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Crawling Over Broken Glass

Sheís all kinds of fucked up, telling me weíll run off to Vegas  
for a show girl wedding. And Iím her latest fixation; † †
a temporary fixture in the wall to pin pretty things to † †
when life gets too hard to look at † †
† †  
While sheís riding the buzz on top of the buzz † †
after the low sheís just done an accidental upper from † †  
and itís never just cruising; itís never just, hey † †
and it never helps that I have all the right words † †
† †  
While Iím pretending she doesnít turn me on † †  
with all her fucked-up-ness, and I promise Iíve never wondered † †
what it would feel like for her to slam me against a wall † †  
so hard I can feel it in my bones radiating out from myÖ † †  
† †  
And I swear Iíve never pondered on her lips, or how desperately †
I want to taste them mingled with the blood † †  
of our overwhelming passion, with talk so dirty, I can barely † †  
allow myself to think itÖshh! † †
† †  
And I want not to want to make love so slowly † †  
I scream with frustration at the tease Iím begging her not to stop † †  
while my vision blurs and maybe if Iím lucky † †
Iíll pass out with pleasure and taste what heaven is meant to taste like † †  
† †  
Oh glorious self destruction donít let me love, donít let me feel † †  
the beating of my own heart, when I want the illusion † †
that this could never be more than a beautiful obsession † †
to be crushed as easily as a butterflyís wings † †  
† †  
While sheís telling me Iím the best kind of fucked up † †  
and I want to feel her body crushing against mine so hard † † †
I canít breathe for wanting, while I let her smack me around † †  
like the little masochistic bitch I am, though donít want to admit to being † † †
† †  
And I hate that she knows me, and that she could send me to hell † †  
and have me begging for more, before I bail out the window † †
only to crawl back in over the broken glass, telling her to love me † †  
like sheís never loved anyone beforeÖ † †  
† †  
© Indie Adams 2012
Written by Indie (Miss Indie)
Published | Edited 2nd Jun 2012
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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