Generational Trauma

Past trauma does not excuse you from accountability for what you choose to do to someone else. You choose to harm others in many different ways, like you also choose not to apologize for the same harm you've caused. Trauma does not exempt you from choosing to be a shitty person. You could have chosen to resolve or cope with those traumas in a healthy way by seeking professional help through therapy and behavioral therapy. To be properly diagnosed and medicated. But if you chose to continue the same behavior and choices to harm those who you would never think twice about or realize the harm you've done has passed either the same trauma you have or caused, then they too will develop trauma. You are perpetuating the same suffering you've been through or creating pain within others. Because deep down you are choosing not to resolve your own pain but instead want others to experience what you go through just for sake of knowing you are not alone in it all. Instead of realizing this pain doesn't have to define you, it is a part of you yes. But it is not you, you could have chosen to be different, a person whom you needed during that time. A better individual then the monsters who inflict these pains and terrible things. Instead you chose to join them, to keep the cycle of trauma going to destroy others. Like someone destroyed you, and for that.  
I don't have sympathy for you, in fact.  
The thing about other people though, they also have the choice to not to be understanding of you. Based on toxic behavior you display and lack of healthy coping skills. You will be met with apathy. If you are not regretful or even sympathetic to the ones who you have traumatized. Why should others give you that decency?

You can't play victim if you make them yourself.

You are not owed sympathy, if you can not give it yourself.
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