Always the same with desperate and stupid Brits; celebrating the win before the game is even played!


By Stanley Collymore

As an indifferent observer I've
often seen this pattern in the
UK press and media several  
times, really over hyping a national
team's very slim chance of actually
winning followed distinctly, by the
quite basic disappointment when  
when reality actually strike home.
Elizabeth Windsor as usual ready    
to vaingloriously but distinctively
as well most distinctly and easily
pathetically, fattuously hand out
her evidently useless gongs, but
literally only if the team wins, as
this very entitled and privileged  
taxpayers leech actually doesn't  
like her elevated self to be even  
vaguely, individually associated
with anything, which effectively
cannot irrefutably enhance her
delusional, self-agrandizement
and which her unquestionably  
feudal serfs, very passionately
adhere to and too tenaciously
similarly follow on. Talk about
visibly, brownosingly jumping
on an obviously anachronistic
bandwagon distinctively from  
the Middle Ages and basically  
thrown into the 21st Century!  

(C) Stanley V. Collymore  
31 July 2022.

Author's Remarks:  
The Windsors are ostentatiously rooting for the women's football team but I'll wager 1000 of my own money to a 1.00 of yours that this football team hasn't had an iota of financial help from any of the Windsors so-called charities while the said team the Windsors very hypocritically, attention seeking and now PR hailing was struggling on the way up; and it's the same I'm sure with all of you who're now vaingloriously jumping on the same bandwagon as your perceived social betters are themselves ostentatiously doing. Piggy backing at its very worst is what's occurring with the vast majority of you, nastily unattractive and sensibly understood as such; unless, of course, you're a self-entitlted Windsor or one of their fawning attention seekers.

As for William, my God he's aging fast, becoming even more dull and ugly as he increasingly has the posture and sick appearance of a man who has been recurrently sleeping on the sofa. Methinks it's the residue of a seriously troubled mind, which in William's case stems from an endemically inured and entrenched racism, totalitarian populism and the bothersome realization that his quite obsessive and egregiously innate jealousy of his brother Harry and Black sister in law Meghan isn't working! And significant too that no one with a functioning brain a d who properly uses it gives a fuck about him and his Windsor Klan's medieval concept of how they rather asininely and delusionally see themselves and with the a I'd assistance of Nazi rags like the Daily Mail and Daily Express and likewise also, bolstered by their distinctively very expensive PR, proselytize themselves to their gullible and brainwashed serfs, whose collective intellectual acumen couldn even fill the measuring cap off of a Robitussin, cough mixture bottle, don't at all resonate with intelligent persons who genuinely and eruditely do believe in the worthy principles of Equality, Democracy and Meritocracy; not medieval mindset and Dark Ages autocracy passing itself off as an absolute relevance in this the 21st Century!

And as for Sainsbury supermarket supporting this England women's football team amidst all the cacophony of asinine chants and the accompanying drumbeat of football is coming home, quite laughable really if it wasn't so pathetic; since all that Sainsbury is doing, and with their history and ethnic culture of obsessively money making, is nothing more than cynically doing all that they basically can to maximize their profits!  

Written by Academic
Published | Edited 3rd Aug 2022
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