The arrogance of British politicians is secondary only to their innate stupidity!

By Stanley Collymore
When is a British government of
whatever party that's in power,  
going to wake up and realize  
that the UK is evidently no longer a  
major global power and moreover  
really hasn't been, since the close  
of World War II, which it basically  
started, exactly as it did with the  
first one! Bluntly Britain doesn't  
possess either the real crucially  
military or economic resources  
to essentially be the rest of the  
world's arrogant, and arbitrary
globally, police force anymore.
Clearly, forty years ago it beat  
Argentina but irrefutably only  
just, and realistically only did  
so, with the distinctively very  
covert assistance of the USA.  
So does anybody, apart from Liz  
Truss, her Little Englander and
Empire Loyalists emphatically  
likeminded lunatics exactly like her  
seriously or intelligently think that  
Britain with its population of only  
67 million people, can essentially  
militarily take on China with well  
over one billion citizens and too  
in the bargain, distinctively also  
a clearly worldwide recognized  
nuclear and crucially actually a  
principal economic power also  
genuinely win? Simply a rather  
distinctly fatuous vainglorious  
and also discernibly ludicrous  
expectation! Or the incredibly  
risibly preposterous situation  
of inserting the very laudably  
publicly acclaimed Daily Mail  
Saint Catherine Middleton or  
a feudal Britain's divine ruler  
Liz Windsor for their literally  
actual, bandwagon jumping;  
in the female football team!  
(C) Stanley V. Collymore  
3 August 2022.  
Author's Remarks:  
For the love of God, can we please, difficult as it obviously is with all the intellectually challenged morons that infest Britain and likewise end up in parliament, get a genuine adult in charge; someone who is able to unite people and accordingly deal sensibly, logically and competently with the issues that realistically affect the lives of those whom these politicians were elected to serve, rather than immaturely, copiously indulging in throwing insults about at each other like dimwitted adolescents!
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Published | Edited 11th Aug 2022
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