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Is the Fly higher?

"How do you purify a dog shit, then?" She asked, as she tried to figure out the teachings on Pure View. If purity of the mind is the goal for those who feel defiled, how can we hold Pure View of a turd? It smells repulsive, looks like... well, shit, does not appear to my mind as pure, at all upon first appearance. I'm disgusted. Am I mistaken? If so, how?

I see the humble housefly chow down with his Henry Hoover proboscis, sucking up the object of my disgust. To the fly, the shit dinner is the very peak experience any mountain climber would celebrate. He spends all day eating the very thing I have to scoop up, wrap in a bag and throw in the bin, or flush before I see what foul mess I've made myself on the porcelain throne.

The farmer also understands the value of manure. He uses tonnes of dung to make his soil fertile. Turns it into compost and it grows the food we eat. Our view of shit passed down the drain in our societal view, in our environment, our experiences and so forth.

As I contemplated this, I thought of the sense of self I grasp at. If, include the shit, the fly, the environment and my own mental reaction into account, I had to conclude it is my own view that defines shit as pure or impure.

Buddha, The Awakened One, is said to have gone even further with this view; hungry spirits view water as puss, gods view water as ambrosial nectar.

Is my opinion of the fly's delicacy flawed? My mind, therefore, must be lower than his...

... but can he conquer fear,
look into his mind,
question the universe,
ask, is God pure imagination,
wonder if there's something sweeter than a flower,
taste bliss?

I have read words of foul taste to others which manifest awe inside me.
Written by Deathkitty_134 (Khach0)
Author's Note
What is Pure View? Higher/lower?
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