Seems like Britain basically wants to rule the world again. Lol! Come on then Liz Truss let's fight them!

By Stanley Collymore
Get a life Liz Truss as what passes    
for your present one has actually
long ago passed its sell by date!    
Ralistically therefore you basically  
do really need, to be de-selected    
by your constituents Liz. For you    
are a dangerous and essentially  
also, a distinctively delusionally    
conceited idiot with absolutely    
no principles whatsoever, and    
literally too, those undeniably    
repulsively, and self-servingly    
repulsive, characteristics you    
obviously have and would so    
want, to have others believe    
are firm moral principles are    
crucially nothing of the kind    
but effectively are your own    
very pathetic self indulgent  
creations, for personal and    
financial gain along with as    
is nakedly clear, your rabid    
political delusions. Actually    
a veritable excuse for your    
wretched constituents, to  
literally get rid of a rather    
useless, and actively toxic    
narcissist with essentially    
all the general hallmarks    
of a distinctly perturbing    
and very evident as well,    
basically dysfunctionally    
early menopausal Karen    
but increasingly so with    
her annoying problems,    
a irksome worry for this    
distinctly odious moron    
who as an undoubtedly    
very dangerous liability    
crucially must be rid of.    
Taiwan is a territory of China and    
fully recognized as such by the    
overwhelming majority of the    
world's countries, exactly as Hong    
Kong is, Liz Truss! And essentially    
China can also bomb its territory  
just as Ukraine, has distinctively    
been doing with Donbass, ever    
since 2014 after NATO actually    
installed a clearly pro-western    
puppet there following a very    
barbaric coup, under its Nazi    
lackey Zelenksy; and literally
following protests from the    
Donbass and other eastern    
regions at the crass loss of    
their democracy, the swift  
response was the nakedly    
reckless bombing, and its    
odious killing of peaceful    
protestors. Basically isn't    
that not the basic reality    
of what really happened    
in the Ukraine Liz Truss?    
Or is the quite transparent    
inconsistency from your    
discernibly repulsively    
biased logic just showing, when    
you odiously defend Zelenksy's    
Nazi right to quite barbarously    
bomb Donbass; the perilously    
beseiged residents there and    
wilfully, attempt to annihilate    
their greatly prized and quite    
cherished, prime democratic      
achievements; but distinctly    
literally, and simultaneously    
categorically spurn, China's    
option to effectively do the    
natural thing with Taiwan?    
(C) Stanley V. Collymore    
1 July 2022.    
Author's Remarks:    
Your evident delusions aside Liz Truss a war between China and Taiwan would be absolutely one-sided and discernibly so in China's favour!And besides, China has publicly and abundantly so made it absolutely clear that apart from its sovereign territory of Taiwan - and let's not forget that crucial element in your jaundiced equation Liz Truss - declaring itself independent, China itself has no real problem with what Taiwan otherwise does.    
So here we have Liz Truss: the delusionally arrogant and utterly demented Margaret Thatcher wannabe! Well Liz, persons like me weren't the least bit enamoured by the authentic version first time round, so your chances as a puerile nonentity and likewise an even more fatuously incompetent jobsworth aren't going to be any more successful I warrant you with sane and highly intelligent human beings, who think for themselves, like me!    
And both bluntly and basically put, to say you don't know what you're talking about would simply be an unwarranted example of flattering your manifest and quite exorbitant ignorance, Liz Truss!  
Written by Academic
Published | Edited 3rd Aug 2022
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