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Craving A Soft Kiss From Another Lifetime

Sephora awoke to many chanting voices surrounding her presence. She lifted her head. Her body was secured to a rack table by a cable robe to her ankles and to her wrists. She looked down at her nakedness. She lifted her head and looked from side-to-side.

Several people garbed in long silk black robes with their face concealed by a matching hood; walked around her reciting some form of a prayer in union.

“Someone help me, please,” Sephora hollered.

The gathered circled continued to chant and pray as they walked around her.

The unified chanting became louder.

Two people walked over to a table that housed Sephora’s presence.

“Get away from me, you people are all fucking crazy.”

One person lifted a knife from off a raised table with a red covering.


The other person lifted a black silk scarf and placed it over Sephora’s mouth.

Sephora twisted her head from side-to-side.

One man held her head immobile, while the other man clumsily tied the scarf behind her head.

The circled gathering stopped chanting and walked over to where Sephora laid.

Each person pulled back their hood, and then linked hands.

Sephora blinked several times. She grunted through her scarf. She recognized several faces of the hotel guests.

The guest named Samantha lifted Sephora’s secured wrist. She produced a knife from out the concealed pocket of her robe, extended Sephora’s wrist over the rack table, and then sliced a thin line over the artery. She placed the knife down on a table.

Sephora looked over. She grunted and thrashed her body.

Samantha turned Sephora’s wrist to the side.

Sephora’s eyes enlarged. She watched the rapid droplets of her blood flow into a golden goblet.

Samantha milked Sephora’s artery by pressing on the skin surrounding the deep laceration. She let Sephora’s wrist go, stepped back among others, and then lifted the goblet to her mouth. She took a drink, and then passed the goblet to the next person, who repeated the action.

This was done in a sequence.

The last person receiving the goblet and drank its contents inside, walked over to Sephora.

“Get…get away from me, no,” she uttered weakly.

The man pulled his hood back.

A head covering of a Baphomet masked his face. He handed the goblet to Samantha. He untied his robe and allowed it to fall to the concrete floor. He dipped his two fingers inside. He bathed Sephora’s inner thighs with the blood. He drew an image with her blood on the center of his forehead in the form of a hexagram.

Samantha stepped back.

The man rechecked the cable ropes to Sephora’s ankles. He climbed on top of the table and positioned his body between her thighs. He chanted something foreign she could not understand.

Sephora heard commotion and watched through a haze people running in all directions.

She looked over. Her wrist was bleeding profusely. She was getting light-headed. She looked up toward the ceiling. She seen images of herself dressed in a beautiful white gown of pearls, bowed down at an alter with a man at her side; a jeweled crown sat on top of her head. She felt darkness knocking into her head, her windpipes crushing under weight of concrete steps. Her limbs were getting numb, and then getting cold. She could not get a stable breath. Screams penetrated her ears, a man rushing to console a body that refused to move; heart-rending cries of solitude only she could hear. She smiled and felt comfort in the light of truth; waiting to be received. Her labored breathing rested; her eyes slowly closed; her head fell to the side.

South Queensferry

Sephora dreamed someone was calling her name and stroking her cheek. The concern in the person’s voice sounded soothing. She head ambulance sirens. She remembered being wheeled down a long hallway with blinding ceiling lights. Commanding voices, begging her to stay with them. Repeated electrical currents racking throughout her body. The soothing voice of a man, telling her to stay with him. Tender lips coaxing her out of her cocoon of darkness. A woman’s face with a knife in her hand.


Sephora bolted to a sitting position. She looked around a darken bedroom.

Palos rushed into his bedroom.

“Sephora, I’m here.”

“Palos?” How did I get here?” She felt over her sore chest wall. “And what am I doing in your.” Sephora looked around. “Your bedroom, and where are my clothes?”

Palos walked around to the other side and sat down inches from where Sephora sat. He lifted her bandage wrist.

“Where do I start?”

“From the beginning, will do nicely.”

Palos took a deep breath, and started at the beginning.

Sephora sat and listened to Palos.

A stream of tears slid down her cheeks.

“Those evil people were trying to conjure someone from the dead who has been deceased for centuries, by nearly taking my life.”

“They did succeed. Sephora you were not breathing about time you were wheeled into the emergency room.” Palos rubbed his hand back through a river of waves. “Baby, an EMT was on top of you performing chest compression until you were wheeled into the hospital. Unfortunately, I was advised the hospital had to use the paddles of life on you.”

“Are you for real? I had to be resuscitated back to life using a defibrillator on me?” More tears slid down her tears.

“Yes. Baby, in the minds of those sick-minded fucks. You are the true reincarnation of a queen; Scotland and England once praised, and if I’m allowed to say, you look so much like her, even I have to blink twice.”

“How did you know where to find me?”

“I stopped by your… I wanted to apologize about my behavior, therefore, I stopped by your suite, like three times, you were staying in. When I was walking down the corridor. I swore, I heard you say, help me. To make a long story short, I found your cell phone, and I confronted those bastards. An ambulance was immediately called. You were released to my care as my wife.”

Sephora blushed.

“What happened to the people who is responsible for my ordeal?”

“They were arrested and will face a judge tomorrow. Oh, your boyfriend showed up at the hospital.”

“Excuse me, Javen is here?”

“No. Your boyfriend, who was waiting for you at the door to your suite.”

“Oh shoot, I forgot, Lance and I did have a date.”

“Are you fucking kidding me? I just saved your ass, and you’re smiling while talking about another man in my presence.”

“Palos what do you want from me? You give me an inch. And every time, I show you I want to get closer to you, you take back a mile. I cannot live my life like that. Thank you for rescuing me, but I really think I need to leave.”

Palos covered Sephora’s hand.

“Please stay the night.”

“I will agree, only if you sleep in this bed with me. I respect you are celibate, however, it would feel comforting, if you would lie beside me.”

Palos palmed his cheeks down.

He was so damn handsome she thought.

Palos held his breath waiting for what seemed like an eternal.

“I will keep my hands to myself. I really do not want to sleep alone.”

Palos quickly kissed Sephora on the lips.

“I will sleep with you.”

Sephora blushed.

“Are you hungry?”

“I could order us something.”

“I could also cook us something after I’ve had a shower. Would you like to wash my back, Palos?”

“I would love to wash your back. I mean maybe another time.”

“I will be in my study.”

“Thank you for everything.”

Sephora leaned in and kissed Palos on the lips.

Palos pulled Sephora closer and deflated his lips against hers.

Sephora linked her arms around Palos’ neck.

Palos took Sephora’s body backwards. His lips did not cease in giving. He positioned his body between her thighs. He kissed under her chin. He pulled the covers down slowly and kissed over her cleavage. He lifted her breast and kissed over the nipple.


Sephora arched her back from off the bed.

Palos’ mouth expertly moved over a breast. His tongue flogged a nourished nipple; he suckled it.


Sephora could not catch her breath.

Palos inched the covers down farther. He dipped his hand down. One of his fingers rode inside Sephora’s pussy.

He wiggled it, withdrew it, and then smeared it over a breast. He leaned down and suckled it; he reentered the same finger back inside of her.

“Palos...make…make love to me.”

Palos’ tongue glided over Sephora upper chest area. He moved his finger inside her faster.

Sephora opened her legs wider. She dropped her hand down to the zipper of Palos’ jeans; she unzipped the zipper and fished inside to free his manhood.

“Oh shit,” he hissed.

Sephora rubbed the rigid shaft of Palos’ erection up and down the path of her pussy.

Palos stopped. He looked down into Sephora’s eyes.

“Make love to me Palos, no more excuses.”

Palos inched back.

“Is this what you tell a man when you can’t get your way with him?”

Sephora pushed Palos off her.

“As I stated earlier, you give me an inch. And every time, I show you I want to get closer to you, you take back a mile. Goodnight Palos.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. I’m sure you will find the woman of your dreams. I do not mean to sound ungraceful or rude, but I’m really tired, so if you don’t mind. Please close the door on your way out.”

Palos looked at Sephora. He reached his face down to kiss her.

Sephora rolled her face to the side.


Palos drew in a deep breath. He rose from off the bed, zipped his zipper, and then walked out the bedroom.

Sephora sank back against the pillows. Her vacation was not turning out as she imagined. She turned over on her side. She stretched, yawned, and drifted off to sleep.

The Royal Mile
Edinburgh, Scotland

The Next Morning

Sephora had the attendant attend to her luggage. Should she feel dishonest for sneaking out of Palos’ home in the middle the night. She remember creeping pass him while he slept on the couch. She also remembered the scars she glimpsed to his chest area. If only he would let me love him completely.

“Oh just forget about a man who hides behind his imperfections.”

She was here or a leisure vacation.

South Queensferry

Palos slammed the coffee mug in the sink. He was pissed Sephora took it upon herself to flee his home in the middle of the night.

“Fuck her. I could have any woman I want.”

“As I stated earlier, you give me an inch. And every time, I show you I want to get closer to you, you take back a mile.”

He felt over the scars to his chest area.


Edinburgh, Scotland

Sephora glanced down at her watch. She had an hour before the next tour of Groveland Castle.

“Is anyone sitting here?”

Sephora looked up into a pair of sea-blue eyes.

“I’m waiting for someone.”

“He’s a fool to have such a beautiful woman waiting.”

“Thank you.”

The man strolled away.

Sephora lifted her new cell phone Lance was nice enough to purchase for her. She pressed in several numbers and placed it up to her ear. Her call went to Maxine’s voicemail.

She slid her cell phone down and placed it back down on the table.

Sephora lifted her cup of expresso and took a slow sip. She placed the cup back down, lifted her purse from off the empty chair, and rose from her chair. She strolled away.

Edinburgh, Scotland

“Thank you for meeting me here.”

“I could have picked you up at your hotel.”

“I’m fine.”

“I’m really must apologize for what transpired under my employment at the hotel.”

“It’s not your fault.”

“Thank you, however, why aren’t you pressing any charges. For goodness sake, those ruthless bastards were trying to take your life?”

“No harm was done, other than a cut to my wrist, and a night in the ER.”

“You could have went home with me, and not Mr. Knight.”

“I will remember that the next time.”

Lance leaned his face downward and kissed Sephora on her lips.

“Good afternoon.”

Sephora leaned up on the balls of her feet and kissed Lance on his lips again.

“Good afternoon.”

Lance stroked her cheek.

“I will agree.”

He grabbed her hand.

Both entered the castle.

Lance and Sephora toured the castle.

Each one taking the time to read the inscription under the portraits and a narrative about each room in the house.

“I wonder why that particular room is roped off.”

Lance looked around.

The tour guide rounded the corner with several patrons on his heels.

Lance grabbed Sephora’s hand and walked down the end of the dimly lit corridor. He produced a credit card from out the back of his pants pocket. He stuck it in the grove of the steel door and shook it. He grabbed a hold of the rounded doorknob and twisted it.

The door opened.

Lance returned his credit card to his back pants pocket. He entered what appeared to be a bedroom.

Sephora entered.

A strong gulf of nausea hit her with a full force.

“I’ve been here before; I know I have.”

“This is your first time in Scotland, yes.”

“Yes, however, I was here before. I cannot explain it.”

Sephora walked over to bed. She sat on it. She felt over the velvet covering.

“Where is my horse? I have to protect the king. Aww. What have you done to me?”

“Pardon me.”

“You have cast a spell on me. I could not even lift my striking arm. Get out of my presence. If King Raphael wants, you. He could have you.”

“Is this how you really feel about me?”


“Very well then.”

She remembers being pushed off this very same bed.

“That was not very nice.”

“Will meet in another lifetime, Sir Pious.”

“Leave me witch.”


She felt someone lightly tapping her cheek.

Sephora’s eyes fluttered open. She sat up quickly. She looked around the bedroom. Her eyes went to all the swords and lances of different styles and sizes mounted on the wall.

“What happen?”

“You laid on the pillow, and for strange reason you passed out. You were mumbling something; I could not understand.”

“I... I have to go.” Sephora rose from the bed. “Is there a library around here?”

“We have several. Are you sure you’re alright?”


Sephora walked over to the various swords mounted on the wall. Her fingers glided over the sterling silver coating of an Excalibur sword. She looked at the initials on the tip, SPK.

Sir Pious Knight she thought.

She rubbed over the initials.

“These swords are magnificent.”

“Yes, and the man who used it was magnifice...I mean I’m sure he knew how to use them all.

Palos walked down the corridor. He noticed the door to a private room he advised the tour guide never to let any patrons enter was open. He heard voices.

Sephora glanced around.


Lance followed her curiosity.

“I wonder is that real?”

Sephora walked over to a replica of a knight dressed in full attire. She touched the neck chainmail. She reached out and touched the helmet.

“None that I’ve sampled your goods, I am in the game now, as the other knights would say.”

“You will be severely punished under these covers much later on.”

“Just never take that spell from off me.”  

She lifted it. She got a flashback of a man with dark-brown eyes and natural waves.

Palos walked into the room.

“Why the fuck are you two in here!”

Sephora and Lance turned to the voice.


“Palos, what are you doing here?”

“I own this real estate property, and I asked you a question.”

“We were on a tour of this castle.”

“As you can see this room is off limits.”

Yes like your heart she wanted to say.

Lance grabbed a hold of Sephora’s hand.

“Let’s go, he’s not worth it.”

“And your sorry ass is.”

“Man you do not want none of this.”

“You do not even measure up. Now get the fuck out of my home, and take your woman with you.”

“Man, who the fuck do you think you’re talking too.”

“No one important.”

“There is a jousting and fencing contest tomorrow. If you are the man who you think you are. I will see you in both.”

“Lance, it’s not worth it.”

Trust me she wanted to say.

“I think you need to listen to the lady.”

“I will see your ass tomorrow. You know where.”

Lance and Sephora strode toward the door.

Palos stepped in front of Sephora’s progress.

“We need to talk.”

“I do not think so.”

“You heard the lady, let’s go Sephora.”

“I need to speak with you without your lap dog.”

“Man fuck you.”

“I don’t think so. Sephora will have that pleasure.”

Sephora turned toward Lance.

“Lance could you give me a minute, please.”

Lance hesitated.


“I will be downstairs in the gift shop.”

Lance walked out the bedroom.

Palos pushed the door close and locked it. He turned to face Sephora.

Palos placed both hands in his front pants pockets.

“What did you want to speak to be about?” Sephora looked down at her watch, and then back up at Palos. “You now have three minutes.”

Palos lifted his hand from out his pants pockets and pulled Sephora into his arms; he detained her lips.

Sephora tried to step back.

Palos looped his arms around her lower back and apprehended her space.

“No,” Sephora muttered through her lips.

Palos held Sephora’s head mobile and ravished her lips.

Sephora’s lips softened under his. She was in love with the illusion of loving a man who she knew would never return her love.

Palos kissed Sephora under her chin; the side of her neck. He kissed a spot under her ear.

“I’m sorry, I allowed you to escape my bed.”

Sephora’s body vibrated. She held her head to one side.

“I never stay where I’m not wanted.”

“You are wanted by me, more than you will ever know.”

Palos’ lips skimmed across Sephora’s cheek.

Sephora arms crept behind Palos’ neck.

“Then show me, Palos.”

Palos lifted Sephora up. He kissed her with unrestrained passion.  He rested his forehead against hers.

“Don’t give my loving away. We are so close, just have patience with this union. You have me under your spell, always remember that.”

“Are you sure it’s my spell you want to be under.”

Palos bent his head down and kissed Sephora on the lips

“Oh Palos, you will always have my heart,” Sephora moaned.

Lance pounded on the door. He twisted the doorknob.

Palos lifted his lips from off Sephora’s lips.

“Have dinner with me tonight.”

“I ca...”

Palos kissed Sephora on the lips again. He lifted his head and looked down into her eyes.

“You are not leaving this bedroom, until I hear the answer, yes.”

“All right, but only dinner.”

Sephora slid down Palos’ body.

Palos grabbed ahold of Sephora’s hand. He walked to the door.

“Just what are you doing?”

 ”Protecting my future.”

Palos dropped Sephora’s hand and unlocked the door. He opened it.

Lance looked at Sephora and then at Palos.

“This date has ended, not get the fuck out of my home.”

“Sephora are you coming?”

Palos placed Sephora behind him.

“The woman belongs to me.”

“This shit is not going down like this. She came with me and she leaves with me.”

Lance tried to cross the threshold.

“You do not listen well.”

Palos shoved Lance backwards.

Lance’s back hit against the wall.

“Do you want me to call security?”

“I’ll see your punk ass tomorrow. Sephora, I hope you could nurse this bastard back to health after tomorrow.”

Palos closed the door in Lance’s face.

Palos that was rude.”

“He’s a boy he will get over it.”

“Now that you got rid of my companion, what now?”

“Let me show you.”

Palos escorted Sephora out the bedroom. He returned several minutes later walked over to the wall that held a collection of swords and lances. He lifted his Excalibur sword and a lance from off the wall. He walked to the door, walked out the bedroom, and pulled the door close.

“I need the locks changed on this door.”

“Yes Mr. Knight.”

The castle’s overseer walked in the opposite direction.


“Would you like a glass of wine while I prepare dinner?”

“I will be in the shower, and then I will take you up on that glass of wine and anything else you could think of offering me.”

“I have a few suggestions in mind.”

Palos leaned down and kissed Sephora on her lips. He stepped back and looked down at her legs from under his shit she had on. He let a loud whistle escape his lips.

“I’m jealous of my shirt.”

“And I’m jealous of your bed.”

“You will not be for long.”

He winked at her and stoked her cheek.

“I will be down in a minute.”

Palos turned and walked away. Sephora blushed and smiled.


“Not only beautiful, but could cook as well.”

“Thank you handsome.”

Sephora placed her dinner fork down on the white napkin. She linked her hands together and rested her chin on them.

“Tell me more about yourself.”

“What do you want to know?”

“Where were you born? Do you have any siblings, and why aren’t you married. Surely, a very handsome man such as yourself would not have a problem finding a woman to say yes.”

“Are you in the running?”

“I…I do not know you that well.”

“We will have time for that.”

“And Javen, what becomes of him.”

“He had his chance, now I will have mine.”

Sephora blushed behind his spoken words.

“I was born here in Scotland. I was raised in an orphanage, and I do not know if I have any siblings or not.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

“I survived. I enrolled in college, graduated, and then I went on to serve in the armed forces.”

“What branch of the military? And were you ever in war?”

“The navy, and yes I did a tour in Afghanistan.”

“How did you and Javen become friends?”

“We met in college. He and I had a pact to open a business together after graduation, and after my tour of duty. For some unknown reason, we ended up. Well he ended up financing his own museum, and me, my own Fencing and Archery School.”

“How did you become a Curator at his museum?”

“As a favorite to a fraternity brother. He asked me to stand in until he could find a reliable person of interest. The time never came, and I naturally fell into the role.”

Palos lifted his glass of Brandy and took a swing. He repositioned the glass back on the table.

“You live a very exciting life.”

Sephora lifted her glass of white wine and took a sip. She placed the glass back down near her dinner napkin.

“I have been meaning to ask you. Is the Groveland Castle yours?”

“Yes, after using an ancestry site to investigate my linage. I found out. The true nature of my existence.”

“And that is?”

“Several of my ancestors were of noble blood. My bloodline goes way back to the fifteenth century. I was given firsthand information as to the many royal positions my family held in the seventeenth century as well. Groveland Castle is part of my history and the city declared it a historical site years ago? Therefore, to keep a little history in Scotland. My financial investors convinced me to turn it into a tourist attraction.”

“Does Groveland Castle generate tourists?”

“Yes. There are several events planned throughout the year.”

“Why did you agree to have that particular bedroom roped off? It’s strange, because, I swore, I’ve been in it prior to me stepping foot over the threshold.”

“I get the same feeling as well. Would you like to dance?”


Palos scooted his chair back, and stood. He walked the length of the table. He held his hand down to Sephora.

Sephora placed her hand in his and stood.

Palos pulled her into his arms.

The two swayed to the lyrics of LTD Love Ballad.

“Sephora, you must know I’m falling for you.”

Sephora lifted her head from of Palos’ chest and looked up into his eyes.

“Don’t say things you don’t really mean.”

Palos pulled Sephora gently into his embrace. He slowly bent his head. His lips touched hers. His palms danced up and down her back. Palos unbuttoned the buttons of the shirt Sephora had on. He removed the shirt from off her shoulders, and down her arms.

Palos kissed a shoulder blade. He circled Sephora’s waist with the shirt, pulled her body even closer, and stole her breath away with his lips.  His lips slowly lifted off hers. He kissed around her earlobe.

“I want you so bad,” he whispered in her ear.

Sephora inched back. She kissed the tip of Palos’ chin. Her hand went to the first button of his shirt.

Palos held his breath for the discovery. He froze. He covered Sephora’s hand.

Sephora looked up into Palos’ eyes.

“Make love to me Palos, there is no one here but you and me.”

She kissed his lips. She unbuttoned the second button.

Palos inched back.

Sephora pulled him back to her.

“Let’s make this relationship official.”

She bent her head downward and kissed the hairs peeking out from his stomach region.

Palos lifted Sephora’s face and kissed her. His licked over a shoulder blade. He bent down and kissed her breast nipple. He cupped a breast, and licked over the inflated nipple.

Sephora threw her head back.

“I’m in love with you Sephora,” Palos let escape.

He kissed up and down her cleavage; he palmed her buttocks and squeezed them.

Palos stroked the mound of her pelvis.

Sephora blindly undid the third button. She kissed the scars over his chest.

Palos lifted Sephora up in his arms. He hurried up the flight of stairs and entered his bedroom. He and rushed over to the king size bed and Sephora on it.

He clapped his hands.

The music of LTD echoed out the mounted ceiling.

Sephora sat up.

“Come her Palos.”

Palos held his breath in. His feet followed her command,

“I want to make love to you.”

Palos leaned down and kissed her on the lips.

Sephora unzipped his pants. She divided them and pulled them down.

Palos’ erection pointed north.

Sephora wrapped her hand around it. She kissed the tip.

“Ssss,” Palos hissed.

Sephora licked over the tip. She inched her hand down and mouthed the head of his dick.

“Oh shit.”

Sephora’s mouth slid lower. She slowly retracted the corridor of her mouth through the hairs in his groin. Her tongue eased up and down the length of his manhood. She mouthed his erection and seesawed her mouth and hand up and down the taut skin.

Palos’ dick kissed the back of Sephora’s throat.

Sephora tasted Palos’ pre-cum.

She kissed the clusters of hairs covering the base of his groin. She lifted his scrotum sac and gently cuddled his testicles.

“Sweet mercy, woman.”

Sephora released Palos’ manhood. She drugged her tongue up and down his lower abdomen; she created a path back down to his manhood. She lifted it and rubbed her palm over the helmet. She spit on the tip and swallowed the width and sucked the length.

Palos’ legs flinched. He lifted her mouth off his manhood and leaned down to kiss her lips. He did not spare her a breath.

Sephora palmed Palos’ hard gluteus and brought his body into hers.

Palos inched his head back.

Both looked into each other’s eyes.

“Take off your shirt. I think we’ve past the point of no return.”

“I think we are.”

Palos unbuttoned his shirt sleeve. He finished unbuttoning the last three buttons. He held his breath and removed the shirt.

Sephora looked at the width of Palos’ chest.

Scars adored his entire chest region, colonies of hairs blanketed his imperfections.

Sephora blushed.

“You are one handsome man Palos from head to toe.”

“I will make sure you remember this night.”

“I do not doubt it.”

Sephora stood. She pulled the covering back. She got into the bed. She held her arms out to Palos.

Palos kicked his pants off; he placed one knee on the bed and joined Sephora in bed. He kissed Sephora on her lips; he kissed under her chin, under her ear.

“You have my heart Sephora.”

His tongue sank into her ear canal

Sephora’s arched her back from off the bed.

Palos alternate kissing over each breast nipple. He massaged one and licked his tongue over the other.

“Oh Palos, I love you.”

Tears streamed down Sephora’s cheeks.

Palos kissed her lips. He kissed over the teardrops saturating her cheeks.

Sephora palmed the sides of Palos’ face and hungrily occupied his lips.

Palos cupped his manhood. He rubbed it over the entrance to Sephora’s pussy.

“Uummm,” he groaned between kissing.

Palos seized Sephora’s arms. He held them over her head. He sheltered a breast nipple within his mouth. He tugged on her breast nipple; he suckled it, and then gently nipped at it.

Sephora’s pussy was beyond wet.

“Make…make me yours in this lifetime.”

Palos kissed the length of Sephora’s arms. He reached down and palmed his manhood. He stroked the opening with the tip of his manhood.

“Oh...I’ve wasted for you for so long.”

Palos dipped his head and whispered in her ear, “I will make sure, the wait was well worth it.” He suckled her earlobe; he palmed his dick and parted her pussy with the tip.


Sephora’s body tightened.

The circumference of Palos’ manhood was a tight stretch.

Palos cupped Sephora’s buttocks as he eased his manhood into the tight constricted space of her womanhood.

Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
A chapter ripped out of one of my published novels

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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