Seemingly in this criminal and dysfunctional Windsor family its only sane biological member is Harry!

By Stanley Collymore    
It really beggars belief that this      
monarchical lunacy still exists      
in an evidently enlightened      
21st Century! Seriously, how much
longer, before this literally absurd  
institution and its distinctly, inane  
medieval guardians the obviously  
dysfunctional, Windsor family are  
crucially, distinctively expediently
and also absolutely permanently
removed, from the live presence
of current memory; and as such,      
all influence in general, sensible,    
every day people's normal lives!      
Essentially irrefutably genuinely      
honest and quite well informed      
historians of the future will, I'm      
sure, likewise wonder how and      
why it essentially, took so long!      
(C) Stanley V. Collymore      
6 August 2022.      
Author's Remarks:      
Charles, William, Camilla, Kate and the other Windsors, most infamously their Klan leader Liz, their courtier stooges and Useful Idiots like Tom Bauer and Thomas Markle, have completely used Meghan to obscure their own disreputable and criminal behaviour; and the tabloids have been happy to support them in order to ensure the continuation of the monarchy which both societally and financially they all benefit from, as well as ensure the continuance of their grave train. And quite unsurprisingly you brownnosing, sycophantically, feudal serf asslickers missed all that; as the Windsors and their likeminded goons quite assiduously ensured that you fawningly moronic idiots, who they know they can always reliably count on, were all quite busily engaged, just like they orchestrated it to be,  quite unwarrantedly, lyingly and obsessively, as you still conveniently are, moaning about Meghan!

All of her obscenely pathetic life of untrammelled luxury and itself unrestrictedly accompanied by an arrogant sense of self-entitlement, Liz Windsor's dual principal aims in life have been the ongoing and obsessive acquisition of yet more wealth for her Saxe-Coburg-Gothe-Mountbatten-Windsor mafia Klan accompanied by the same obsessive yen for assiduously ensuring the continuance of the medievally mindset monarchy that she currently and has for the past 70 years been both its unelected and undemocratic head.

And there is not a snowflake in Hell's chance, and where she is self-evidently shortly heading for herself, that any of her family members or their spivs could be carrying out these wholesale plethora of dodgy immoral, criminally illegal, financially corrupt and other speciously beneficial deals without this discernibly, obsessively controlling freak of a woman Liz Windsor not knowing about what was going on!

And if Liz Windsor didn't, then she's most categorically not the omnipotent and sagacious figure that you sycophantic lot asininely make her out to be! And all the more fools you!
Written by Academic
Published | Edited 7th Aug 2022
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