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The Lords Of Darkness Tempted By The Seduction Of Night

We are the strong will who gets into the chambers of the mind    
The winds of Hades we stir in the mortalís ill begotten sublime †  
To the softer features we are all the same † †  
Unto Hell, you give glory be thy name † †  
Forsaken Lords, we roam in the sight of tempting eyes † †  
To give men, women, and child their own glory of demise † †  
Pledge by your blood and be lured unto Hellís passage by rite † †  
†† †  
We are the curvaceous temptressí scented breeze that rules the night † †  
Infusing men loins with soft words spilled from our heart † †  
What is by faith, by chance as we entwine with lust in the covet of dark † †  
The seductive alluring flesh that lays naked upon the white sand † †  
Soft eyes, impure thoughts that roams the land † †  
Immorality in bed once given of man's hand † †  
Unto the bed of passion where he stands † †  
† † †
I am Lilith the Queen Demoness † †  
The beguiling succubus who seducing you with a twilight kiss † †  
My moans of gratification, to the ear, shall always be missed in the reminisce † †  
I am the wife of Lucifer, upon his chest my lust do I confess † †  
Unto him I am the synagogue of depravity above all the seduction who tempt you at best † †  
Spinning the truth of turmoil reflection in the mirror of my skin † †  
The snake that slithers my lust gave the Good Book its original sin † †  
I am the Revelations on earth one speaks abouts † †  
The communion you receive on your knees as you open your mouth † †  
Take a bite of my flesh when your loins are erected and you are in heat † †  
Adultery, fornication entwined as the mind sinks into the need of rapture, beguiled by the tease † †  
† † †
The greatest story ever told is telling the world the Devil does not exit † †  
Soldiers of chaos bringing confusion on this land, allowing evil from the pierce of their spears  to exist † †  
The Sun burning the skin, hotter than a lake of fire † †  
Hell on earth we suffer in human form as our footsteps we take like a roaming pyre † †  
Looking for fragile and empty souls to aid in hellish deeds as minds of society conspire † † †
† † †
To kill, steal, and rely on falsehood explanation of anarchy we make † †  
Walking around burning and destruction in its wake † †  
Hell has no fiery like a woman scorned † †  
Until the jackal she gives of herself, in the dark Satanís nation is reborn † †  
Devoid of web feet, claws, wiccan offering of tales and no appearance of horns † †  
Beautiful and deceitful in the curvaceous femininity of a woman, and handsomeness and debonair †in God's image, as man † † †
Unto the candle, the occult encircled, the pentagram, chants of pledges, true hearts will be crowned in its mayhem † †  
No afterlife of a cross will ever be worn, no spiritual evolution to be adorned † †  
I tell you these things as I glimpsed past the veil of midnight † †  
This world is in a dire battle, and no one owns to it any earthly rights † †  
† † †
We live, love, and we die, the soil is what carries us on † † †
To the next phrase of our life, eyes opened this old world long gone † †  
The gray area of enlightenment, the state of debauchery, the mind seems comfortable to be in once lost without a fight † †  
I am the way, as many will come in the Creatorís name and say † †  
Believe with your eyes, hear with your ears as you pray † †  
It keeps the mind alert and anger at bay † †  
† † †
Be wise in your journey, and give of heart, it takes the mind a very long way. When you are on that last breath of life, those flashes of your life will comfort you, I am quite everyone wants to smile as they are received and not have to look back to question the sainthood of their presence while ther vessal inhabited this passing relam we call earth. † †  
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
This is a write off poem to a reply by the talented CanisInc-Untis' poem, Of the Devil & Baphomette #5- check it out
This is a write off poem to a reply by the talented CanisInc-Untis' poem, Of the Devil & Baphomette #5- check it out

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Styxian CanisInc-Untis
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