Blood Kink

A kiss to my clavicle, as hot as the shot through it.
I'm taken aback by the burning and pain of it all but undoubtedly enraptured by this act.
My shirt torn through by the bullet left behind.
How you've emptied me in such a way, but left me wanting to know more of this very strong impression.
I can hardly speak as this sensation slowly ripples up my collarbone to my throat.
I'm particularly hindered speechless.
Will you bless me with those salty gentle kisses again?  
Rub that salt in the wound if you so please.
Can you kiss me where it hurts?
Because darling I'm in agony longing for those unsavory actions of yours.
Can we savour the scent of the metallic self procured perfume that leaks from me so profusely?
Handcrafted by your hands only and the knife you burry into me.
Oh how you dislike that I keep breathing so erratically.  
But can't deny this is a addiction we both can't quit cold turkey from.
Admit it, this is as exhilarating as it is for you as it's for me.
To murder what your anger is so obsessed with, what time you've wasted on me to turn up with unsatisfied emotions.
But now it's a game of enacting those dark fantasies you were so denied by those who looked down upon you.
Like God judging and watching your every move to damn you to an eternity of fire.
While I hold no judgements or criticisms, I just simply enjoy witnessing you unhinge that false goody two shoes facade as you tear me limp from limp.
Just let me drink in every moment being with you during your dark times as you erase me to oblivion.
As I pull myself together again, gift me with the softness of that only Satan will know if.
God will peer to us as the unforgivable kind we both really are.
And I must say, I appreciate your craftsmanship, only a creature of degenerate kind can seek upon with fondness.  
Destroy me in just an instance, if only for a night.
Written by TheMonsterfromHe11
Published | Edited 2nd Jul 2022
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