Most people are c*nts

If you accept it once,
it's green lighting that behaviour.

They can say sorry,
offer the sincerest of apologies,
But the fact will remain,
forever ingrained,
that at one point YOU ok'd it.

And that "single mistake" can become commonplace.
It's mental,
How quickly you'll then tolerate their stupidness or bullshit
just because you didn't see through it
the first time.

This isn't love, it's a hostage situation.

And if they are a terrorist,
there should be no negotiation
over what you expect.
What you need and deserve.
Love isn't malicious,
it shouldn't hurt,
and you might pretend that you dont
but you know what you are worth,
why the fuck are you deserting yourself?

Like you'd do that to anyone else.

Red flag that shit.
One and done.
Zero tolerance;
you fucked it up and it's over love.

For if we keep allowing these divvy no one's,
these oxygen stealers ,
these love island rejects,
the most basic, amoebas,
controlling our feelings,
As if they have meaning
Or point or purpose
With those shit, empty words,
That we have all heard a thousand times before.
We leave open a door that suggests
It's normal.

To gaslight her,
Ask her what she is wearing
Pretending it's caring
But more bothered of the staring she might attract.
On your phone a tracker app,
Paranoia disguised as matter of fact
For her safety.
But its blatantly
Your insecurities spilling from
Every orifice
Because if you think that she
Might be too good for you
I'd put everything
I own on that thought being true.
"It takes two to tango"

How many times have
Men covered their lies with a flippant expression.
No lesson learned.
Well for him, but for her?
That trust should be earned
It's not a given
And you can keep on forgiving
But once gone,
It'll never come back.

As white is white and black is black.
That is fact.
I've no solution to offer
 it's just that.
Written by Oohloulala (Loulou)
Author's Note
I've not posted on here in an age, but I wrote something. It was called "most men are c*nts" however I wouldn't want to leave out the plentiful body of women that are also c*nts.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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