So burglars have rights too. Really!

By Stanley Collymore

No wonder then that few people
evidently have any real respect
for UK law! Interesting though,
that those who literally rule over us
while essentially routinely denying
us the actual unquestionable right
to protect ourselves usually live in
clearly secure or gated properties
themselves crucially protected by
either the police or discernibly so
security services. Quite sickening
that the rich, evidently powerful,
and the influential, undoubtedly
as a result, do crucially have the
very finest security distinctively,
which our taxes can buy them!

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
30 July 2022.

Author's Remarks:
It's absolutely pathetic having police officers with this kind of attitude. No wonder then that so many of the UK police forces are discernibly corrupt; and a causal reason for that being that more likely than not they're evidently taking back handers from these same burglars whom they're defending.

I instinctively, as I've always routinely and very meticulously done and shall carry in doing so, do a very intensive security check of my residence nightly before I go to bed and absolutely make sure that everything is fine.

So don't anyone: police or other morons, tell me that subsequently to all these essentially checks and distinctively satisfied with the outcome, I actually then go to bed, fall asleep and in the very late hours of the night or the early hours of the next day I'm rudely awoken by burglars whose intentions are self-evidently clear and inimical to myself, since these burglars weren't invited into my home; but it's me that should be taking cognisance of their personal feelings and welfare in relation to how I accordingly react to them being unlawfully in my home? Dream on!

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