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Blue Light Special

It all came down to another motherfucker or me getting the pussy
It didn't take that long to realize that I'm not that kind of pushy
That pussy is hers to give, so what would I be mad for
She knows that good pussy isn't something that you can pick up at a grocery store

Fucking aisle five, twelve pack of dark and a pair of thighs
In the blink of an eye, inspected before she said, "hi"
She was loading a cart with wine coolers, I hoped for her crew
I stepped on in there and said, "I hope that's not all for you"

She went into depth explaining the occasion
I didn't notice a ring or a partner, so I asked the arrangement
She was on the outs of a relationship that should never had been
It seemed he couldn't tell the difference between a rational number and a ten

I asked about the event but it was for females only
I told her straight up, "don't you make me horny"
Other customers were walking around, but they could see what was going down
She said, "this is only a few hours event, lets meet up later, how does that sound"

This shit is a definite, no doubt it's going down
I don't need clams or fucking power pellets to beat a pussy down
All I need is the smell of pussy, and flashbacks of back in my youth
With visions of the pain I can make a pussy tell the truth

We rendezvous a bit later, and she didn't have to be told that she looked nice
But she wanted to conversate for a bit, so I had to put the dick on ice
That doesn't matter though my dick doesn't mind being told to wait
Because then he gets to show a controlled aggression, borderline hate

So fucking hard that it twitches and throbs
Built for the task, this isn't a ten minutes job
After sipping our last drink, we agreed back to her place
She had sat with her hand in my lap and now she want a taste

With a mad dash we made it back to her house
Needless to say that we started on the couch
Between sips of leftover wine coolers we tasted each other's mouth
Slowly undressing as our hands roamed about

We sipped and nipped at ears and necks
Getting more aggressive as we reached breast and pecs
We moved to the bedroom, the couch being to small for sex
Before I ate that pussy, I made sure that it was inspected

From the navel to beyond the asshole, my tongue swirled and flicked
In the sign of cancer, she tongued my balls and choked on my dick
With slob running down her cheek, she started popping the head in and out
So I rolled her on top of my face, so her cum could flow into my mouth

Grabbing my dick, she climbed off of my face, and slowly mounted my dick
Inch by inch and with grinding moves she slowly worked my shit
I was waiting for a sign that I was completely inside,she halted the grinding and let out a sigh
Then while she was still trembling, I took over the ride

While pressing her legs back, I rode up into her balls deep
As she skeeted on top my dick, she said, "this is your pussy to keep"
But it's not that easy Boo, I'm still in my youthful stage
The dick is just getting started, and fucking still filled with rage

Please climb onto all four and let me fuck you from behind
This pussy is so fucking tight, it's like it's fucking with my mind
As her body trembles again, she had best be glad that she can't look into my eyes
And best be praying that she's not knocked the fuck out, when I decide to let this load fly
Written by I_IS_ME
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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