The Retail Store, Part 14

Candice left and came back with towels and placed them over her bed.

We had moved from the lounge to her bedroom. I stared at her as she was preparing the room.

Soft carpet floor, great natural lighting, for a one room apartment this place felt luxurious.

I noticed music playing, neo-soul/rnb, I didn't know the song or singer but her voice was so heartwarming.

She lit a few candles, scented but not overbearing

"Smell and Sound are sorted" She remarked

"Don't forget Sight" I retorted

Her body was a marvel to me, fit and gorgeous. She really had everything together in her life. A part of me felt intimated in her presence.

"Don't think too much, be in the moment"

"I hate that you see through me"

We kissed slowly and sensually. We stopped to just stare into each other's eyes. My hands on her waist.

Thinking of her in this very moment, I had an erection unlike any other. My body started shaking a little.

"Anxious?" She asked

"No Excited"


We kissed again, passionately feeling each other up. Her one hand was on my penis stroking it as we kissed.

She leaned back and walked across the room to get a bottle of oil.

Explains the towels

"Touch" I exclaimed as I was rubbing it on her. Feeling her back, as I rubbed in smoothly. Massaging her shoulders.

Feeling her arms, soft with some muscle.

Oil on her butt, this part I particularly enjoyed

"Legs" she remarked with a giggle

I followed suite. Seeing her body was one thing but feeling it was another. A body that showed the effort she put in.

She turned around

The second song was in its chorus, she sang along softly.

I continued to oil her up. Arms, chest, stomach, thighs, rest of her legs. Moving back up.

She leaned forward, took the oil and rubbed it all over my chest. She sat on my lap, looked me in the eyes as she continued.

We kissed again, I could feel her oily hands on my back.

She pushed me back and brought her pussy to me face

"Smell, Sound, Sight, Touch this leaves Taste" She whispered

She was already dripping and honestly I was so willing.

She rode my face, as I licked her. I loved her smell and the oil was also setting the mood.

Hand on her clit as her hands were around my head.

"Ahhh Yes" she exclaimed

"I want to feel you inside me"

She moved from my face to my torso.

That first insertion felt heavenly, man I hope I last, I thought to myself.

I got up so we were chest to chest again but she pushed me back.

"Do not disturb" She said intensely

Hands on my chest, she rode me. Eyes closed she just went for it. This was bliss because I loved what I was seeing. Her moaning was music to me.

I couldn't help it any more, I flipped her around. Her legs positioned over my shoulders. I wanted to get deep.

Her eyes open, I remarked

"You feel amazing"

One deep stroke

Hearing her moan was my confirmation. I thrust into her, like my life depended on it.

She screamed in pleasure as I growned with her.

Her walls wrapped around me, so well it's as if they were meant for my penis. The sound of wetness was really turning me on.

I continued as she made a face, still staring at me. I couldn't take it any longer.

She really did feel amazing, I busted inside her. It was so intense. I just fell over.

Not stopping she, started sucking my dick. I growned as the sensation of cumming was still ringing throughout my body.

She went for it, I was in disbelief. Her head bopping on my dick. I held her hair back must be muscle memory.

My eyes started rolling back

"Oh Damn Candice"

Still not letting go, she rubbed my dick with her hands. She lubbed it up and just kept stroking. I was hers in this moment and she knew it.

Tip and shaft, she motioned over it all.

I came again, but this was more intense a true orgasm

I roared in the moment

"I know you still have more" What was this girl doing to me.

She got into a doggy position, challenge accepted...
Written by Sageofsongs
Author's Note
One more part to go
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