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Paranormal Sex Inc- Claimed by the Octopus Man

Yasmin struggled against the restraints that kept her from completely submerging into the hot water of the tank
She had been in the Paranormal Sex Inc for two days and this would be the first time she would be given to one of the hellish creatures it held
One of the white coated doctors had injected her with a serum that caused her pussy to quiver with need and her nipples to stay erect  
She was so fucking horny she could scream out in agony with how bad her body hurt to be filled  
She didn't know why she was kidnapped to be a fuck toy for the experiments these perverts were running  
Though if she wasn't fucked by something soon she was certain her body would explode from the pressure on her clit and ass
Suddenly the bottom of the tank opened and eight long tentacles came fluttering out in her direction  
Yasmin screamed at the orange monster stalking up to her she had never seen a creature like this before  
The creature had the torso and face of a man but only to slit holes for his nose, fiery red hair was long upon his head, then the bottom part of him was like an octopus  
But standing at full attention was a massive thick cock where the torso and tentacles met
Yasmin shook her head there was no way that Cock would fit in her petite body it had to be sixteen-inch long and six inches thick  
The creature grabbed her roughly as he clamed his sharp teeth around one of her burning nipples
Yasmin cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure as the fire in her body climbing even high than before
"Oh Fuck." She gasped as one of the tentacles rubbed against her plump clit teasing her roughly  
Her body was erupting from the touch of this ugly frightening creature and Yasmin couldn't understand it  
The creature started clicking and hissing at her and an message came through the intercom "Radahyo wants you to beg for his cock."  
"Please, please fuck me please. I need your cock." Yasmin's mouth blurted out uncontrollably
Radahyo grabbed her legs with two of his tentacles and spread her as wide as her legs allowed then positioned his massive cock at her entrance
"Yes, yes give it to me." Escaped her mouth even though she was terrified he was going to split her in half
Thrusting into her it was as if her pussy swallowed him and Yasmin felt like she was going to explode with ectasy
Pain screamed out at her ripped pussy but Yasmin begged for more and more of the massive cock    
Radahyo thrusted hard and fast until she had all sixteen inches lodged into her cervix banging her like a jackhammer
"Oh fuck oh fuck, I'm gonna cum. " Yasmin screamed as her climax started to shatter her body  
As her body started milking the cock inside her Radahyo forced on of his tentacles into her virgin ass  
Screaming from her orgasm she didn't even have the chance to protest, the creature forced his way through the puckered ring and fucked her as just as hard as her pussy
Orgasm after orgasm caused Yasmin to keep screaming out in pure sexual ectasy her body still wanted more  
Two more of the tentacles used their suckers to torment her aching nipples and two pulled her hair so her neck was arched back  
"Why are you pulling me head back?" She asked in frustration through her panting and moans
Then one of the remaining two tentacles lodged itself into her mouth deepthroating her with brute force
Yasmin's eyes went wide as she choked on the appendage fucking her mouth she thought she would pass out from the lack of air  
All her holes stuffed by the octopus sex machine Yasmin couldn't take anymore every five seconds orgasms recoiled through her body  
It seemed like hours passed but suddenly her cervix was smothered in sticky green octopus cum along with her ass and her mouth
Yasmin swallowed the bitter green liquid as she panted for air but before she knew it she let our a massive scream
The Octopus Man grabbed her ankles and yanked her down snapping the shackles off the hook before retreating to his den
"He likes you...Yasmin he is your new Mate. Your job is to allow you to fuck you day and night until you get pregnant with his offspring. There is no limit to what he can do to you." The intercom hissed with an evil laugh.
Written by Countrygirl96
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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