New way of seeing  " written for the it still hurts comp "

i feel like my eyes have shattered into pieces
every happy memory of us feels like im being stabbed to death
i cant get your voice out of my head
you laugh echos inside my brain
the walls of our room feel like they are so much closer to me
my pupils have grown wide
like the darkness has become my new home
my new way of seeing
that picture of us lying on my chest stairing at that moment that monent frozen in time
that i would give anything to relive
but that moment is gone only held inside a still frame beneth a plate glass
mocking me with its beauty
wishing i could just die
and never feel like this again
so many days i looked past the fact that you left me
hoping and begging
trying to convence myself that things could change
that maybe just maybe you might miss me
and i could see your eyes look at me in that same way they always did
but that is just a dream
my reacouring nightmare even though im wide awake
my mind feels like its bleeding
from all the nights ive lyed awake
no amount of alchohol can numb this feeling
like ive been gutted and left for the vultures to pick clean
girl my tears have soured
ive cryed so much that the salt has scared my face
ive become broken
broken beyond repair
and i dont know what way to turn
becouse no path i take will lead to you
youve stolen my heart
stole my heart and ran away
and all my attempts to chase you have failed
you are just that rare bread that refuses to be caged
refuses to take the easy way
and i know thats what i love most about you
i want what i cant have
i want you
you and that is it
but now i sit here cold and broken with my head craddled in my arms
begging to myself to figure out a way to fix whatever has gone wrong
baby you were my angel with severed wings
that dirty face and crooked smile
god i fucking love your face every freckle every shade of grey around your eyes
the taste of your lips and smell of your perfume
god i love your face
but the only reminder of it will have to be this picture you left face down on the dresser in my room
Written by stepintomywinter
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