The Retail Store, Part 11

Bosslady, proceeded to open the door

"This is our red room" she said sternly

"I guess you're not shocked, so tell me who let you in here"

I guess I have officially been called into the principals office.

I kept quiet, not responding

"Such privileges are earned, everyone knows this. Newbie don't get ahead of yourself, so tell me why you were in here?"

"There's no way I'm speaking"

"You know I have the power to fire you"

"If it comes down to it then so be it"

She laughed sarcastically "Loyal I see"

She closed the door and locked it.

"Work then pleasure, but pleasure is a privilege"

Feeling a little brave, I responded:

"I'll work my ass off if the privilege is you"

I was already in the dog house, might as well take the brunt once.

"Stay in your lane"

Chloe having witnessed all this, finally spoke up

"Don't hurt Candice"

"What do you mean?"

"I told you girls talk and as much as she tried to hide it. Girl caught feelings"

"So soon"

"Candice, Jay and all these 'cold' types, they seem tough but are real softies. You're treading a fine line right now be careful"

This day was confusing and I was now back home reflecting on the past few days.

Sam, Claire and Candice - was this really my life? Why was I that bold in talking to the boss? I really don't know but I did enjoy myself.

Thinking about it all, was starting to turn me on. Sam's amazing blowjob, Claire's submission and Candice.

Reliving it all, with my hand around my dick. Lubing it up for the process to run smoothly. I didn't even start slowly I just went for it.

One hand on my balls, another on the shaft. Just stroking it, I could hear her moans in my head. Remembering our session.

She felt so good and deep down I wanted more. Her touch, her smell and to just look at her.

Touching the tip I kept rubbing, thinking about her I just couldn't stop. I could feel my load building as pleasure waa surging through my body.

"You should be mine" eyes closed as I imagined her some more

"No you will be mine" slowing down a little, just to start switching the motion. Still going up and down but twisting around a little.

I grunted involuntarily, knowing what was about to happen.

I rubbed my dick fast again until I couldn't help it any longer. I exploded ad her name came out of my mouth

"Candice, Candice, Cuh-aaa..."

Was this my admission, did I also catch feelings. I don't know, all I knew is that I had some cleaning up to do.
Written by Sageofsongs
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