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Oooooooo.......She Was A.......Midget

Put your finger in my ass
She didn't say..I only did
Her hands were not tied at
All and we were grown kid
I played with her prostate
I wanted her to have my strength
She said this feeling I've longer for
Within quickly ah suddly I put the dick
She wet it up real good with
The ah cream de la creme lah
I remove my finger for grip action
Holding those hips for her satisfaction
The more I sped into that pussy
The slower was my return away
From my thighs hitting her ass cheeks
Some ah pleasant ah softness ah display
She was 4 foot 6 and ninety-two pounds
With awesome acyl acirc of y'all arounds
Her hair was smile of the buttocks long
This lady to me was a pleasant ah song
I was only the age twenty- three
And knew myself that she was only 40
From the back it was to her ah giftly
Ode to how big that fine pussy
She told me never will she ah doubtly
With only 1% body fat being aboutly
Her and my needs nerds of a feather
How two big genitals flock together
She wetting up my dick
With that pussy juice's ah shine
Every time I made her bust a nwutt
She said the world is mine
........Hompsho married Hyaela standing only six foot three. And.....many said she made him! Because, her standing leg inner thigh to inner thigh gap in ah between was twenty-three inches in width. I wish I could have that big of a pussy in a shorty. Some great.......would u......come cuddle caress me. Listen to how it fairs with her on top riding.
As she climbed on top of the dick
In the hours of the morning wee
She wouldn't even look at the clock
He told her it was three
She lain upon his body good
Kissing his dear ah lips
Aluving the crayon brown there of
While reflex relaxing upon him her hips
Big pussy riding him with
All her might beyond compare
With ah butter ah honey ah chickpea
Ah skin yes the looks of the world glare
And these eyes of his do be
The same color of his hair and lips
But hers were a different color
Yes those of his dear ah hips
She had ah honey ah golden ah
Light crayon green ah midget
And riding that dick eye to eye
She was really ah with it
She pounded down upon him slow
Rising up fast because it's her ah flow
Cumming herself every rise fall three
Damn this bitch aluv him in aluv is she
She spoke his name ah softly
Each time she bust an ah nwutt
He'd smack slap the cheeks light
He'd only ah tickle the bwutt
His cocoa leaf coke skin
Was a beautiful she never seen
And to her pretty was her ah nwutt
Upon so she did suck ah nwutt he
Hyaela fucked Hompsho for nine more hours with conversation. Hyaela even talked he stood and pounded her with no hesitation. The standing chair position is something y'all, when a midget is in extreme aluv. Her lips only desired to know his within this positional sex time. Because, it was she that told him the world is mine.
Written by Sandals (Birchel Devon Robinson)
Author's Note
Welcome to also the Midget Files. This new series will only be no more than ten. I'm being chased by Bipiti!
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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