Were you monarichal sycophants born stupid or did you just nurture your evident stupidity?

By Stanley Collymore
Kate Middleton, needs to let her  
children be kids and essentially  
stop all this quite exaggerated  
and clearly highly pathetic fussing  
and effectively, very orchestrated  
messing with them, which she so  
routinely, and rather obsessively
does robotically, engage in! That  
said what Kate is very purposely  
in such choreographed tandem  
with William doing, is obviously  
very much a core element part  
of their PR directive, so photos  
and effectively all these media  
captions, copiously pertaining  
to them can distinctly liberally  
and cynically, be dispensed to    
you the fervent, brownnosing  
serf morons; as they odiously  
then productively embark on  
displaying Saint Catherine as  
the absolute, epitome of the  
superb, caring and attentive  
mother; when truthfully, it's  
all vaingloriously calculated
 thoroughly choreographed,  
corruptly dishonest stuff to  
actually present these very  
bone idled prats positively.  
Distinctively, self-entitled white
supremacists, and absolutely
also endemically ingrained  
racists and similarly too taxpayers
funded grifters; as their distinctly
and very irrefutably, emotionally
loving, and absolutely obviously  
so to all those with eyes and do  
want to see, literally how these  
pliable and callously ruthlessly
managed, feudal pleb serfs, in  
the 21st Century, are cynically  
most laughably, but distinctly  
egregiously used to evidently  
quite dishonestly, proselytize  
the so basically outrageously  
lying mantra, which is that it  
is not only Kate and William,  
but similarly, the enterity of  
the Windsor family which is  
totally dedicated to the full,  
laudable notions of a justly  
equitable meritocratic and  
a demonstrably functional  
democratic society, in this  
the 21st Century! Literally  
removed from the surfeit  
of truly false declarations  
that the caring Windsors,  
are nothing more than a  
Medieval, Anachronism!    
(C) Stanley V. Collymore  
2 August 2022.    
Author's Remarks:  
Britain for all its ludicrous pretensions is endemically a very feudal society, with the firmly and delusionally endemically ingrained and risibly firmly embedded notions of the monarichal class that they're unquestionable in situations of their privileged and justly self-entitled positions by nothing less than divine authorization. And to any genuinely liberated mind in the 21st Century, you can't be any more asinine than that!    
The second tier heirachichal leeches, the politicians, other figures that constitute the Administration, including the judiciary, other elements of so-called law and order and the military are equally embedded in this inequitable class system, as are the obsessively deranged and fervently committed social climbers and media pillocks ridiculously passing themselves off as the purveyors of truth and journalistic propriety, when in actuality few of them have any concept of what those words actually mean, and those who do ultimately like all the others readily sell themselves out for money. Consolidating a corrupt system that more to do with appearances than anything substantive. That's why these useless gongs handed out by a pretty useless all of her life woman with no real merit that's clearly noticeable but psychologically to such essentially brainwashed morons, mean so much.  
And on the subject of gongs, titles, call them what you will, I earnestly hope that the Sussex Title Liz Windsor gave to her grandson son and which has been a contaninatory factor in Meghan's life from the outset as thankfully it's not hers and she's only tenuously associated with it because Meghan is legally married to Harry, in the same way that Sarah Fergusson was married to Andrew has her duchess title strictly because of him and retains it even though she's divorced from him and can carry on doing so as long as she doesn't remarry; while a purblind cunt calling herself Lady Colin, who former husband dumped her 3 months after he married this Jamaican and barren hermaphrodite, and it's not only her ex husband but her entire family that despise her; for for all that, this deranged asshole assiduously clings on to her former husband's title but is virulently and caustically demanding that Liz Windsor remove this useless title from Harry and laughably Meghan, to whom it was never given. Irony completely lost on this racist, wizened old cunt, who uses the default title she tenaciously has and obsessively uses to social climb, give herself airs and grace's and pretend she's an entrenched member of Britain's aristocracy!  
As for Liz Windsor removing Harry's Sussex title, I earnestly hope that she does as it's more of a fucking hindrance than any benefit, and contrary to racist notions Meghan doesn't need its association to survive. So from me Stanley Collymore to you Liz Windsor, please take that Sussex title and if your infirmities prove in anyway to be an impediment get Susan Hussey your ass wiper whenever you have a crap on the loo and Tom Bauer who you've been likemindedly from the outset been briefing along with others against Meghan Markle as you saw her as racially inferior to your kind, evidently so because you're the same endemic racist as your rotting now in hell mother Elizabeth Bowes Lyon was, and outside of racist, gullible and brainwashed Britain, Harry and Meghan's love and marriage really enthused millions of people globally and made your lot Liz Windsor appear as what you really are: medievally mindset, lecherously amoral, serial paedophiles, incestuously inbreeding, financially corrupt even with supposedly charities, totally dysfunctional and outright murderers as with Diana Spencer.  
So do me a great big favour Liz Windsor and shove that Sussex title right up that wizened, nonagenarian ass of yours; and like I said earlier if you can't fully manage it on your own get ass wiper Susan Hussey and none Tom Bauer to assist you! As you blackmailing tactic has massively backfired on you!  
Finally, when it comes to all the fawning serfs in Britain, from this mentally liberated Bajan here's my suggestion to you; drop dead!
Written by Academic
Published | Edited 3rd Aug 2022
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