Bloodbird (mockingbird nursery rhyme remake)

To all the people who hear the words that get repeated
Put your hands together and be seated
This tale is not about a family but about one little child ,
Itís a sad story as the boy went wildÖÖÖÖÖÖ.

Hush little baby donít you cry
We just watched our family die
Mommies on the floor with a bullet through her head
Both our brothers are laying there dead
It was daddy he did it with a gun
I attacked daddy and shouted was it fun?
Daddy just stood and put the gun in my arms
He looked at me, smiled and said son do me harm
With a grin I aimed the gun to his face
I pulled the trigger and put his brain out of place
Dropping the gun as his body hit the floor
That was where it started my lust for more

The past is where he had to lay
But itís not like you can stop people if they go ah-stray

Hush little baby, brother is going to buy you a mockingbird
Itís not your fault you ended up disturbed
It was the little boy that held your hand
The one who guided you through the things he had planned
Sat in the shadow cast from the light you ran to catch
But you got unhinged like a broken latch
It was cruelty being kind to you
Itís your world that went red from blue

Words whispered to me as I shed a tear
Hell is empty all the demons are here

Hush little baby donít say a word
I can see the hungerd look of the bird
There is no need to keep yourself caged
Your just a child no need to be enraged
Just listen out for the sweet sound of music
And maybe then you wonít lose it

The future can wait just chaseing dreams
Itís a pity yours has blood pouring through the seams

Hush little baby donít you cry
It was just a dream they didnít die
Mommy is sitting watching TV
Both your brothers are fine believe me
Daddy is here being kind
It was just a nightmare you will find
He is still smiling away at you
No need to end their lives your bad dream is through
Just hum to the tune in your head
Hush little baby there not dead

Itís not the fact that this nightmare came true
It was days after when the beast was released from you
Now the mockingbird just sits and sings the song
yet It was the blood bird that guided you wrong

Hush little blood bird donít you cry
Your scarlet red so spread your wings and fly.
Written by bmcmurtrie_94
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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