The Power of Polarity

{and the secrets of sequestering}

on the fringe  
bordering the outskirts  
far from normalcy,  
is where i take harbor  
sequestering myself away  
shielded from prying eyes  
stabbing lies,  
prayers unanswered  
and far too many scars  
than wishes on stars  
a permanent hermit  
a fixture  
a piece of furniture  
a storied fable  
a tale half told
your incandescence  
envelopes my shivering hurt  
long held in tears  
escape down my cheeks  
awash in permission  
despite being almost too stubborn to fall  
i squirm at the rawness,  
uncomfortable in unknown vulnerability  
taking in small controlled breaths  
trying like hell to suppress  
all this surprising need    
to be held  
to feel how touch  
your touch  
can heal and soothe a fractured lining  
slowly tempering anguish  
filling wounds  
tenderly swaying  
away....  the pain    
reluctantly coming to an understanding  
by way of  
hard fought revelation  
at the truth(s)  
behind relinquishment  
where choice begets  
protection from harms;  
real, perceived    
and all the unseen  
 when finally trusting that  
i quietly surround my psyche  
in your ironclad will,  
gently siphoning strength  
per silent command  
flashes of realization  
forge a deep degree  
of pure acceptance  
wiping tears, extinguishing fears-  
shaking off the shadows  
secured in sunlight  
two opposite  
but equal poles  
connect and coexist  
in total harmony
Written by Bluevelvete
Published | Edited 9th Aug 2022
Author's Note
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