Suella Braverman: a racially self-hating, talentless provider of absolutely piss poor advice!

By Stanley Collymore
Suella Braverman the Asian  
who looks into her mirror  
but stupidly sees only a  
wannabe white woman reflected
back at her wasn't given her job,
as clearly, so far, Britain's worst  
ever, and most unquestionably  
so, totally unqualified Attorney  
General; this evidently useless  
self-hating, literally Stockholm  
Syndrome, but quite distinctly  
all the same, a tedious Useful  
Idiot wasn't given the job she  
has on any evident merit but  
was intentionally allocated it  
by Boris Kamal the PM, who  
knows precisely what Suella  
Braverman, undoubtedly is!  
The psychologically and quite
proudly so inferior to whites  
Asian moron that distinctly  
literally sees, and recognizes them  
all as an indisputably master race.  
Consequently, she'll willingly, and  
always eagerly say and plainly do
anything at all, which is required  
of her to effectively place whites  
and accordingly also make even  
a bumbling, pathologically lying,  
incompetent but popular racist  
and amoral charlatan like Boris
Kemal, look amazingly good to  
his irrefutably inane, Brexiteer  
rightwing and Nazi ideological  
supporting, egregious cretins.  
(C) Stanley V. Collymore  
5 August 2022.  
Author's Remarks:
Suella Braverman is the exact equivalent among Asians who aren't intellectually challenged, as what mentally liberated Blacks despisingly and for very sound and practical reasons refer to as House Niggers within our own Black Race!  
Useful Idiot clowns so utterly brainwashed, deluded and self-hating of their own particular race that they even spend billions of US dollars collectively and annually to disperse or lighten, if the former process fails, the natural melanin that comprises the colour of their skin.  
Obsessively seek to secure for themselves husbands or wives that are white Caucasian so they can systematically eradicate by all means available to them their natural ethnic origin out of their offspring; and like the classic Stockholm Syndrome morons that they undoubtedly are earnestly believe the usually lying white narrative that whites customarily portray of themselves, in spite of the irrefutably empirical data and evidence that contradicts this, while themselves making lame excuses for the well documented serially barbaric and genocidal activities of whites over several centuries; because being the self-hating, vile and toxically verminous scum they themselves are, everything white is and must remain the ultimate standard of pure and irrepressible excellence!  
Suella Braverman the similarly perceived South African apartheid style Honorary White by her convenient rightwing white admirers will naturally, of course, transiently have this fake admiration of white racists and their xenophobic kind, until she inadvertently slips up and catastrophically for her puts a foot wrong or says something innocuously that gives offence to these same people now cheering her to the rafters because she's presently attacking non-white and exaggeratedly extolling the white race. Then to these bogus and convenient admirers she'll automatically revert in their eyes to being the usually defamatory things like Paki, curry swiller and the rest of it. But Suella Braverman so buoyed up by her Honorary White status patently lacks the commonsense to either see or grasp that!
Written by Academic
Published | Edited 11th Aug 2022
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