A useless mob of leeches and parasites from the very top down acting as they always do!

By Stanley Collymore

Imagine working your guts
out for months in training
for something essentially
like this very current international
women's football competition and
for the most recognizable of your
country's so-called ambassadors,
the tabloid rags or MSM actually  
not literally bothering to urn up
and display any solidarity, at all
with your earnestly, competing
team mates during any of your
training sessions or essentially  
those undeniably, importantly
key, preliminary matches! But  
when that team unexpectedly  
rather sensationally manages  
to win its allocated segments  
of clearly testing, elimination  
games, and very joyfully gets
through to the aspirant final,
rather predictably, and all of
a sudden the full plethora of  
these quite puerile attention  
seeking charlatans emerged  
from out of their woodwork  
for the now  victory parade!  

And you've got to smile at these
people, especially the entitled
ones, and pretend that they
actually cared about you all along.  
Sickeningly,  is how I unabashedly  
and similarly unapologetically, as
well, see this quite shameful and
the evidently, cynical attempt by
them at publicly hijacking, what  
is distinctly, your own publicity,
Lionesses; and truly something  
that nobody unless a complete
moron that's actually depleted  
of the merest modicum of self
respect and morality can seek  
to praise with full equanimity!  

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
28 July 2022!  

Author's Remarks:
More hereditary freebies passed off as "duty" and naturally paid for by the taxpayers! William, Kate and their sprogs weren't there for the crucially earlier matches played by the England women's football team as they had no confidence in them, expected them to fail and the odious spivs they are only like to be associated with success; but now they're through to the final these entitled morons Kate, William and their likeminded offspring being brought up with the same white supremacist and elitist mindset, have no scruples or any hesitation  in hijacking the women's football finals.

In reality wherever there's a bandwagon to be jumped on these two useless prats: Kate and William, aren't far behind, while cynically and advantageously for themselves, but quite disgustingly so to sane and rational persons, disgustingly so using their offspring as PR props!

But then the Windsors, politicians and tabloids like the Nazi Daily Mail and themselves the Windsors' mouthpieces are all experts when it comes to jumping on bandwagons!

So are you sycophants speculating in your unquestionably enthusiastic and quite instinctively triggered enthrallment: you literally intellectually challenged and totally brainwashed, brownnosing feudal serfs, what the cost of the dress that Kate Middleton will be wearing at this shindig of hers, to distinctly upstage, with the Daily Mail's sick, effusive and PR blessing, this England women's football team achievements?

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