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EveryBody Can Fall.

Don't believe the Hype that Addicts are "Bad People."    
This is about fear and lack of understanding about Addiction.  
Its easy 2 judge what You don't Understand.
Addiction takes a Powerful Hold over Individuals, and by no means,is Addiction a Character Flaw.    
Nor are Addicts reckless or weak-willed people.    
Addiction is a Disease,with clear Physical and Psychological symptoms.    
All these opinions doesn't help an Addict at all.    
Further making them feel additional Shame,Guilt and Low-Self Esteem,worsening the Addiction for All.    
Addiction,of any kind,is REAL,and Society needs 2 understand the Difficulty in giving up any Addiction,and staying,Drug,Alcohol etc,FREE.    
A lot of the time,Addicts can FEEL,ALONE.    
FEELING That no-one--(Family and Friends),understands,understands what he or she is Going Through.    
And,a lot of the time,    
I Hate 2 Tell You,But,That's True.    
A Little,A lot,Of Compassion,is Needed.    
And a lot of Introspection and Honesty 2.    
Like You,Addicts are merely People,Merely People,Like Me and You.    
Addiction can affect all kinds of People.    
Rich,Poor,Black,White,Gr8t Lives, Bad Lives.    
Addiction doesn't Discriminate. And once your its Prisoner,its Hard 2 Break Away.    
Personally,I can't see,how having a crucifying Disease,makes You a "Bad Person."    
I mean,Really,What does that even Mean!    
For many Addicts,their Addiction is a Way of Dealing with Physical and Emotional Pain.    
Pain maybe stemming from Trauma,Abuse,Mental Health Issues,they find Hard 2 Contain.    
When People Are in Pain (Physical,Emotional,Any Other).    
Don't they Take Medication-(which may be issued by a Dr),    
2 provide a Relief,A Temporary Escape,from their Suffering,    
Knowing,that there's No Guarantee,that this Medication will STOP the Suffering,but a Little Diminished,they'll Still Continue,2 FEEL the PAIN.    
And even Become Addicts of Legitimate Medication themselves!  
No-One wants 2 FEEL PAIN.    
And that's the name of the Game for an Addict,    
2 be Able 2 Escape from PAIN,    
from PAIN,    
from PAIN,In any which way,However they Can.    
So,the next time You jump on the Bandwagon,and Judge an Addict,Calling them all kinds of Names.    
Think of All the Things You Do-- Intentionally/Unintentionally,2 Ease,Diminish,Escape from PAIN.    
We're All the Same,    
All-In-All-- We All find Ways of Coping with PAIN.    
So Show Some Empathy for your Fellow Sista Or Brother,    
Cos Everyone Can Be Susceptible 2 Addiction,2 One Degree or Another. And that Doesnt make Them A  "Bad Person" at all.    
Just Very  
©Wired6. 8/7/2022.
Written by Wired6
Published | Edited 11th Jul 2022
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