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Love's Bloom in Darkness

- Love's Bloom in Darkness -

In the autumn of the cycles of the year, alone, a young girl descended into the dark and lonely realm,
Beneath the realms we know. Into this Hades, her journey did embark… all senses, to so overwhelm!
Lovelier a creature there never was than she, just a child maybe, strong of will and beautiful of face,
Despite her youth: and in mockery of her sparkling eyes. Alive was her heart, all with thrills and grace.
Dreams of hidden kingdoms in her head, with the spaces: not hither nor yonder she saw of those halls,
Where reigns the mirthless king! She stopped not once to her fate ponder, hearing only of siren calls.
Unafraid, she felt no breath of terror, singing a song celestial with the voice of an angel in the snows…
Within that song was a power primordial! Miraculous was this, if only because of what this bestows.
The child’s song moved the king to weep many a sad tear, for it reminded him of a forgotten starlight,
Though for his love of it the gods called him mad! Starlight, in this land: of blackest and darkest night.
Out of that land of the dead, he came forth and begged the girl to dwell with him, and forever to sing.
Imagine him so moved, this king of hell, that he would set aside his crown as only innocence can bring!
“Come away with me, oh child of light, and let this gloom be thus cheered like unto the high Heaven,
But quickly, lest the time slip by in this timeless realm, and the clock strikes the hour that tolls eleven.”
And so did the child say: “I am following your voice oh sad lord, it moves me to sing a mournful tune,
That I shall sing for you aloud, I give you my word. So that my voice may lessen the burden of doom.”
As she passed from day, she entered a night lit by no moon and warmed by a sun that shall not perish!
Following the sound of the king’s voice, the little girl senses his was a soul that her own could cherish.
Spoke the king: “With no joy I hath been for long generations, passing nigh unto endless black ages…
But now with you upon my knee, let me laugh; your song delights my spirit, and never once enrages!”
And the girl did sing, and in that moment the king was set upon a path to his own glorious redemption,
Her words did echo in the cathedral-like halls of bone and stone, with never a hint of a condemnation.
“Listen well, and I shall set you free, sad king, from care infernal; and make your soul newly refreshed.
Take me to your heart, from off your knee where now I sit and sing of sorrows bound to human flesh!”
Heeding her, the king clutched the child close to his breast as a child might herself clutch a teddy bear,
And soon her song was changing him within, causing him to feel old emotions and once more to care.
Together, they danced a waltz profound; the music echoing beneath the cold stones of the underworld,
Where she glided with grace, around the king’s feet; in a direction counter to the clock, she so twirled.
Child angelic and lord demonic, their voices blended as one to sing a melody that became harmonic…
Whilst all about them lords and ladies, though pale deathless, joined the dance to ease pains so chronic.
As fauns and fairies unseen did join in the melody, to flit and to prance until at last the music did cease.
All who had waltzed fell wearily unto the floor, and never had Hades seen such lovely times as these!
The grandest ball of a generation, and the king in his soul wanted more than all his words could speak,
His child bard he held to his heartbeat, thumping like a drum in her small ears but growing ever weak.
For the music of his heart was fading from holding in his wish, and as the child fell asleep he sighed,
Until at last he had to kiss her, which: awoke her suddenly and gave her life, even though she had died.
Now she was a woman, and the king’s guilt could rest at ease, for his love for her might be justified…
“Now I can love you lawfully and dear. So sing for me my soul’s mate, and let all past hurts subside!”
The woman who had been a child sang: “This was my dream, to be your wanton lover and your bride,
I’ll not deny it was inside me from the first, though loath was I not in childish dream to seek and hide.”
And soon the clock’s eleventh hour rang, as the king and his queen danced once more until the hour…
When chimed the clock one final time, striking twelve as fated. And with that strike came great power.
The woman felt darkness coming on, and of this she had not been warned; who could so be blamed?
Awakening from slumber, the little girl was singing, imagining herself: possessed of a womanly frame.
Her mother and father came to see what was the cause of her celebration upon waking up so quickly,
The child’s eyes gleaming intently in the light her parents brought to cast back any darkness so swiftly.
“Mommy, is it wrong to dream of love, a love of which you say I am too young to even comprehend?
My heart beats so heavily, my breath comes so fast, and I wish my dream had not come to its' sad end!”
And her mother tried to ease her displeasure: “Everyone comprehends true love, dove, even a child…
But with maturity, we always hope that love will mend the joys we miss from our youth; days so mild.”
Adding to that her father offered this treasure: “You are almost a lady, young princess of the nighttime,
So surely it is the first stirring of love’s bloom, which is causing you to dream so and awake in rhyme.”
“Say not so, daddy, but rather allow me just to be your little girl a bit longer, it is a thing so priceless…
Our youth; so let me dream a little more beneath the moon, whilst you and mommy call me princess!”
And so this glimpse was given into the slumbering mind of a girl burdened with a dark distant destiny,
Whose name would come to be known in future ages, for she was to become the goddess Persephone.
Written by Kou_Indigo (Kara Lucielle Pythiana)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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