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So, after much contemplation
I've created a statement that captures the essence of my Presidential campaign
The predecessors before me proclaimed:
"To be the Change we could believe in"
"Build Back Better" and
"Make America Great Again"
But I think I've found a message that'll resonate with the people this election cycle:
"No More Greedy Hoes in 2024!"
I'm coming out the gate like an inmate set free to siphon their privilege.
If money is the root of all evil then many got it honest; from generations
Youíre supposed to look at squandered millions and billions while the wealth in your neighborhoods dwell, and Descend further into oblivion
Shifty politics is for the lesser kind, it's at many local levels too
How we look, calling each other broke asses when we're apart of the same broke ass tax bracket
You want me to make it make sense?
The systems in place were rigged to keep us at odds while fattening the pockets of the 1%
It's all in the maneuvering
Make the people believe that they can achieve anything with an education
But as many of us seen, it's been a racket meant to keep us in debt
Work hard and you'll go far is a fuckin' nursery rhyme
My people starve and it's across races and genders
Well identify as a mutha fucka and that's exactly what I'll be in the Oval Office
People don't give a damn about poor folks
I wasn't heard till I hit a microphone
And that's why I'm asking for your vote
As my potential constituents
I want to know why I'm running
The publicís consciousness doesnít align with the so called leaders
The people we regard as those we should trust to make decisions for us
Let's kick these greedy ass hoes outta office, for real yíall
Vote: Ashley M. Hardy 2024
Written by Ashley_M_Hardy (Cashley Marie)
Author's Note
I'm (not really) running for President of the U.S. and I wanted to share my campaign slogan with y'all!
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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