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Fly Like An Eagle...

TicK Tock…    
I wanna fly like an eagle to the warmth of the sun    
Where the moon upon man’s repentance cannot hide from    
Let the air carry me above in flight as my wings spread in the quest to be free      
Where the reminisce of my soul my fall and be floated away by the current of the sea      
Exemplifying to be the best, casting first stones, promising in vanity to be the chosen one, no, it is only an assertion which wallows when the mind is mentally unfit, resurrected as a misfit, when you are blind and cannot fathom your small presence among the celestial offering is ordained by fate’s shift      
Misguided from planetary mystical alliance that has somehow turned off the Crown Charka switch        
Most would say they have the answers, yet to what questions if you are a non-believer        
Your Chi, your inner temple is at the mercy of rubbing the Buddha’s abdomen to manifest a dream weaver        
Attuned intellects will gravitate through the realm of space, Father Time        
Pedestals we give ourselves of our own kind          
Yet, we bleed from veins to sustain breath as life and death entwines          
Eyes closed, souls elevated        
Past the pages of the Book of Revelations        
You are in Genesis the beginning of mankind        
Exodus mars the strips of the body as we take communion in the blood of Yeshua’s bloodline        
St. Matthew the resurrection of the soul        
The New Testament tainted by the hatred of the real melanin Jews by Christianity, scholars unconsoled          
That gray area is a whole new sphere, just as a second in time is too long        
The tick tock of the naked soul, is where the virginal spirit roams        
It appears as earth, where you have a Heaven and Hell        
Souls battling for superiority, the biblical scrolls will never tell        
The Masterful Sinners are the ones you must watch, the taste of your innocence they already have on lock        
No rainbow colors to ever foretell the afterlife        
Heaven is the third rite of passage when the gray area you surpass from flesh to soul, it survives your being without strife        
Ascending to those Pearly Gates, oh what a beautiful sight          
I tell you no lies, an inebriated mouth is the Trinity which harbors the master key to Infinity        
Unrefined, and the chance to be the testimony of our Creator’s designs        
No one really knows the truth, I am only being precarious        
A soul that has glimpsed into that hushed gray area        
The nine circles of Hell it does not exist        
If the ideal gives enlightenment to your intellect, then that fable is what shall be, to give you peace if your mind persists    
I really could care less about amulets, spooks, spells, tarot cards, hexes, curses or when the heart and mind double deals   My oath as I walk upright in obscurity within my Divinity existence is to always heal    
Not sloth of egotism when simplicity of knowledge does not illuminate the garment of its the zeal        
Bringing it back down to earth        
If you cannot give me my wings any faster, then your opinions are of no worth        
With mercy I am here after the rebirth        
Twice they echo of life and death beyond the ecclesiastical of ashes-to-ashes dirt to dirt        
When you see a presence fall don’t laugh, learn    
It is in the necessity of prudence to keep a foot out of the grave or earthly remains resting in an Urn    
You are on your way up into the creation’s flight    
When at the mercy of at someone’s plight    
White or black, rich or poor the winter will comfort contempt in the coldness of night    
Opening the gateway for one’s own self-demise    
To laugh and not learn is to make mockery and not understand, is to make the same mistake yourself before the calling of sunrise    
The power of wisdom is found in a stable learning mind    
Not improvised mouths of lesser fate, who professes instability in the moment of time    
Bathing in the need of life' lost spark    
Lost voices stirring trying to find the cause of self in the dark'    
Still trying to give a pulsating doctrine to a misplaced heart    
Feed the babies who do not have enough to eat    
Deaf the gun’s bullets who kill the innocence on the street    
House the hopeless, the homeless without shoes on their feet    
Our salvation the hidden key of our own mind's revelation    
Seeping brain matter in the structure of communication unto the glory of the keystroke's gratification    
Imprisoning the mind from no spiritual intellectual elevation    
Oh God how, time keeps slipping into the future
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 4th Jul 2022
Author's Note
Poem Inspired By The Lyrics Of Fly Like An Eagle Composed By The Steve Miller Band

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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