during the      
European holocaust basically      
because distinctly too ike his      
own evilly repulsive and very      
cowardly parents they'd too,      
as well had evidently fucked      
off to Britain in 1939; clearly      
as World War II was starting.  
All of which very obviously doesn't  
on the one hand stop Tom Bauer  
as he's clearly, been ravenously      
doing all of his odious verminously  
adult life from rapaciously greedily
milking, Germany's commendably  
in actuality, but singularly realistic  
and quite unquestionably overall  
terms for Tom Bauer the literally  
exhilaratingly Wiedergutmachen  
Compensation Scheme basically      
for crucially European Jews, and    
Yids; while odiously calculatedly      
egregiously, on the other hand      
in Tom's twisted case distinctly      
and clearly delusionally, lyingly      
fatuously proselytizing himself      
shamelessly, and unbelievably      
as the archetypal Englishman;      
while happily getting into bed      
with Nazis, essentially like the
plethora, of toxic and distinctively  
entrenched verminous scum both  
as the owners and illiterate hacks  
in the Daily Mail likeminded MSM  
plus the endemic racists and, the 
long standing, Nazi kin members  
in the Windsor mafia klan and so  
naturally their steadfast stooges  
who with the British collective of  
racists nationally cannot forgive  
Harry from their literally obvious  
and racially sick perspective, for      
not only: scandalously marrying      
but likewise emphatically rather      
steadfastly publicly standing by      
this strong, erudite and actively      
mentally liberated Black genius      
who is his wife, and the mother      
of their two gorgeous children!      
(C) Stanley V. Collymore      
19 July 2022.      
Author's Remarks:      
What do a load of delusional white toffs from Eton: by no stretch of the imagination a genuine academic institution any more so than so-called Cheltenham Ladies College is, since the first is nothing more than a Queer and paedophile call centre and the second a Dyke equivalent and with both of them the bastions of privileged networking, know about real life or world issues? Odious prats who are acttually nothing more than trust fund pampered c**ts who were raised with silver spoons in their mouths and who literally reek of entitlement.  
Which with me raises the very obvious question. Are there any direct and quite certifiable quotes from these lovable scum that Tom Bauer has vaingloriously used in his defamatory and thoroughly fictional book on Meghan Markle that would stand up in a court of law? NO! I thought not Tom Bauer. "Allegedly" and other such word usage are quite replete throughout this crap of yours Tom Bauer. As your book is decidedly what you would racially like the real truth to be rather than what it actually is; just a racist and race hating enterprise to make money. How honourable of you. Begs the question too Tom Bauer: is your German Widergutmachen Compensation payments proving insufficient for your financial needs?  
Regarded by Jews - I realistically prefer to refer to this scum as Zionist Yids - to be inferior whites the Irish were seen as fair game to be exploited, and they were. However, when English law subsequently forbade Jews from enslaving protestant Irish, the Dutch Yids switched from the Irish to the even more profitable business - since money is their entire sort's raison d'etre for existing and is even their God, as Tom Bauer has narcissistically demonstrated - of the Transatlantic Slave Trade and Black African slaves; a centuries long Holocaust with multitudinous millions literally killed,  not a sickeningly eulogized questionable 6 million when no Gypsies,  Rhineland Niggers, Russians, homosexuals, the mentally and physically handicapped or sundry others are included in that total nor 80 years later neither the survivors nor their descendants have received a solitary nickle in compensation but we all know who have and abundantly so, and likewise dehumanized and was profitably initiated by Sephardic Jews when they were kicked out of Brazil and no other country in the region or the Caribbean would have them, but Barbados sympathetically granted them sanctuary, and that was the thanks my homeland got! Typical selfish and self-serving conduct when it comes to Yids.  
So Tom Bauer a Yid whose roots are in what was Czechoslovakia and wouldn't have been born had his frightened and fleeing parents not had their pathetic asses saved by being granted sanctuary in Britain, can now while milking the German government's Wiedergutmachen Compensation Scheme for every Euro and previously Deutschmark he could get sees no problem with aligning himself with British Nazis: the Daily Mail and the Windsors specifically, all of them hardcore Nazis never mind the pretence they put on, who wanted his sort dead. And to add grist to that particular mill Rupert Murdoch whose Irish ancestors were enslaved by Yids. A classic case of Stockholm Syndrome. First they were Barbadozed then with Australia coming on stream and with greater space for these Irish slaves and convicts, Australia itself conscripted for this task.  
Now in 2022 and driven by money, racism, hatred and malevolent intolerance of those whom you arrogantly and unwarrantedly so, despite we have victims like Meghan Markle whose crime is she had the audacity to reciprocally fall in love with Harry and marry him, effectively in your jaundiced eyes tainting a fucking obsolescent Medieval mechanism which these prized Windsor c**ts from Elizabeth downwards think it's theirs eternally by Divine acknowledgement.  
Just imagine if Doria Ragland Meghan's mum or her late grandfather were members of the Black Panther Movement, there would have been even worst hell to pay; but Nazi Liz Windsor has no problem with her first cousin's wife being the daughter of prominent World War II Waffen SS members and being an outright Nazi herself. Hardly surprising that Liz Windsor and her entire family are actively supporting Zelenksy's Nazi Ukraine, the children and grandchildren of Ukrainian Waffen SS battalions that fought the British and Allied Forces in World War II and were mass killers in Europe's death camps; but are anti the Russians who saved Britain's pathetic ass on the Eastern European front. Fact!  
In conclusion, Liz Windsor, your mafia Klan, the tax avoider owners of the Daily Mail, Paddy Stockholm Syndrome asshole Rupert Murdoch, the other rightwing MSM and Yids like Tom Bauer, quite frankly you fucking well deserve each other. Meghan, Harry and their family are well out of it. Oh, and by the way Tom Bauer and other c**ts like yourself,  Mein Kampf was a massive bestseller, something your trash book formulated on hearsay and your sick, delusional fantasies, will never emulate. I have a copy given to me when I moved to Germany to assume my Academic career there! I treasure it and, being fluent in German myself, can see the similarities between German in the 1930s and discernibly cesspit and laughing stock Britain in the 21st Century. At least Germany had the excuse of having been atrociously treated by the Treaty of Versailles after the conclusion of World War 1, or more fittingly the family war between Victoria's offspring: those living in their homeland Germany and those like herself who had been and were then currently infesting Britain and still are doing so now in the 21st Century! What is Britain's excuse? And you laughably call yourselves the master race? If so, then Jimmy Savile was categorically misunderstood! Lol!    
Written by Academic
Published | Edited 11th Aug 2022
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