I feel you
through my skin  
behind my eyes
within the framework  
of my thinking  
Telltale proof,  
seeing the world  
in kaleidoscopic prisms
swirl and twist  
patterns of your smile  
Walking in unawares  
a gentle breeze— your spirit
flitters across my cheek  
soft as butterfly wings
is the imprint of your lips  
Sweet plumes assail  
scents waft of gardenia  
and earthy richness  
clean and floral  
bouquets of possibility  
blossom jovially  
in understood awareness  
Each inhale,  
you are closer  
becoming more real  
a clearer picture
upon a horizon  
of amethyst-pink creases  
Anticipation is divine ambrosia

Fantasy blurs with fact  
reality's strength  
takes better shape  
wrapping me up
in knotted tendrils
Kinetic thoughts  
weave poignant details  
into a trellis  
of royal purple foliage  
growth is instant  
stands proud  
and starkly gorgeous  
Power perfuses  
a new kind of strength  
liberated from your tongue
finds home within me  
planted, it too grows hearty  
Roots tether my souls-cape  
cementing a foundation  
every word shared  
is an eclipse of knowledge  
Heightening passions,  
proving parallels
expanding essences of you  
to every small corner
seeing you
inhaling you  
tasting you  
feeling you
maturing into-
materializing... you.  
Fleetingly deliberate
or perfectly purposeful,  
a decision made  
is desire— freed

Written by Bluevelvete
Author's Note
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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