Primordial Circle

The darkness in my soul is not hidden
It has been there since way before I was born,
At least in this life; I have lived so many!
Like the person I love, I have countless names.
On noble steeds I had long ago ridden
My eyes saw the light of the very first morn,
Before the very first golden age of plenty!
I danced in the fire of the first volcanic flames.

Circle, circle, in the dawning of the age
Behold our truest forms and go mad!
Born of flame were we, and filled with rage
Our hearts heavy and our spirits sad,
At what mankind made of their high estate
Poisoning the world with war and with hate.

Everything you believe is just fiction
I know the roots of every mythology's origins.
Humanity's ancestors saw and trembled
Before my dark living god and I, in shadow.
We indulged ourselves without restriction
Yet you could not call our dark desires sins.
Kings came before us only to be humbled!
We cast them out from our sacred meadow.

Circle, circle, blazing hot with malice
Towards those who made us kneel!
Now each one slaves in their own palace
Lost all in delusions of power unreal,
Karmic irony will have its' due in the end
Long before the hour when all shall mend.

If this age is enlightened, then I
Would prefer to extinguish its' light,
To bring a more civilized darkness
As a gift for my beloved!
How often I saw my love so cry
Their eye burdened with such sight,
That would cause any god distress
And no end of dire dread!
I am the night, the primal dark
Hear my words, unto them hark,
The ending of all things will come
And then our primordial will be done!
Peace will reign, the universe sigh.
Written by LaBrujaOscura_75 (Camilla Beatriz Flores)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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