Why is this white British slapper still with her husband if she actually doesn't want to be with him?

By Stanley Collymore          
Really, why would anyone marry
someone they're not  sexually
attracted to, other perhaps          
than basically doing so for money,
social climbing prestige or hiding    
their distinctly sexual propensity    
like being a distinctively literally  
dishonestly lying, rather nastily  
and evilly closet Queer, or else          
a repugnant, likeminded Dyke          
Generally in the vast majority          
of clearly intensive, personal
relationships intense sexual          
attraction invariably arrives          
prior to a lasting friendship.          
And if you really detest your
husband, or your partner's          
sexual attention now and          
as such actually force yourself to    
detestably have sexual relations    
with them then it's much better  
and far more sensible, that the  
pair of you, really go your own        
separate ways; as one or both          
of you will literally, eventually          
find somebody else to satisfy          
your dominant sexual needs.          
And self evidently if this wife          
is not at all interested in her          
husband, the obviously and          
predictable outcome is that          
he'll inevitably start looking
elsewhere and humanly so          
most unquestionably stray.          
(C) Stanley V. Collymore          
1 August 2022.          
Author's Remarks:          
Makes me wonder though what sort of relationship this couple had before they got married. Did they marry, for instance, purely down to her pregnancy, either by her then future but now present husband or perhaps some other man that she genuinely wanted in her life but who didn't feel the same way about her, and who she's still asininely and pathetically as a lot of British women of her ilk do, carrying highly exaggerated and obviously to everyone but her sick and twisted self, distinctively quite laughable delusional notions about? So conveniently she sought to and did marry the man who she is now with but very obviously she evidently detests knowing full well the child that she did conceive is in all probability not her husband's; a reality that in all likelihood that he is  ignorantly but blissfully totally unaware of! A quite commonplace occurrence in Britain from the monarchical, other hereditary, the political and even liturgical elites right down to the feudal serfs that hero worship and brownnosingly, sycophantically fawn to their medievally mindset, pereceived to be divinely in their elevated and also self entitled positions, social betters!      
And quite seriously why would any maried woman be asking a public forum what she should be doing as a consequence of the situation she's in; doing so before or clearly not even speaking to her husband or at the very least her closest and trusted friends; rather than going to an aforesaid public forum with her evidently contrived problem?    
Seems to me that what this utterly self- serving and a most egregious tart of a despicable British woman - the sort that most ironically and routinely like the Daily Mail Pavlov dog trolls that they undoubtedly are, spitefully, vitriolically, enviously and most caustically, lyingly and racially castigate Meghan Markle for precisely the exact things they're themselves doing - wanted with her quite convenient husband was a house sharer plus a financial provider; and certainly with him not a proper loving and tactile husband! Since she's rather transparently not matched with the husband that she has, or is being sexually satisfied elsewhere!        
Written by Academic
Published | Edited 3rd Aug 2022
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