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The break up wasn't new, it was at least two weeks old
But the pain, it is always fresh, it never goes stale
There is a reel to reel continuously playing everything over and over  
The knife is continuously plunged in again and again  

She called me out of no where, she needed to talk to someone  
She asked could I come over and provide a little support  
I had to finish errands, but I picked up take out and drinks on the way  
This wasn't asked but I figured she hadn't been eating right  

We sat on the floor eating pizza and drinking wine  
Reminiscing on earlier more happy days and recent movies  
But then things turned more serious as we were putting things away  
She had so much congested emotions packed away  
We found ourselves spooning on the couch as she released everything  
The ups and downs of a relationship that probably should never had been  
The intentional confusion compounded with the painful manipulations  
She released pent up pressure as she cried in my arms    
Later we watched a little tv as she continued to vent about what she went through  
He was never what he claimed himself to be, he was simply a deceiver  
She cried a little more until she fell asleep in my arms  
I nestled behind her and fell asleep too  
Being a light sleeper, I felt her get up and go to the bathroom later  
This was the test if she went and got in her own bed okay  
But if she returned and snuggled up next to me, then  
She was possibly open to moving on or at least releasing some more pressure  
I heard her returning and felt as she placed a cover over me and to my surprise  
She climbed under the cover with me, right back in the same position  
This time settling and pressing her body in to my sensitive places    
As I placed my arm around her, she placed her hand a top mine  
She spewed a little more of her broken relationship while pressing into me  
We both attempted to get some more sleep but the pressure was just to much  
Her hand rode on top of mind as it slid farther down and into her pajama bottom  
As my finger moved about in her brush, parting her lips, and massaging her lady  
As the need built in her, she turnt over and found my mouth  
We kissed with a fiery passion, filled with aggression  
Her pajamas were removed as I lost all of my clothing  
With a hunger, she fed me both her mouth and breast  
This was what was needed  as she pushed me back and climbed atop my face  
She needed to feel as if she had some sort of control again  
As she rode my face I stretched her open wide, tearing at her with a hunger  
She reach back massaging me, as my man laid on my stomach  
And when he was just what she needed, she slid down and mounted it  
I felt her breathe in on every rise and a huff on every descend  
As her bottom slammed into my pelvis we bounced again and again  
She was at a loss touching my face, kissing and biting on my neck  
I gripped both of her butt cheeks as she came in waves  
She whispered, "come on," as we both slammed into her pain  
She lower herself while stroking with nothing but short strokes  
As she seized up, I boiled over releasing myself into her        
 She collapsed as she drained, releasing all of the pressure and the strain  
We clung to each other breathing into each other's ears and necks  
She cupped my face along side of hers, while I rubbed her back and butt  
We kissed once more before finding the cover and spreading it over us  
She will sleep the remainder of the morning a top me, but we both wont forget this night  
Written by I_IS_ME
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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