My tribute to the Windrush Generation: some of whom were my relatives and close friends!

By Stanley Collymore  
You distinctly altruistically, on  
official government and very  
similarly as well, numerous  
other also clear invitations actually  
came to Britain; and rather hugely  
and crucially tirelessly against the
odds and stark, locally implanted  
obstacles constantly in your way;
did essentially also as the British  
citizens you clearly undoubtedly
were then and still are, crucially  
contributed very impeccably so  
to the UK's postwar rebuilding.  
Yet essentially despite this you  
were afterwards, on achieving  
that ambition, so categorically  
largely ungratefully, regarded  
quite unquestionably, literally  
as fittingly surplus detritus to  
Britain's actual requirements  
and therefore quite blatantly  
and egregiously to this, aptly  
aggressively too, maliciously  
and, likewise, criminally also  
had not simply yours but as  
well, distinctively the young  
family members that safely  
also, arrived with you, their  
very own, evidently official  
documents of lawful entry  
to Britain deliberately and  
authoritatively destroyed!  
Distinctly so at the behest of  
a racist, toxically contrived  
policy of virulent hostility  
by inured Dyke, Theresa May, then  
British Home Secretary, aterwards  
PM so repulsively and distinctively  
cowardly, hiding her surreptitious  
lesbian proclivities behind a quite  
publicly pretensive, heterosexual  
marriage; distinctly so bearing in  
mind, that unlike homosexuality  
that was outlawed, and likewise  
criminalized across Britain - the  
lascivious pleasures of Dykeism  
was discernibly so a safe haven.  
Evidently in hypocritical Britain!  
Yet this evil woman and rather  
verminous Dyke Theresa May  
basically saw nothing wrong  
whatever in indubitably so turning
herself and similarly too her kinky  
female lovers on by indefatigably  
clearly egregiously, contemptibly  
and continuously so mistreating  
you all! Yet, for all of her nastily  
psychological, evident amorally  
and even those brutal assaults  
on you, then attendantly so by  
Priti Patel, the unquestionably  
archetypal, natural Stockholm  
Syndrome, quite self-loathing
rather Useful Idiot actually in  
situ quite disastrously too as  
the latest, incumbent British  
Home Secretary; your super  
Afro-Caribbean hearts keen  
spirits that although openly  
harassed at times, will truly
nevertheless never literally  
ever allow, such dedicated  
humans as you and clearly  
undeniably, rather fittingly  
stalwart entrepreneurs so  
pertinently commendable  
moral individuals, literally  
a fine, vibrant community  
of spiritually committedly  
and determined warriors  
not caring ever to submit  
shamefully to surrender!  
(C) Stanley V. Collymore  
23 June 2022.  
Author's Remarks:  
My sincerest thanks and deepest gratitude for all that you've so remarkably done, Windrush Generation!  
Right, justice and history are on your side as well as the thoughts, prayers and best wishes of every moral and conscionable person; so don't give up in your quest for what's rightfully and legally yours.  
God Bless you all who are still here! And Eternal Peace with those who've sadly passed on!
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