Garden Of Truth

You ain't a liar you just tell it like it is
which is better than those motherfuckers out there telling fibs
mindless words are always escaping their lips that are pursed like they just got finished
sucking a dick having a hard time deciding whether to swallow or spit the disgusting
taste of these drips that resemble the color of bird shit why immerse yourself in a circle
of lies when you deserve the truth the truth is as sweet as the first bite of a Babe Ruth
you can't trust anybody out here on these streets 'cause in the future they'll try to hurt and manipulate you through selfish hate and greed I've learned quite a few hard life
lessons but I'm still learning nigga class is still in session they say if you learn from your mistakes then your troubles start to lessen that's why I'm sitting here with my pen in hand confessing with my word play I have an obsession but lately I've been stressing I think I'm 'bout to sink into a deep, dark depression world peace is our vision
honesty is our mission we're trying to earn it back but something seems to be missing
everyday we say it aloud in repetition in order to receive recognition to make these things happen we need to make a decision one we can all agree on without causing a collision I think we should get together and vote in the booth to decide who really belongs in the garden of truth[/font]
Written by GlennMcCrary
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